Amazon Is Selling Books By A White Supremacist Publishing Company

As the largest and wealthiest online retailer, allows customers to by any number of products — from clothes and toys to books and CDs — with the click of a button. And, while Amazon has rules which ostensibly allow it to review and remove products which promote hate speech and calls to violence, it is nevertheless selling multiple books which glorify Nazi Germany, fascism, antisemitism, and white nationalism — all from a small, Pennsylvania-based publishing company.

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Facebook Banned The White Nationalist Website VDARE. When Will These Other Companies Follow Suit?

UPDATED 6/18/20 | With ties to the Trump Administration, VDARE is arguably the most influential white nationalist organization in the country. Recently the organization, listed as a white nationalist hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center, was suspended from Facebook following an investigation into inauthentic behavior ahead of the 2020 presidential election.

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Headlines — 4/09/20

White nationalists helped develop the world’s most powerful facial recognition software, nativist hate groups want to keep immigrants in ICE detention despite the pandemic, Amazon’s self-publishing arm is a haven for white supremacists, and more. Continue reading “Headlines — 4/09/20”

Greg Johnson Blames Multiculturalism For White Supremacist Terrorism

Recently Greg Johnson, founder of the white supremacist publishing company Counter-Currents, revealed that a number of his books had been banned from Amazon, including his most recent: The White Nationalist Manifesto. Continue reading “Greg Johnson Blames Multiculturalism For White Supremacist Terrorism”

Headlines — 3/03/19

Feds believe Atomwaffen member arrested on child pornography charges could be the next mass shooter, how Tucker Carlson’s uses a war on the ruling class to push white nationalist talking points, how to prevent a Kahanist takeover of Israel, and more. Continue reading “Headlines — 3/03/19”

Headlines — 9/13/18

Rep. Steve King once again retweets a white supremacist, President Trump falsely claims Democrats inflated Hurricane Maria’s death toll, white supremacists are supportive of Tucker Carlson’s war on diversity, and more. Continue reading “Headlines — 9/13/18”