White Supremacist Lauren Rose Will Be Jean-François Gariépy’s New Co-Host

After experimenting with several racists and cranks, Canadian alt-right YouTube personality Jean-François Gariépy officially chose a permanent co-host for his news and politics show, The Public Space. Prominent white nationalists, such as Mike “Enoch” Peinovich, Richard Spencer, Nick Fuentes, and Mark Collett, were dismissed for various reasons.

Ultimately, Gariépy selected white supremacist college student/possessed china doll Lauren Rose. (Emily Youcis, who suggested dropping a nuke on Africa, came in second due to her scheduling conflicts.) Rose claims to have originally been a libertarian and “civic nationalist,” but abandoned those beliefs after moving from a racially homogeneous small town to New York City.

Her numerous YouTube videos, usually clocking in between two and ten minutes, consisted of uninformed diatribes against diversity, the #MeToo movement, black crime, Islam, immigrants, and the Left. She made appearances on white supremacist vlogs like MillenniyuleRadio 3Fourteen, and This Week on the Alt Right.

In a video posted shortly after last year’s ill-fated “Unite the Right” rally, Rose said it was “almost ironic” that the media “was so quick to condemn the entire Right and all the rally goers” for Heather Heyer’s death while refusing to denounce Islam after a Muslim commits an act of terror. In that same video Rose falsely claimed that Heyer died of a heart attack.

On This Week on the Alt Right, alongside such white supremacist luminaries as Mark Collett, Steve Franssen, and Tara McCarthy, Rose attacked white people who don’t care whether the white race exists in the future. “Saying you don’t care if your race or culture disappears — that’s nothing more than being suicidal,” she said.

And in her video proclaiming a full-throated embrace of white nationalism, she told viewers:

I’m no longer a civic nationalist because demographics matter. I’m no longer a civic nationalist because in our majority white country, it is considered controversial just to say it’s OK to be white. I’m no longer a civic nationalist because if the United States were to close its borders tomorrow, whites will still become a minority before the next 50 years. I’m no longer a civic nationalist because, in a world of collectivism, individualism is suicidal. And I’m no longer a civic nationalist because I won’t stand by as whites become minorities in their own homelands just so that I can selfishly claim at the end of it all: At least I was an individualist.

These short rants earned Rose over 28,000 subscribers — partially due to the fact that outspoken alt-right women are few and far between, and white nationalist men think she’s cute. Lest you think I’m being unfair, Rose admitted as much during a December 2017 interview with Millennial Woes.

As she told the white supremacist vlogger, “People are attracted to women. Men and women included. Also, why I have about 20,000 subscribers and have been scarcely uploading and putting out content, compared to the men in this movement on YouTube who push out far more work than I do, including yourself.” Rose suggested using this to the alt-right’s advantage — bringing in more women could, in turn, attract more men.

In fact, she repeated this during her appearance on This Week on the Alt Right, where she explained that, “Women are great advertising. The whole phrase ‘sex sells’ — I’m not talking about thottery because degeneracy should not be welcome on the Right, that’s one of the things we have pride in is that we don’t promote degeneracy — but simply having female faces is very powerful.”

Unfortunately for her legions of fashy groupies, Rose recently scrubbed all the videos from her YouTube channel. However, Rose can rest easy knowing that they’ve been variously archived or reuploaded on other channels. This includes a surreptitious recording of one of her college courses, in which she questioned her professor about “races and intelligence.”

In addition, here is a video compilation which showcases the racist bullshit skills that Rose will bring to the table as co-host of The Public Space. I’m sure she won’t mind.