Jean-François Gariépy Invites A Genocide Supporter And Rape Apologist To Co-Host His Show

Yesterday evening white supremacist animator Emily Youcis helped co-host an online news show with Jean-François Gariépy. After his very public falling out with fellow e-celeb Andy Warski, Gariépy has been searching for a new co-host for his online show. (Luke Ford, whose blog states that anti-Semitism is “natural to Western civilization,” announced that he will be on the show Monday.)

I guess Gariépy figured that, for his first pick, why not go right for a Neo-Nazi who sings songs advocating rape? Gariépy asked Youcis what it meant for her to be politically “far-right,” and right out of the gate the answer she gave was completely unhinged:

Well, I believe that whites have a right to exist, and they have the right to their own homeland. I think that’s a pretty basic thing. … I think the thing that divides people is people wonder, “Well, how are we gonna go about that?” And I think most people think that, “Well, we can do it democratically, and we can vote these people out. And if we’re nice enough to them and if we disguise ourselves and our message in the right way, then maybe one day they’ll just disappear.” I just don’t think that’s gonna happen. I honestly think that if we are gonna have a white homeland — and unfortunately it has gotten to this point. I wish it hadn’t. I wish it had not gotten to this point, but it has. We’re going to need to physically remove everybody… But I do think we need to nuke Africa and cut off the aid there, and stop the food aid. And I don’t think that’s genocide. I think that’s called letting nature run its course.

Still, Youcis deserves some credit for acknowledging what many (more polite) white nationalists refuse to: The creation of an all-white ethnostate will require the mass slaughter of non-whites. And as insane as this proposition sounds, all Emily Youcis did was take the logic of Jared Taylor and Richard Spencer to its logical conclusion. If a white homeland is to be made, people must die or be displaced.

Toward the end of the episode Gariépy brought up the recent verdict in the Bill Cosby case. 60 women so far have accused the comedian of drugging, groping, and raping them, though the statute of limitations on most of the offenses have run out.

However, in 2015 the investigation the alleged drugging and sexual assault of Andrea Constand was reopened and Cosby was charged with three counts of aggravated indecent assault. And on Thursday a jury returned a guilty verdict on all three counts, which each carry a maximum penalty of ten years in prison — though he will likely receive far less.

According to Youcis, what happened to Constand wasn’t actually rape in the first place. As she told Gariépy, women are “prone to lying” and the #MeToo movement is “absolute horseshit.” She said it was hard to believe that none of the women went to the police to file a report — even though Constand did just that in 2005.

To top it off, she said, “If you’re not being held down physically, if you’re not screaming and biting and fighting for your life, and shrieking your ass off, and tryin’ to break his dick, then it’s not rape. Unless you’re a child because children just freeze up and they get paralyzed and there’s nothin’ they can do.”

Of course Youcis isn’t the only one with an utterly deranged view of what constitutes rape. Gariépy himself prefaced his question about the Cosby verdict by making the baffling claim that because Constand willingly ingested a pill from Cosby — which Cosby claimed was Benadryl — it wasn’t rape. Legally and ethically speaking, that is beyond ridiculous.

Though Gariépy has demonstrated an inability to grasp the concept of consent before. According to The Daily Beast, the Canadian ex-neuroscience researcher was accused of “luring and attempting to impregnate a developmentally disabled Hispanic teenager.”

According to a counselor the 19-year-old woman, whom Gariépy met online, had “the social and mental maturity of a 10- or 11-year-old child.” Although this didn’t stop him from entering into a sexual relationship with her. And Gariépy’s third wife accused him of emotional abuse during their brief marriage, and of threatening to abduct their child.

Maybe these two creeps would make perfect co-hosts after all?