Longtime White Nationalist Podcaster ‘Borzoi Boskovic’ Unmasked

During a recent episode of the podcast The Third Rail, a pseudonymous host going by the name “Borzoi Bosokovic” remarked that the purpose of American democracy “is just to safeguard Jewish power.” It was a typical comment from Boskovic, who, for years, has been a prolific podcaster on the white supremacist online hub The Right Stuff.

Over the years Boskovic has hosted, co-hosted, or made guest appearances on a number of shows on The Right Stuff, including The Third Rail, The People’s Square, and Beyond the Wall. On his own show, The Poz Button, which he has hosted since 2017, Boskovic discusses movies and television shows through a white nationalist lens.

Inside the world of anonymous white nationalists and Neo-Nazis Boskovic was able to find a modicum of success. He operated his own blog, and even turned his essays into a book with the help of an amateur publishing house, all while safeguarding his true identity.

Until now, that is. On June 3, 2021, antifascist researchers at the Anonymous Comrades Collective revealed that Borzoi Boskovic was really Jesse Daniel Ogden, a near-lifelong Michigander and right-wing blogger who once dabbled in libertarianism, taught English in South Korea, and most recently worked as a logistics analyst.

Jesse Ogden in a 2016 photo. (Via Anonymous Comrades Collective)

Ogden entered into the world of fringe, right-wing politics at a young age.

In 2003, as a high schooler in Livonia, Michigan, Ogden began penning columns for the blog of Llewellyn H. “Lew” Rockwell Jr., a crank and self-professed “anarcho-capitalist” who allegedly had a hand in ghost-writing a series of grossly racist and homophobic newsletters in former congressman Ron Paul’s name.

Among the website’s longtime contributors were white supremacist Pat Buchanan, “alt-right” intellectual godfather Paul Gottfried, Holocaust denier Joseph Sobran, and Christian Reconstructionist Gary North. It was in this paranoid, online fever swamp that Ogden authored articles fantasizing about Abraham Lincoln “burn[ing] in boiling blood” and advocating for a “constitutional monarchy.”

In a piece dated Aug. 22, 2003, Ogden bemoaned the “decadence” of his high school, while identifying himself as something of a pariah. “Try as hard as I can, but no matter what, I cannot escape the fact that I’m an outcast, a loner, someone who just can’t fit in with my peers,” Ogden wrote.

He chalked up his problems to the fact that he “never smoked cigarettes or marijuana,” “never had sexual intercourse,” had no tattoos or piercings, “avoid[ed] using as much slang as possible,” and was a practicing Catholic. And he decried the “last forty years of radical changes” which are “tearing this country and traditional culture apart.”

From Libertarian to Alt-Right

Ogden has never been specific in what precipitated his “red-pilling” — or radicalization. In a 2018 interview with the white nationalist Republic Standard, Ogden gave a terse reply: “Trayvon [Martin], etc. It’s not really an interesting story. Most ‘redpill’ stories aren’t, to be honest.” In a 2017 podcast he claimed was once “cucky” and “really wanted Black people to like me,” but to no avail.

“And so the more I got to know [Black people] and got to see their perspective and basically it doesn’t matter what you do. You’re white. They view you as privileged. You’re always in the wrong no matter what. That was a huge wake-up call for me,” he said.

In any event, Ogden appears to have followed a similar trajectory as other prominent white nationalists — such as Christopher Cantwell, Mike “Enoch” Peinovich, and “Ricky Vaughn” — who once embraced a libertarian ideology but turned into vocal advocates of white supremacy.

By 2017 Ogden was fully enmeshed within the white nationalist “alt-right.” Early that year he began his own show on The Right Stuff (TRS) called The Poz Button. “Poz” is a slang term that refers to HIV+ people but, in white nationalist circles, denotes anything they view as “degenerate.”

Logo of The Poz Button

As the host of The Poz Button, Ogden would offer television and movie reviews peppered with racist commentary. For example, in his first review of the 2006 Pixar movie Cars, Ogden referred to an Italian character voiced by Tony Shalhoub as a “pizza nigger.”

During a Feb. 19, 2018 review of Black Panther, Ogden went on a racist tirade, claiming that if a futuristic African country like Wakanda were to exist, it would help “turbo charge the genocide of all the farmers in South Africa.” “It happened in Rwanda. Does anyone really believe they wouldn’t wanna do that in South Africa by having it be official government policy?” he asked. “[If] they had a backing of a power like Wakanda they would do it.”

(White supremacists have, for years, warned of an impending genocide of white South African farmers. There is no evidence to suggest such a genocide is taking place or on the verge of taking place.)

Baffled by the film’s box office success, Ogden prophesized that “we are seeing the sun set on our culture.” He told his co-hosts that the “United States is not a real country anymore” and “fails every measurable test of what a country should be.”

“And this is the final nail in it, basically,” he said.

“Or rather it proves that beyond a shadow of a doubt that we are on a certain path, and we might be able to alter [the] path in different ways, but I mean we’re not going back to the way things are. We’re gonna need another solution of some kind. We’re gonna need to prepare for what’s next, at least culturally. Because, I mean, we’re going to have to go the way of the Samizdat I think.”

In a Mar. 2018 review of Ferngully: The Last Rainforest, Ogden said that “caring about the environment is something that is very white,” while his guest, “Julia Evola,” blamed nonwhite people for pollution. “I’m pretty sure everyone listening to this understands that it’s not us, it’s not our people that are the problem when it comes to overpopulation and even pollution,” she said.

Ogden also used the episode to discuss the merits of eco-fascism, praising Nazi Germany for its “conservation aspect.” “They wanted their people to be healthy, to be breathing clean air, to [be] leading much more natural lives in accordance with their nature,” he explained. And he suggested that fascists could win over women by incorporating “animal welfare programs” and “national park programs” into their platforms.

Screenshot via Libsyn

By 2018 he began making frequent appearances on The Third Rail alongside “Spectre” — a white supremacist who referred to nonwhites as “cockroaches” and led a harassment campaign against journalists.

In an episode of The Third Rail from early 2018, Spectre and his co-host “Lauritz von Guildhausen” mocked the murder of a Holocaust survivor. And Ogden was present on an episode from May 2018 in which Spectre suggested framing Black people for crimes they did not commit.

In 2019 Spectre was exposed as a former journalist from Plano, Texas named Trey Garrison.

In Nov. 2018 he began co-hosting The People’s Square alongside “Eric Striker,” a Neo-Nazi propagandist from Queens whose real name is Joseph Jordan. Guests on The People’s Square are a who’s who of white nationalist activists, including Richard Spencer, Tony Hovater, Gregory Conte, and Mike Peinovich.

In one of the earliest episodes Ogden and a guest dissected the manifesto of “Unabomber” Ted Kaczynski. The episode’s title affectionately referred to Kaczynski, who killed three and injured 23 over the course of nearly two decades, as “Uncle Ted.” Ogden has previously identified Kaczynski and G.K. Chesterton as two of his biggest influences.

Across a multitude of online shows Ogden consistently professed white supremacist and antisemitic beliefs. Take, for instance, his Aug. 19, 2020 appearance on the show Our Interesting Times in which he complained about the Confederate battle flag being labeled the flag of “traitors” and “losers.”

“You’ll see this from time to time where they talk about the flag of traitors, or the flag of losers. Like [that’s] actually one of their biggest flexes is like ‘Well that’s a loser’s flag.’ Well, if we’re going by that criteria then I dunno why we’re talking about Blacks and Native Americans who are some of history’s biggest losers,” Ogden said.

On Twitter, Ogden has been suspended multiple times using a variety of Twitter handles.

Twitter accounts operated by Ogden made references to his shows or blog, and usually incorporated references to Borzois or the name “Ed Chang” — a TRS inside joke about Ogden being secretly Chinese. At least 16 Twitter handles can be traced to Ogden: @youdontcountdog, @ByzantineSnake, @borzoombers, @borzoopers, @borzoopovic, @pissearth, @rateb0rz0i, @boomerchang, @borpzoi, @basedborzoi, @edwardbchang, @tedwardwang, @asianwolfhound, @borzoiboskovic, @BaizanteenSnek, and @bezintynsnek.

Following his latest Twitter ban Ogden retreated to Poa.st, an extreme-right Twitter knockoff, and vowed never to return. On Poa.st Ogden has been even less constrained, posting messages like this:

Screenshot via Poa.st. Archived here.

And this:

Screenshot via Poa.st. Archived here.

‘Borzoi’ and ‘Borzette’

As detailed by the Anonymous Comrades Collective, Ogden slipped up and dropped a number of clues as to his identity. Both Ogden and “Borzoi” resided in Michigan and spent time working in South Korea. Copies of “Borzoi’s” book, Cultured Grugs: Dispatches From America in Collapse, could be seen in a photo posted to Instagram by a relative of Ogden’s. And the name “Jesse D. Ogden” could be found in the metadata of his blog, Race Borz.

But Ogden’s identity could also be ascertained thanks to his wife: Rachel Elizabeth Ogden (née Carter). A travel nurse who hails from Memphis, Tennessee, Carter (as this piece will refer to her for clarity’s sake) likewise came from a libertarian background.

In a June 2016 episode of the podcast Declare Your Independence with Ernest Hancock, Carter and her then husband Jim Allen discussed their move from California to New Hampshire. That year Carter attended PorcFest XIII — a conference put on by the Free State Project, which encourages an exodus of libertarians to New Hampshire in order to shape its politics.

(Allen explained that he had been aware of the Free State Project since at least 2008, but that his move to the Granite State was not motivated by it.)

And, like Ogden, she began to embrace an even more radical ideology.

In a recent episode of The Third Rail, titled “The Unfollowcaust,” Jesse Ogden explained how he and his wife met. Ogden told his co-hosts that Carter found his work through Irish white nationalist Keith Woods and subsequently became a fan of The Third Rail. She then searched through posts written by Ogden to find an email address and sent him a message he read on air.

“And she emailed me and that’s when I read that — if people remember the episode I read this letter from a nurse on the show, and I kind of got choked up a little bit about it ’cause it’s this very heartfelt email thanking us for what we did,” Ogden said. “And I decided, ‘You know what? There’s about a fifty-fifty percent chance this is a federal agent, but I’m down bad and I really need to give this a shot.'”

In a Twitter thread explaining his white supremacist love story, Ogden said he “ended up meeting up with her during all of the lockdown stuff” and said it turned into a “whirlwind romance.”

Under the pen name “Claire Nightingale” Carter wrote articles for the white nationalist website The American Sun. In an article from Mar. 16, 2020, Carter complained that “Liberal nihilism has saturated our culture. Young people have nothing going for them – nothing to look forward to, no greater purpose to live for. Men, in isolation, turn to drugs; women, in loneliness, become whores.”

Another one from Sept. 14, 2020 was written in the form of an open letter to her mother, with whom she recently had an argument which “ended in tears on both sides.” Carter wrote that they agreed on “many things”: that America’s “schooling system” is “corrupt”; that Americans’ “mental and physical health” is “declining”; and that “certain ethnic minorities seem to have free range to behave as they like, violently or otherwise.”

But she also wrote a list of her other concerns: the “decline of Western families” which began in the 1950s; children being “pumped full of radical leftist ideas by mentally damaged young female teachers”; the “death of local culture”; and the passing of “LGBT legislation” which, she claimed, led to the “[n]ormalization of pedophilia.”

“I want to live in a world where pedophiles are drug out to the town square, kicking and screaming, and strung up to have their throats publicly slit,” she added.

Sometimes she would join her husband on white nationalist podcasts, such as The Right Stuff’s HYPERPODCASTISM and Myth of the 20th Century, where she was introduced as “Claire Nightingale” or “Borzette.”

In an episode of Myth of the 20th Century from Dec. 16, 2020, appearing as “Claire Nightingale” alongside her husband, she made racist remarks while discussing her profession. For example, she read text from a white supremacist meme called the “Spic-Nig Cycle” — which she referred to as the “African-American–Hispanic Cycle” to avoid using slurs on the show:

“Claire”: Someone – the money’s gotta come from somewhere. So healthy people are gonna be paying for – actually do you have that… This is a pretty, uh – I don’t know if we’re allowed to swear or even say disparities on the show but this is a meme…

“Borzoi”: We’ll call it the African-American – Hispanic Cycle.

“Claire”: The African-American – Hispanic Cycle…

“Borzoi”: People might also know it by another colorful name.

“Claire”: Yeah. A colorful name, which is… I’ll just read the last paragraph here: “I guess I never really grasped the goal of civilization before. Why did Newton discover calculus? What are Maxwell’s equations for? Why did Mendeleev discover the periodic property of elements? The answer to these and to all questions: to stuff African-Americans with fried meat until they become crippled from overeating, then to provide them with heroic medical care until they gracelessly expire.” And that is exactly what we are doing now[.]

On that same episode she said she mainly treated Black patients, many of whom she said had “terrible vascular disease” and “cardiac disease.”

“I have patients all the time in their sixties, they don’t smoke, they don’t eat badly, and unfortunately you have the curse. You’ve got the curse of your people,” she said. “You are still high blood pressure, you’re still diabetic, you still stroked out at 65. It’s really unfortunate.”

There were other indicators that Carter shared her husband’s affinity for white supremacy as well.

During a Nov. 21, 2020 episode of The Third Rail, titled “Makeup Tips from Auschwitz,” Ogden told his co-hosts that he and his wife had attended that month’s National Justice Party gathering. The National Justice Party is an antisemitic and racist political party founded and chaired by Mike Peinovich, Joseph Jordan, and other white supremacists.

It is listed as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

At the Nov. 2020 gathering attendees listened to speeches by Mike Peinovich, Warren Balogh, and Michael McKevitt. Ogden called the speeches “fantastic” and said his wife “loved” the event. He said his wife “traveled quite a bit in her life, for jobs and the like” and had “no problem moving up to Michigan” with him.

“But just being there, this was the community she had always wanted,” he added. “She was – I could tell people really liked her a lot and she liked being with these people. And one of the first things she said to me was ‘We need to move closer to everybody. We need to be part of this.’ Especially ‘cause she wasn’t the only pregnant woman there.”

Ogden said that there were vendors selling candles, embroidery, books from Antelope Hill Publishing — the white nationalist group which published his own book Cultured Grugs — and even race war-themed trading cards. “I showed my wife and she’s like ‘You need to get all these’ ‘cause we were dying laughing at ‘em,” he recalled.

But Ogden also remembered that his wife had trouble maintaining “OPSEC” — or operational security — at the event. As he told his co-hosts, she began switching between her real name and her pseudonym which caused confusion among the attendees they spoke to. “And so nobody was really sure what to call her anymore at that point,” he remarked.

Of course, that wasn’t Carter’s only slip-up.

She often promoted her work at The American Sun on her (now deleted) Twitter account, @PotsCooking. The same account she used to talk about her work as a nurse in the intensive care unit. It was also the account she used to post a photo of herself and her family:

Screenshot via Twitter

On other websites — like Facebook — she wasn’t shy about posting photos either. Photos which could be easily compared to the one posted by @PotsCooking. Like this one from 2013:

Photo via Anonymous Comrades Collective

And this one of herself and her husband from their baby registry:

She had also divulged some information about where she lived. During the Myth of the 20th Century episode where she read from a racist meme, Carter said works as a registered nurse and had done so for “12 years.” She said that they lived in a “very poor area in a metro city” — but stopped short of calling it a “ghetto.”

An Apr. 4, 2021 bulletin from Old St. Mary’s, a church in Detroit, MI, welcomed “Rachel Elizabeth Carter (Ogden)” into the Catholic Church. “We congratulate Rachel and Jesse Daniel Ogden who received their First Eucharist and also received the Sacrament of Confirmation at the Easter Vigil. May God continue to bless you in your journey of faith,” the bulletin added.

(On an episode of The Godcast, another show on the white nationalist website The Right Stuff, Ogden said he grew up in a “nominally Catholic” family and that he and his wife agreed to rear their child in a Catholic household.)

Ogden claims to have moved from Michigan to Ohio, but in an Apr. 28, 2021 message on Poa.st he was more specific about his former residence: “Oh boy I get to go back to Detroit today.” And, as noted by the Anonymous Comrades Collective, Carter — under the name “Rachel Elizabeth Allen” — has an active nursing license for the state of Michigan dated May 18, 2020.

In another Poa.st message, this one from Apr. 16, 2021, Ogden told his followers, “The best advice I gave to someone on opsec is nothing is irontight especially if you know any women but you’ll know you’re doing it right when your own friends are confused about what is and isn’t true about you.” Perhaps “Borzoi Boskovic” should have heeded his own advice.