White Nationalists Have Been Quietly Collecting Donations Through A Livestreaming Site

Updated| It’s no secret that white nationalists and other far-right figures are in dire financial straits, having been banned from payment processors like Stripe and Paypal. Last year Lana Lokteff and Henrik Palmgren, the hosts of the hate group Red Ice TV, complained that they were “under attack” after PayPal banned them from using their services. White nationalist Faith Goldy, who was also banned from PayPal, said it “effectively knocked me down at the knees.”

White nationalists and other racist figures, including Tim “Baked Alaska” Gionet, Lauren Southern, Brittany Pettibone, Milo Yiannopoulos, James Allsup, and Carl Benjamin have also been booted from major fundraising websites such as Patreon and GoFundMe. For a time they could turn to white nationalist-run alternatives such as Hatreon, GoyFundMe and Freestartr — but one by one they collapsed.

Now prominent extremists are turning elsewhere in order to fund their propaganda. One resource that has become increasingly popular has been Streamlabs, a website that is geared toward assisting livestreamers on Twitch and YouTube. Roughly a dozen white nationalist figures or groups currently have accounts at Streamlabs, which they can use to solicit and collect donations to keep their shows running. Several have raked in hundreds of dollars through Streamlabs.

Streamlabs offers a wide array of tools that streamers can use along with free broadcasting software which can be downloaded from the website. The software, known as the Streamlabs OBS, offers graphics and animations, among other benefits. One of the 17 free tools offered by Streamlabs is the “Alert Box” which streamers can use to collect donations through a custom tip page. One hundred percent of the donations go directly to the streamers.

In response to a request for comment, a spokesperson for Streamlabs stated that the company “unequivocally denounces hate speech” and that the “use of hate speech or membership in a hate group is grounds for termination of an account.” The  terms of service (TOS), they said, prohibit using the website to “promote bigotry or discrimination.” The following accounts were reviewed and, as of February 27, 2019, terminated for TOS violations.

In addition, three other accounts connected to them — Zamzi, Vanguard Streaming Network, and Vanguard Streaming — were terminated as well.

Heel Turn 1

One of the largest white supremacist groups that collects donations through its Streamlabs account is the Heel Turn Network, a YouTube channel that acts as a hub for numerous online shows. Heel Turn is currently headed by white nationalist Seth Wallace, who goes by the pseudonym “Joachim Hoch.” Wallace often appears as a co-host alongside National Policy Institute leader Richard Spencer.

Spencer, one of the most well-known white nationalists in the country, has spoken at racist gatherings such as the yearly American Renaissance conference. In 2013 Spencer remarked to VICE reporters, “Our dream is a new society, an ethno-state that would be a gathering point for all Europeans. It would be a new society based on very different ideals than, say, the Declaration of Independence.”

Last year Spencer was accused of domestic violence by his ex-wife Nina Koupriianova. Some of his alleged abuse included throwing her down a flight of stairs, punching her in the face while she was pregnant, and urging her to commit suicide. He was reportedly fond of telling her that the “only language women understand is violence.” At Heel Turn he hosts the eponymous Richard Spencer Show.

According to their Streamlabs page, their top ten donors for the past month have given a total of $874.16. In addition to a donation page for the Heel Turn Network itself, at least three shows appearing on the network have separate donation pages on Streamlabs.

Verbo Tempestas 1

One such show is Verbo Tempestas, hosted by Rory Reddington and Kaiser Wayne, who routinely slur African-Americans as “basketball-Americans” and Jews as “kikes” and “smallhats.” Guests on the program have included ex-Klan leader David Duke, and Tom Kawczynski, a white separatist whose goal is to create an all-white enclave he calls “New Albion.” Kawczynski was fired as the Jackman, ME town manager after his beliefs were publicized.

During a January 8, 2019 episode of Verbo Tempestas, Reddington told his co-host Kaiser that he had begun reading The International Jew — a collection of anti-Semitic ramblings written by Henry Ford and published in his weekly newspaper, The Dearborn Independent. “And it’s so funny how it’s – somebody could write that today and it would be the same thing. I mean nothing’s changed,” Reddington said.

On the January 1, 2019 episode, their guest was North Carolina-based military veteran and Proud Boy Kevin Cormier. Cormier attended last year’s Mother of All Rallies (MOAR) and was identified by Shut It Down D.C. as one of the organizers of “Unite the Right 2” — a claim Cormier denies. In 2017 he penned an article about his stay in a Marxist commune for Proud Boy Magazine, which can still be found on its website.

On Verbo Tempestas Cormier revealed his transformation into an unabashed white nationalist who began listening to Christopher Cantwell and Augustus Invictus while he still leaned libertarian. Now he was predicting a “civil war” and promoting the works of the late Neo-Nazi writer William Luther Pierce. As he told Reddington and Kaiser, he “read all of William [Luther] Pierce’s books” and was struck by how blunt his message was.

“You have that same kind of mentality towards him where people read it and they just immediately reject it because the first thing in the book is ‘Let’s kill all N-words,’ you know?” Cormier remarked. “He just jumps right into it, doesn’t even give them a little bit of foreplay first.” He claimed that “everything he wrote about in The Turner Diaries is on the verge of happening now or happening right now.” The Turner Diaries was a favorite of terrorist Timothy McVeigh.

According to their Streamlabs page their top ten donors for the past month gave a total of $404.88.

The Minority Report 1

Another Heel Turn show that collects donations through Streamlabs is The Minority Report hosted by TheAngryShark, Alejandro, Dan Man, and Rafael Trujillo. During a January 5, 2019 episode, Shark complained about Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI), one of the first two female Muslim members of Congress. Shark lashed out at Tlaib over her vow to impeach President Trump, claiming she “thinks that we are running a Palestinian parliament.”

Pinochet Ball, their guest and the host of another Heel Turn show, Hora Vero, referred to Tlaib as a “fucking Muslim woman or whatever,” and said that calling the 116th U.S. Congress the “most diverse Congress ever” is akin to saying “Alright, time’s up for you, white man.” He also went on an extended monologue about how they needed to “start waking [white] people up” so they can “take the fucking country back.”

On the February 17, 2019 episode, Neo-Nazi Paul Nehlen made a guest appearance where he claimed “Muslims wouldn’t be in this country if it weren’t for the Jews who were opening our gates” to them. He went on to say, “We had more Muslims coming into the country after 9/11 than before 9/11. Who was doing it? Well, Robert Bowers knew who was doing it. Right?” Bowers, a white supremacist terrorist, murdered 11 at a Pittsburgh synagogue last October.

According to their Streamlabs page there is “not enough tipping data” to determine how much they have been given.

Dave Martel 1

Finally there’s the eponymous Dave Martel Live! on the Heel Turn Network. Martel describes himself on his Twitter account as “#RadTrad. American Loyalist. Asatru. Father. Podcaster” and often jokes about drowning “traitors” in bogs. In a tweet from November 2018 he compared the immigrant caravan to an invasion of orcs — a race of monsters from J.R.R. Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings trilogy. In another he insinuated that the aforementioned Tree of Life synagogue massacre was a false flag.

In fact much of Martel’s shtick makes him sound like a low-rent Alex Jones, promoting conspiracy theories and ranting about “Sodomites” and beings he calls “the cold ones.” In his inaugural episode in late January 2019, Martel claimed that sarin gas attacks on Syrian civilians were faked, and promoted the Pizzagate child sex trafficking hoax. According to Martel some children might have been “sacrifices to Moloch.” He also connected the recent decriminalization of abortion in New York to the harvesting of adrenochrome.

According to his Streamlabs page his top seven donors for the past month have given a total of $165.

Red Ice TV 1

Red Ice TV is one of the most popular white nationalist media outlets on YouTube. Hosted by Henrik Palmgren and Lana Lokteff, Red Ice‘s programming has been has been described as “practically call[ing] for ethnic cleansing.” Although it began as an outlet that focused exclusively on conspiracy theories and featured guests like David Icke, it quickly moved into Holocaust denial and the promotion of white supremacy.

Today its guests include the likes of Richard Spencer, Identity Evropa’s Patrick CaseyMike “Enoch” Peinovich of The Right Stuff, Kevin MacDonald, David Duke, Andrew Anglin, and Faith Goldy.

Lana Lokteff has routinely disparaged interracial couples and claimed such relationships are “more devious than blatant in-your-face mass murdering.” During one episode she declared that America “can never, ever, ever be too white.” In another episode from 2016, Lokteff and Palmgren promoted a Chrome plugin called the “coincidence detector” which put the anti-Semitic triple parentheses around Jewish names.

Although they have been banned from PayPal, Palmgren and Lokteff continue to collect donations through their Red Ice TV account on Streamlabs. According to their Streamlabs page their top ten donors for the past month have given a total of $157.57.

Nick Fuentes 1

Nicholas J. Fuentes started his career as a run-of-the-mill conservative commentator for the pro-Trump media outlet Right Side Broadcasting Network (RSBN), but quickly embraced the white nationalist alt-right. In April 2017, Fuentes made headlines for going on an Islamophobic rant which he concluded by calling for the hanging of CNN “globalists.”

On August 5, 2017, the Reagan Battalion, a right-wing Twitter account, publicized a video in which Fuentes could be heard making disparaging comments about Jews and calling interracial sex “degenerate.” Just days later Fuentes was one of hundreds of participants at the white power “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville, VA. After the rally Fuentes and RSBN parted ways.

Fuentes continued to openly embrace white nationalism on a short-lived show called The Nationalist Review, which he co-hosted with white nationalist and Identity Evropa member James Allsup. On his current program, America First, Fuentes traffics in racist and xenophobic rhetoric, and on one episode remarked that racial hostility toward minorities was necessary to prevent “white genocide.”

Last year Fuentes spoke at the white supremacist American Renaissance conference, and has made an appearance on Red Ice TV along with other racist online shows. His guests have included the likes of Vincent James of the Red Elephants, Patrick Casey, and Jake Lloyd of InfoWars. According to his Streamlabs page his top ten donors for the past month have given a total of $524.

No White Guilt 1

Jason Köhne (a.k.a., NoWhiteGuilt) is a white nationalist vlogger and author who hosts the show The After Party with fellow white nationalist Jared George (a.k.a., The Great Order). Köhne usually devotes his shows to the promotion of what he euphemistically calls “white well-being” and, as his pseudonym suggests, an opposition to so-called “white guilt.” Guests on his program have included Jean-François Gariépy, Tom Kawczynski, John Q. Publius of The Third Rail, Jared Taylor, Greg Johnson, and Ronny Cameron of Heel Turn.

While he tries to give off the impression that his beliefs are merely motivated by a love of white people, this is belied by his statements about racial minorities. During a February 18, 2019 livestream, for example, Köhne explained to his viewers the best way to object to depictions of interracial couples in advertisements. He suggested that they not “get into some long diatribe about how repulsive it is or about how objectionable it is,” and instead simply remark that such commercials are “anti-white.”

Köhne said that such depictions have a “deleterious effect on our future” because “the children from those [interracial] unions are less white than the white parent that came before. So it is an infliction of harm.” Later in that same episode, in response to a question about a possible “race war,” Köhne replied, “Hasn’t that already been going on? I mean don’t you call the 35, or whatever it is, thousand rapes of white women a year by non-white males – isn’t that already race war? ”

According to his Streamlabs page his top ten donors for the past month have given a total of $1,056.41.

The People's Square 1

The People’s Square is a white supremacist online talk show hosted by Joseph Jordan (a.k.a., Eric Striker) and Borzoi Boskovic. Jordan, formerly a writer at the Neo-Nazi website The Daily Stormer, is the former host of Fascism Now! and Chapo Brooklyn Brownstone — two podcasts formerly hosted on The Right Stuff. Today Jordan co-hosts the podcast Strike and Mike with fellow white supremacist Mike Peinovich. Boskovic co-hosts The Third Rail, another podcast on The Right Stuff.

Jordan attended the 2017 “Unite the Right” rally alongside members of Matt Heimbach’s Traditionalist Workers’ Party according to Vegas Tenold’s book Everything You Love Will Burn. Jordan has referred to the Jews as a “virus” that “launches many infections against our national body’s white blood cells” and has blamed them for ruining modern video games. He harbors equal disdain for women and gay people, the latter of whom he has referred to as “despicable queers.”

Guests on The People’s Square have included Jim Goad, Roosh Valizadeh, Tony Hovater, Richard Spencer, Gregory Conte, Mike Peinovich, Matthew Drake, Augustus Invictus, and Patriot Front founder Thomas Rousseau. According to their Streamlabs page their top ten donors for the past month gave a total of $948.72.

Goy Talk 1

Goy Talk Live is a relatively recent addition to the world of online Neo-Nazi talk shows and podcasts. Hosted by Dino and other white supremacists, Goy Talk Live has seen guests the likes of Christopher Cantwell, Patrick Little, Joseph Jordan, David Duke, Mike Peinovich, and Richard Spencer. Every episode is advertised with a picture of Dino Spumoni — a Hey Arnold! character trademarked by Viacom, the parent company of Nickelodeon.

During a January 17, 2019 episode with Christopher Cantwell — the host of the white power radio show Radical Agenda and its “family friendly” alternative, Outlaw Conservative — Dino and his co-hosts mocked African-Americans dependent on EBT and SNAP benefits during the government shutdown. Cantwell claimed that Democrats were refusing to negotiate with President Trump in order to deplete government benefits and “send these fucking niggers rioting into the streets with Molotov cocktails.”

Dino complained that “they don’t even plan ahead for the next fucking day,” and co-host Arnel Swarztnibba replied that they should “stop buying Jordans and crack rock.” Dino then said, “It’s like, ‘Laquisha won’t be able to feed her six kids.’ It’s like, what, why the fuck do you have six kids, Laquisha? Not our problem.” This prompted Cantwell to ask “Isn’t this why we give fuckin’ Planned Parenthood half a billion dollars a year outta my fuckin’ pocket, assholes?”

During January 31, 2019 episode of Goy Talk Live, the show’s hosts raised money for incarcerated white supremacists, whom they falsely declared to be “political prisoners.” Their guest, Neo-Nazi Patrick Little, is known for protesting with signs that read “JEWS RAPE KIDS” and once claimed Jews should be quarantined like a virus. Little told the hosts that there “was no evidence for any of the charges that Fields was convicted on” — in reference to convicted murderer James Fields, Jr.

“I mean the guy panicked in his car after a guy was pointing his rifle at him and he was getting swarmed by people that failed to disperse after the state of emergency was declared,” Little said, repeating a repeatedly debunked white nationalist claim. “I was there [at “Unite the Right”], the antifa mobs were out being led by their Jewish leaders and they were not being broken up.”

Goy Talk 2

In an anti-Semitic skit posted to YouTube on November 18, 2018, one of the hosts dressed up in a large rubber nose mask and introduced himself as “Finky Heebstein.” In a nasally voice he boasted of a “caravan of love” moving through Tijuana. In February their videos have carried a “Blacked History Month” theme; episodes open with a racist caricature of an African-American along with the caption “Live Frum Nigger Town USA,” and Dino dons a blackface mask for the occasion.

According to their Streamlabs page their top ten donors for the past month gave a total of $1,408.76.

The Gas Station 1

The Gas Station is another recent, explicitly Neo-Nazi show, hosted by the pseudonymous Sarin and German James Woods. The show borrows its title from the gas chambers that were used to murder Jewish inmates en masse at extermination camps such as Treblinka and Auschwitz. Even the still image from the most recent episode depicts Woods and Sarin standing next to a Dodge Challenger — James Fields’ car — outside the gates of Auschwitz.

During a December 2018 episode of The Gas Station, guest E. Michael Jones, a notorious anti-Semite, claimed the Allies “subjected [Germany] to a ruthless campaign of social engineering that was based on corrupting their sexual morals.” Jones also blamed Jewish philosophers for dwindling church attendance, and claimed that segregation in the Jim Crow south “got used as a justification for the Jewish war on the south known as the Civil Rights Movement.”

And in the introduction to the January 19, 2019 episode, German James Woods delivered an opening monologue that endorsed a violent uprising against the supposed enemies of white people. Woods called the U.S. government “evil in every sense of the word,” and claimed that its policies “over the last century” will result in the “elimination of our people from the face of the Earth.” He added that while he had hoped for a peaceful solution, what might be needed is “total war.”

“As you all are well aware, war is hell,” he said. “But I ask you all: How bad to things need to get before we fight back? Is it not enough that our women are being raped, our children are being indoctrinated into all forms of degeneracy, our men being emasculated and hooked on painkillers and existing only in a state of mindlessly searching for their next dopamine hit? How bad do things need to get? Do we need pedophilia and bestiality to become fully normalized as well?”

Woods concluded by lashing out at the President and the Jews he believes have been manipulating him, claiming he is close to a violent response:

So I have a question for President Trump, as well as the rootless, borderless vampires directing him through this journey of the annihilation of my people: Do you want total war? History has shown that when my people are backed up against the wall, they are ready to implement extraordinarily brutal measures to destroy entirely what has them backed into a corner. I, for one, feel myself getting closer and closer to the wall behind me. It is in my peripheral vision at this point. And my anger and rage are becoming truly uncontrollable. It is now time for us to regain our honor. To make what was once good in this world truly great again. No longer will we stand idly by as we watch the wholesale destruction of our people. Whether we like it or not, the lines have been drawn. War is already upon us. The clock is ticking.

Aside from E. Michael Jones, guests on The Gas Station have included Christopher Cantwell, Mike Peinovich, and Alex Linder of the Vanguard News Network, the motto of which is “No Jews. Just right.” According to their Streamlabs page their top ten donors for the past month gave a total of $826.81.

Mark Collett 1

Finally there’s British Neo-Nazi Mark Collett, who became momentarily famous after he was retweeted by Rep. Steve King (R-IA) last year. Collett hosts This Week on the Alt-Right, an online show he used to co-host with white nationalist Brittany Nelson (a.k.a., Bre Faucheux), and often makes guest appearances on The David Duke Show. Years ago, Collett appeared on comedian Russell Brand’s 2002 show RE: Brand, and disparaged gay people as “AIDS monkeys” and “faggots.”

In a November 2017 episode of Alt-Right 101 — also co-starring Faucheux — Collett claimed that the “LGBT agenda has never been about equality” and is actually about “pushing degeneracy,” especially onto children. He also said that “all studies within the homosexual community” show that LGBTQ people are more susceptible to disease and drug addiction, but that these studies have been covered up by the so-called “pink mafia.”

And in a February 19, 2018 episode of Alt-Right 101, Collett ranted about the supposed negative impact of pornography on young, white men. According to Collett, pornography is a Jewish plot to undermine the white race, and Faucheux claimed that because most consumers of pornography are white men, people in the adult industry are increasingly pushing interracial scenes on them. Collett then claimed that sex scenes between black men and white women are akin to white women being taken as “spoils of war.”

According to his Streamlabs page, there is “not enough tipping data” to determine how much he has been given.

This article has been updated to include information on the termination of the aforementioned Streamlabs accounts.