Neo-Nazi Couple Would Like You To Stop Slandering Hitler’s Good Name

On Apr. 25, 2021, Neo-Nazi husband and wife duo Warren Balogh and Emily Youcis spent the entirety of their online show, Modern Politics, trying to convince viewers that Adolf Hitler was actually a really great guy. And it turns out they’re also very offended by people saying mean things about the Führer.

To illustrate how wonderful the genocidal tyrant actually was, Balogh turned to an online copy of Everybody’s Hitler: How They Presented the Führer to You, and How He Really Is — a propaganda pamphlet Nazis distributed in occupied France.

Balogh pulled up a photo of Hitler shaking a young girl’s hand. Youcis called the girl “dignified” and “beautiful” compared to the “little girls of today that are turned into young sluts by the time they’re six years old.”

Another photo was of a baby which, according to the pamphlet caption, was a “falsified” picture of Hitler as a child that was circulated by “Hitler’s enemies.” The top of the pamphlet reads “How his enemies …. slander Hitler.” Youcis remarked that the child in the picture looked “retarded.”

Balogh and Youcis then displayed an actual photo of Hitler as a baby, and fawned over how “cute” he looked.

“How can anyone believe this stupid crap? Like, and that’s what people are like ‘I wish I could go back and kill baby Hitler,'” Youcis said, referencing the famous ethical dilemma.

The question of whether or not it’s moral to kill one person — in this case baby Hitler — to prevent the deaths of millions of others is another version of the classic “trolley problem.” Unsurprisingly, answers are mixed. Ex-governor Jeb Bush gave an enthusiastic “Hell yeah,” while Ben Shapiro said doing so would not be “pro-life.”

Balogh and Youcis were downright squeamish about this thought experiment. “I mean, Emily, think of how f’ed up that is,” Balogh said, “that you’re like, ‘Okay, moral person, would you kill this baby or would you not?'”

Youcis said she wasn’t “surprised that people that fight for the right to murder babies would wanna murder baby Hitler” — a stunning take from a woman who suggested nuking Africa and starving the survivors to death. She added that “baby Hitler wouldn’t want to murder babies — at least healthy, white babies.”

So there’s that.

In response to a staged photo of Hitler being saluted by a crowd of Hitler Youth, Youcis called the young Nazis “beautiful boys” and “handsome, strong, robust children.” And she lamented the “dysgenic effects” that have taken place since World War II, calling modern Americans “mutants” who have been poisoned by their modern diet.

“Like, can you imagine if this is what Germany looked like back then, and Hitler’s goal was not to — to do the opposite, was to ensure that the healthy gets to survive, that the healthy and the brave and the best people get to reproduce,” she said.

Balogh defended the Hitler Youth, claiming “we’re trained, we’re conditioned with this brainwashing to see that [photo] and be like ‘Oh my god! That’s evil! These healthy, young boys — Hitler’s teaching them to hate.'” Mocking the idea that they would do something hateful, he said they probably sang in a choir after the photo was taken.

The Hitler Youth was a Nazi paramilitary organization aimed at preparing boys aged 14 to 18 for future military service. And contrary to Balogh’s objections, they were absolutely taught to hate.

The official handbook of Hitler Youth leaders stated that the “foundation of the National Socialist worldview is the knowledge of human inequality” — particularly racial inequality. “It is obvious that the ‘red skins,’ the ‘yellow people,’ the Negroes, and the whites are very different,” reads the opening paragraph of Chapter I.

In Chapter IV, the handbook claims that the “purpose of our current genetic policy is to prevent the passing on” of “diseased genes” and to “promote healthy blood.” In the next sentence it warned that a “people’s bloodstream” can be “injured by mixing it with alien blood from foreign races.”

It went on to state that the “German people has direct contact with only one foreign people: Jewry,” and that “racial hygiene means a defense against the corruption of our blood and spirit by the Jews.”

Emily Youcis complained that people are “repulsed” by photos of the Hitler Youth, and instead “feel sympathy” for Black victims of police violence like George Floyd, whom she mocked as a “monster disgusting human ape.” Balogh, meanwhile, lashed out at transgender children who are “pumped full of hormones” by single mothers.

The pair also lamented that Hitler had lost. Balogh told Youcis that “you look at Paris and London — or Berlin — today, and you can see what Hitler was fighting to stop, to keep from happening.”

Youcis claimed that she had seen anti-fascists post photos of overweight Neo-Nazis which were sarcastically labelled “Untermensch” — a Nazi term for “inferior” people. “And it’s like, yeah, no shit, no shit, the modern-day American looks like shit and is the Untermensch because you killed Hitler, and you enforced dysgenic policies for the last 70 or 80 years,” she said angrily.