Angry White Men is a blog devoted to exposing White Nationalists, adherents of the Alt-Right movement, and other neo-reactionaries. For the uninitiated, there will be numerous confusing and bizarre terms used by these various factions which require some explanation. Here, readers can gain a better understanding of some of the terminology used by the people whom I write about.

  • 1488 – The number 14 references David Lane‘s white supremacist “14 Words” slogan: “We must secure the existence of our people and a future for White Children.” 88 is shorthand for Heil Hitler, since H is the eighth letter of the alphabet. Can be used both ironically or as an actual endorsement of Neo-Nazism.


  • 4chan – An imageboard website populated by Internet trolls, conspiracy theorists, Neo-Nazis, and other malcontents. Spawned the hacktivist group Anonymous and its anti-Scientology protests, the misogynistic Gamergate movement, and numerous alt-right memes.
  • 6 Gorillion – A fictitious number that implies the number of Jews who died in the Holocaust was vastly inflated.
  • A. Wyatt Mann – The pseudonym of Nick Bougas, a cartoonist who penned numerous racist illustrations for the group White Aryan Resistance (W.A.R.) in the 1990s. By far his most famous pieces that have been adopted by the alt-right are the “Happy Merchant” cartoon (an anti-Semitic caricature of a hook-nosed Jew) and one with the caption “Around Blacks Never Relax.”
  • Alt-Lite – A term for civic nationalists who, despite having the “correct” views on Islam, gender equality, and Western civilization, disagree with the alt-right on white nationalism and the “Jewish Question.” (E.g., Gavin McInnes and Milo Yiannopoulos.)
    See JQAnime Nazi
  • #AnimeRight – While users of 4chan and its sister site 8chan have long used screenshots from anime (oftentimes hentai), this facetious term came into prominence on the alt-right after Republican strategist Rick Wilson claimed most Trump supporters are “childless single men who masturbate to anime.”
  • Anudda Shoah – A phrase used to mock Jews who (supposedly) use every slight against them to express concern that another Shoah, or Holocaust, could be around the corner. The alt-right website The Right Stuff defines it as simply a “displeasing situation.”
    See also Shoah

Autistic Screeching

  • Autistic Screeching – A meme that originated on the Anarchyball Facebook page and spread to Reddit and /pol/ respectively. It generally shows two people shaking hands in agreement and a third person crouching with the caption “autistic screeching.” A representation of a person having a meltdown during a political discussion.
  • Ben Garrison – A Montana-based political cartoonist and self-described libertarian whose cartoons often carry pro-Trump, anti-liberal, racist, and transphobic themes. Neo-Nazis took things a step further by splicing his cartoons with the artwork of Nick Bougas to make them grossly anti-Semitic — all while leaving his signature on them.Bix Nood
  • Bix Nood – A nonsense phrase derived from a racist cartoon by Nick Bougas which depicts an African-American speaking gibberish into a cell phone. Popular among white supremacists and members of 4chan.
  • Black Run Amerika – A term used by various white supremacist websites to signify the current state of multicultural America. In Black Run Amerika — a nation becoming increasingly black and brown — African-Americans have disproportionate power, and anyone who speaks out about racial differences and black-on-white crimes is ostracized and condemned. Often abbreviated as “BRA”.
  • Bugman – A rootless, consumerist corporate drone, the “small-souled bugman” could be viewed as the millennials’ answer to “yuppies.” Sometimes viewed as having low testosterone and an ugly, insect-like phisognomy. However, a precise definition is still being hotly contested on alt-right forums such as 4chan and My Posting Career.


  • Chad – Began in the 1990s as a derogatory term for young, white men, but evolved over time to mean a young, fit, alpha male who is successful with women.
  • Coincidence/Cohencidence – A derisive response to liberals’ claims that it is merely a coincidence that high-profile liberal journalists, CEOs, and politicians are Jewish. Is sometimes spelled “cohencidence” — a portmanteau of the Jewish surname “Cohen” and “coincidence” — by trolls who are more overt in their anti-Semitism.
  • Cuck – Short for “cuckold,” “cuck” is a term derived from a genre of pornography which depicts a man (usually white) watching his wife have sex with another man (usually black). It is used to describe weak men who are viewed as having betrayed their white countrymen by catering to non-white immigrants.
    See Race Traitor; see also CuckservativeCuckservative
  • Cuckservative – A portmanteau of the terms “cuckold” and “conservative”, cuckservative is a derisive term used by the alt-right to describe social conservatives who promote amnesty for immigrants, support multiculturalism, and hold civil rights icons such as Martin Luther King, Jr. in high regard. Republican politicians such as John McCain, Lindsey Graham, and Mitt Romney are derided as cuckservatives.
    See Race Traitor
  • Cultural Enrichment – A euphemism for problems the alt-right believes are associated with large minority or immigrant populations, including rapes, riots, murders, etc.
  • Cultural Marxism – The belief that a group of Jewish academics who fled Nazi Germany and created the Frankfurt School of Critical Theory, a far-left political and philosophical movement, plotted to erode the foundations of Western society through feminism, sexual liberation, homosexuality, multiculturalism, and religious pluralism.Current Year
  • Current Year – “The current year” is a phrase used to poke fun at liberals who bemoan the continuing presence of discrimination. For example, “I can’t believe we’re still dealing with racism in 2017.”
  • DR3 – Abbreviation for “Dems R Real Racists,” used by the alt-right to mock conservatives (e.g. Dinesh D’Souza) who pander to people of color by claiming Democrats are the party of racism and the Ku Klux Klan.
  • Dem Programs – Government programs that provide public assistance or funding for public schools with the goal of benefiting minority groups.
    See Gibs Me Dat
  • Dindu – A racial epithet used to describe black people, particularly young, black men. Derived from the phrase “dindu nuffin.”
    See Dindu Nuffin
  • Dindu Nuffin – A bastardization of the phrase “He didn’t do nothin'” — a phrase used to mock the black community’s reaction to the arrest or murder of unarmed African-Americans.Echoes
  • Echoes – The echoes meme consists of placing three or more sets of parentheses or brackets around Jewish names or words and phrases with Jewish connotations; for example, (((bankers))). The meme started on the popular alt-right podcast The Daily Shoah.
    See also Reverse Echoes
  • Electric Jew – A television, since many on the alt-right believe that Jews control the media and most programming exists to brainwash whites.
  • Fake News – Any news from reputable, mainstream media outlets that contradicts the deeply held beliefs of Donald Trump or the alt-right.
  • Fash – Shorthand for fascist, “fash” or “fashy” can be used not just as a descriptor for one’s political preferences, but also culture and fashion (e.g., Fash the Nation or “fashy haircut”).
  • Fellow White People – Refers to activists and authors of liberal think-pieces who identify as both Jewish and white, and who address their audience with “Fellow white people…” Alt-righters often react to this “deception” by exclaiming “Every single time!”
  • Feral – A dog whistle slur that refers to young, black men.Gab
  • GAB – A social media platform that bills itself as the “free speech alternative” to Twitter. It has become popular among alt-right Twitter users whose accounts are suspended due to hate speech or targeted harassment.
  • #Gamergate – A reactionary and misogynist movement that originated on 4chan with the purpose of harassing feminists and female game developers while claiming to be motivated by “ethics in games journalism.”
  • Gassed – Another way of saying a person was suspended from Twitter, as well as a reference to Hitler exterminating Jews in gas chambers.
    See also Shoah
  • Gibs Me Dat – A bastardization of the phrase “Give me that,” which is used to suggest that African-Americans demand government handouts in return for not rioting or committing other violent acts. Sometimes shortened to “Gibs.”Goblina
  • Goblina – A variation of the Le 56% Face meme that arose specifically to target Parkland shooting survivor and Cuban-American Emma González. The word is faux-Spanish for “goblin” and can be used as a general insult to anyone of Latinx descent. See Le 56% FaceGod Emperor Trump
  • God Emperor – The alt-right’s nickname for Donald Trump.
  • Goy – Once just a Jewish term that meant a non-Jew, the word goy has been adopted (or even reclaimed, in a sense) by white nationalists and anti-Semites. People who identify as alt-right often jokingly refer to themselves and one another as “goy” or its plural, “goyim.”
  • GRID – Gay-related immune deficiency, the antiquated term for AIDS. Used by the alt-right for its anti-gay connotations.Groyper
  • Groyper – A variation of Pepe the frog with interlocked hands, Groyper has been described as a “toad” who is “friends with Pepe.” The image likely stemmed from a 2016 post on 4chan’s /v/ board, while the name might have come from /r9k/ user “Big Dog Groyper.”

Hand Rubbing

  • Hand Rubbing – A close-up shot of the Happy Merchant meme used to signify Jewish plotting. Sometimes the standalone image is used while other times it includes the caption “Hand Rubbing Intensifies.”
    See Happy MerchantHappy Merchant
  • Happy Merchant – A caricature of a scheming Jew with exaggerated features (hunched figure, large nose, crooked teeth, curly hair, etc.) drawn by Nick Bougas in the 1990s. The image has been adopted and frequently altered by the alt-right, including images in which a mask is placed over the character’s face to imply Jews are pretending to be white or are otherwise trying to conceal their identities.
    See Merchant
  • Hate Facts – Any facts that liberals reject, not because of their falsity, but because of their perceived offensiveness. This includes statistics on the subjects of race and IQ, race and crime, the immutability of homosexuality, and more.Helicopter Ride
  • Helicopter Ride – A reference to late fascist dictator Augusto Pinochet, whose army executed over one hundred dissidents by hurling them from helicopters into the ocean or rivers. A common joke in the alt-right is to inform liberals that they will be thrown from helicopters or given helicopter “rides.”Hey Rabbi
  • Hey Rabbi, Watcha Doin’? – A phrase borrowed from a Nick Bougas cartoon depicting a Jewish caricature dressed in a trenchcoat and vandalizing his own synagogue with anti-Semitic graffiti. The implication is that anti-Semitic hate crimes are hoaxes perpetrated by Jews to gain sympathy.
  • Huhwhite – The phonetic spelling of how white nationalist Jared Taylor pronounces the word “white.”
  • Human BioDiversity – Refers to supposed genetic differences between different “races” of humans. These differences often involve IQ, ability, and behavior amongst different racial groups. Often abbreviated as “HBD”.
  • #HWNDU – The acronym for “He Will Not Divide Us,” the title of actor Shia LaBeouf’s live streamed, anti-Trump performance piece that was later crashed by alt-right activists.
  • Incel – Short for “involuntary celibate,” an incel is a man who, despite his best efforts, cannot lose his virginity. Elliot Rodger, the college student who went on a killing spree because women refused to have sex with him, identified as an incel.
  • JQ – Short for “Jewish Question,” the JQ refers to the belief that Jews have a disproportionate amount of control over the media, the business world, politics, etc. Being JQ’d is the overtly anti-Semitic equivalent of being redpilled.
    See also, Red PillKek
  • Kek1. Another way of saying “lol,” derived from the MMORPG World of Warcraft.
    2. An Egyptian god of chaos and darkness who took the form of a frog. Adopted by the alt-right which jokingly claims Pepe as its modern-day avatar.
    See also Pepe the FrogLe 56% Face
  • Le 56% Face – A crude caricature representing mixed-race Americans who identify as white, which stems from a statistic that white people are 56% of the U.S. population. Also referred to as the “Amerimutt.”
  • #MAGA – The acronym of Donald Trump’s campaign slogan: Make America Great Again.
  • MGTOW – Short for “Men Going Their Own Way”, the MGTOW movement consists of men who, fed up with women and society, make the decision to live off the grid — a kind of “Going Galt” for misogynists.
  • Merchant – A slur used to refer to Jews. Most likely a reference to the anti-Semitic stereotype of Jews as moneylenders and the more modern “Happy Merchant” meme.
  • Milk – The beverage of choice for the white supremacists who crashed Shia LaBeouf’s now shuttered art project. After Mic reported on the incident and referred to their gallons of whole milk as the new “symbol of white racial purity,” alt-right Twitter accounts began using the bottle of milk emoji in their user names.Moonman
  • Moon Man – Once known as McDonald’s mascot Mac Tonight, white nationalists and Neo-Nazis appropriated the crescent moon-headed character and nicknamed him Moon Man. A common practice is using text-to-speech programs to create racist rap parodies from Moon Man’s perspective.
  • Muh Dik – Derived from a racist stereotype, the phrase implies that black men are primitive and spend time boasting about the size of their penises. As a verb, “muh dik” is used as a euphemism for rape, especially of white women.
  • Nog – Short for “nig-nog,” a racial slur used against blacks.
  • Normie – A regular person who is not a troll or member of the alt-right.
  • Ovens – A reference to Adolf Hitler’s crematoria, used to dispose of the bodies of dead and sickly concentration camp prisoners. More dark humor than actual death threat, alt-right trolls often post the phrase “Fire up the ovens!” in the social media feeds of Jews and liberals.
  • Oy Vey, Shut It Down! – Used whenever an alt-right website is shut down or a fundraising campaign is suspended, which they usually believe to be the handiwork of the Jews.

Pepe SS

  • Pepe the Frog – A cartoon frog created by artist Matt Furie for his 2005 comic strip Boy’s Club. The anthropomorphic frog was appropriated by white nationalists as their mascot, whom they often depict as a Nazi, a Klansman, Donald Trump, etc.
  • #Pizzagate – The far-right conspiracy theory which alleges that a secret child sex-trafficking ring is being run out of a Washington, D.C. pizzeria by Hillary Clinton and her former campaign staffers.
  • Pool Party – The name used by white nationalist website The Right Stuff to refer to its real life meetups.
  • Poz -A term that was originally embraced by HIV+ men, Poz is also used on the alt-right either as a slur against gays or, more broadly, a form of social degeneracy or “cultural AIDS” in which everything is accepted and nothing is stigmatized.
  • PUA – An acronym for “pickup artist,” a PUA is someone (usually male) who practices the “art” of attracting and seducing sexual partners through varying techniques collectively known as “game.”
  • Race Traitor – A white, non-Jewish man or woman whose actions and beliefs are perceived to be against the interests of the white race, including marrying or associating with non-whites, supporting anti-racist policies and social change, voicing opposition to white racism, etc.RAHOWA
  • RAHOWA – Short for “Racial Holy War,” a phrase used to signify a belief in white power circles that whites should take up arms and fight a race war against Jews and non-whites. Originated with Matthew Hale’s World Church of the Creator, now known as the Creativity Movement.
  • Rapefugee – A portmanteau of “rape” and “refugee,” the word indicates the belief on the alt-right that Syrian (and other non-white) refugees are responsible for a great number of rapes and sexual assaults against white European and American women. They believe these attacks, such as the one which occurred in Cologne, Germany, are being downplayed or covered up by the media.Red Pilled
  • Red Pill – A reference to the popular Matrix trilogy, in which the main character Neo (played by Keanu Reeves) is offered the choice of taking a red or blue pill. The red pill would allow Neo to see the world as it really is, while the blue pill would allow him to remain in blissful ignorance. Used by MRAs, MGTOW and alt-right adherents to describe their awakening to a world dominated by feminists and/or racial minorities.
  • Remove Kebab – A euphemism for the Bosnian genocide that supposedly originated with a musical tribute to war criminal Radovan Karadži called “SERBIA STRONG!” Used to describe the ethnic cleansing of Muslims and people of Middle Eastern descent.
  • Reverse Echoes – A corollary to the popular echo meme, the reverse echoes are used by white nationalists to indicate that they are surrounded by Jews and Jewish influence; for example, )))the alt-right(((. The reverse echoes were popularized on Twitter after Jews and Jewish allies placed parentheses around their own user names to mock white nationalists and/or show solidarity with Jews.
  • Shekels – A unit of Israeli currency that is often used in a derogatory fashion while discussing Jews or Jewish control. One headline from The Daily Stormer website, for example, read “Jewed-Out Politicians Getting Mad Shekels from Jews.”
  • Shoah – The Hebrew word for “calamity,” “Shoah” has long been used as another name for the Holocaust. In alt-right circles, “Shoah” is used far more flippantly to describe inconveniences such as having one’s social media account suspended. (E.g., “My Twitter account was just Shoah’d.”)
  • Shoah Survivor – Someone whose Twitter account was suspended multiple times.
  • Skittles – A seldom-used euphemism for Muslims or Middle Easterners. Stems from a meme tweeted by Donald Trump Jr. depicting a bowl of Skittles along with the caption “If I had a bowl of skittles [sic] and I told you just three would kill you. Would you take a handful? That’s our Syrian refugee problem.”
  • SJW – Short for “Social Justice Warrior”, SJW is a derisive term used by the reactionary right to describe feminists, anti-racists, proponents of LGBTQ rights, and other social progressives. Used interchangeably with other similarly derisive terms (e.g. Cultural Marxists).Sonnenrad
  • Sonnenrad – The sonnenrad or “sunwheel” is an ancient European symbol appropriated by the Nazis. In turn, Neo-Nazis have likewise adopted the symbol, while the alt-right has often incorporated it into their memes.
  • Soyboy – A term for effeminate men, stemming from the myth that consumption of soy products leads to a drastic decrease in testosterone.
  • Thot – A misogynistic term for promiscuous women, thot literally stands for “that ho over there.”
  • Vibrant – Typically meaning something that is bright and colorful, “vibrant” is often used in alt-right circles as a euphemism for non-whites.
  • Virtue Signal – The practice of liberals attempting to show off how virtuous and tolerant they are without taking any meaningful action.

We Wuz Kangz

  • We Wuz Kangz – Originally a rebuttal to the Afrocentric “Black Egyptian Hypothesis” which posits that ancient Egypt was a black civilization, and that pharaohs such as Tutankhamen were actually black. Increasingly used by the alt-right to ridicule most historical achievements by black people.
  • White Genocide – A popular conspiracy on the alt-right alleging that immigration, interracial relationships, and abortion are being pushed on white countries to bring about the destruction of the white race.
  • You Will Not Replace Us – The racist and anti-Semitic slogan of the hate group Identity Evropa, sometimes abbreviated as YWNRU on banners. Chanted by white nationalists during their August 2017 march on UVA.
  • ZOG – A white supremacist acronym that stands for “Zionist Occupied Government.” Indicates a belief that the U.S. government is controlled by Jews.