Angry White Men is a blog devoted to exposing White Nationalists, adherents of the Alt-Right movement, and other neo-reactionaries. For the uninitiated, there will be numerous confusing and bizarre terms used by these various factions which require some explanation. Here, readers can gain a better understanding of some of the terminology used by the people whom I write about.

  • 1488 – The number 14 references David Lane‘s white supremacist “14 Words” slogan: “We must secure the existence of our people and a future for White Children.” 88 is shorthand for Heil Hitler, since H is the eighth letter of the alphabet. Can be used both sarcastically or as an actual endorsement of Neo-Nazism.
  • Anudda Shoah – A phrase used to mock Jews who (supposedly) use every slight against them to express concern that another Shoah, or Holocaust, could be around the corner. The alt-right website The Right Stuff defines it as simply a “displeasing situation.”
    See also Shoah
  • A. Wyatt Mann – The pseudonym of Nick Bougas, a cartoonist who penned numerous racist illustrations for the group White Aryan Resistance (W.A.R.) in the 1990s. By far his most famous pieces that have been adopted by the alt-right are the “Happy Merchant” cartoon (an anti-Semitic caricature of a hook-nosed Jew) and one with the caption “Around Blacks Never Relax.”
  • Black Run Amerika – A term used by various white supremacist websites to signify the current state of multicultural America. In Black Run Amerika — a nation becoming increasingly black and brown — African-Americans have disproportionate power, and anyone who speaks out about racial differences and black-on-white crimes is ostracized and condemned. Often abbreviated as “BRA”.
  • Cathedral, The – A reference to what neo-reactionaries believe to be a global quasi-religion of sorts, the “Cathedral” represents a belief in — and fanatical devotion to — equality, democracy, feminism, and other such progressive ideals. The Cathedral is propped up by political elites, the media, institutions of higher learning, figures in popular culture, etc.
  • Cuck – Short for “cuckold,” “cuck” is used to describe weak men who are viewed as traitors to the white race. “Cuck” can be used to describe both liberals and conservatives who fit this category, but the term “cuckservative” is used exclusively for non-liberals.
    See Race Traitor; see also Cuckservative
  • Cuckservative – A portmanteau of the terms “cuckold” and “conservative”, cuckservative is a derisive term used by neo-reactionaries to describe white, non-Jewish social conservatives who refuse to voice support for white supremacist or white separatist beliefs. Alfred W. Clark of the racist Radix Journal describes them as hypocrites who are “eager to show [their] PC bona fides by openness to other races” but deep down do not believe their own rhetoric.
    See Race Traitor
  • Current Year, The – “The current year” is a phrase used to poke fun at liberals who bemoan the continuing presence of discrimination. For example, “I can’t believe we’re still dealing with racism in 2016.”
  • Dark Enlightenment – The so-called “Dark Enlightenment” is an unapologetically anti-democratic and anti-egalitarian political movement the roots of which may be traced to software engineer Curtis Yarvin and British philosopher Nick Land, the latter of whom actually coined the phrase. Adherents of the Dark Enlightenment often advocate anti-feminism, libertarian economic policies, scientific racism, and a return to archaic forms of governance (e.g. monarchy) which they view as a return to the “natural order.” For this reason, Dark Enlightenment ideology has attracted a loose confederation of Men’s Rights Activists, White Nationalists and neo-Nazis, traditionalist Christians, Objectivists, and other far-right ideologues.
    “The Dark Enlightenment” by Nick Land.
    See also “An open letter to open-minded progressives” by Mencius Moldbug.
  • Dindu – A relatively new racial slur used to describe blacks, especially blacks who are alleged to have committed crimes. The phrase “Dindu nuffin” is a bastardization of the phrase “He didn’t do nothin'” — a line white supremacists use to mock black people who get arrested or are murdered by police. Eventually, “Dindu nuffin” was simply shortened to “dindu.”
  • Echoes – The echoes meme consists of placing three or more sets of parentheses or brackets around Jewish names or words and phrases with Jewish connotations; for example, (((bankers))). The meme started on the popular alt-right podcast The Daily Shoah.
    See also Reverse Echoes
  • Fash – Shorthand for fascist, “fash” or “fashy” can be used not just as a descriptor for one’s political preferences, but also culture and fashion (e.g., Fash the Nation or “fashy haircut”).
  • Goy – Once just a Jewish term that meant a non-Jew, the word goy has been adopted (or even reclaimed, in a sense) by white nationalists and anti-Semites. People who identify as alt-right often jokingly refer to themselves and one another as “goy” or its plural, “goyim.”
  • Helicopter Ride – A reference to late fascist dictator Augusto Pinochet, whose army executed over one hundred dissidents by hurling them from helicopters into the ocean or rivers. A common joke in the alt-right is to inform liberals that they will be thrown from helicopters or given helicopter “rides.”
  • Human BioDiversity – Refers to supposed genetic differences between different “races” of humans. These differences often involve IQ, ability, and behavior amongst different racial groups. Often abbreviated as “HBD”.
  • MAGA – The abbreviation of Donald Trump’s campaign slogan: Make America Great Again.
  • Men Going Their Own Way – The “Men Going Their Own Way” or “MGTOW” (pronounced mig·tow) movement consists of men who, fed up with women and society, make the decision to live off the grid — a kind of “Going Galt” for misogynists.
  • Men’s Rights Activist – A member of the Men’s Rights Movement. Often abbreviated as “MRA”.
  • Men’s Rights Movement – A reactionary movement comprised primarily, though not entirely, of disaffected males who purport to stand up for the rights of men and boys. Members of the MRM view opposition to feminism — which many of them consider a modern “hate movement” — and the downplaying of women’s issues as integral to their fight. Among their stated concerns are the treatment of fathers in family court, rates of male suicide and incarceration, and false rape accusations — though they do very little in the way of actually ending these problems, preferring to spend their time savaging women and feminists online. Often abbreviated as “MRM.”
  • Merchant – A slur used to refer to Jews. Most likely a reference to the anti-Semitic stereotype of Jews as moneylenders and the more modern “Happy Merchant” meme.
  • Ovens – A reference to Adolf Hitler’s crematoria, used to dispose of the bodies of dead and sickly concentration camp prisoners. More dark humor than actual death threat, alt-right trolls often post the phrase “Fire up the ovens!” in the social media feeds of Jews and liberals.
  • Pickup Artist – A person (usually male) who practices the “art” of attracting and seducing sexual partners through varying techniques collectively known as “game.” Often abbreviated as “PUA”.
  • Poz -A term that was originally embraced by HIV+ men, Poz is also used on the alt-right either as a slur against gays or, more broadly, a form of social degeneracy or “cultural AIDS” in which everything is accepted and nothing is stigmatized.
  • Race Traitor – A white, non-Jewish man or woman whose actions and beliefs are perceived to be against the interests of the white race, including marrying or associating with non-whites, supporting anti-racist policies and social change, voicing opposition to white racism, etc.
  • Rapefugee – A portmanteau of “rape” and “refugee,” the word indicates the belief on the alt-right that Syrian (and other non-white) refugees are responsible for a great number of rapes and sexual assaults against white European and American women. They believe these attacks, such as the one which occurred in Cologne, Germany, are being downplayed or covered up by the media.
  • Red Pill – A reference to the popular Matrix trilogy, in which the main character Neo (played by Keanu Reeves) is offered the choice of taking a red or blue pill. The red pill would allow Neo to see the world as it really is, while the blue pill would allow him to remain in blissful ignorance. Used by MRAs, MGTOW and Dark Enlightenment adherents to describe their awakening to a world dominated by feminists and/or racial minorities.
  • Reverse Echoes – A corollary to the popular echo meme, the reverse echoes are used by white nationalists to indicate that, not only are they not Jewish, but are surrounded by Jews and Jewish influence; for example, )))the alt-right(((. The reverse echoes were popularized on Twitter after Jews and Jewish allies placed parentheses around their own user names to mock white nationalists and/or show solidarity with Jews.
  • Shekels – A unit of Israeli currency that is often used in a derogatory fashion while discussing Jews or Jewish control. One headline from The Daily Stormer website, for example, read “Jewed-Out Politicians Getting Mad Shekels from Jews.”
  • Shoah – The Hebrew word for “calamity,” “Shoah” has long been used as another name for the Holocaust. In alt-right circles, “Shoah” is used far more flippantly to describe inconveniences such as having one’s social media account suspended. (E.g., “My Twitter account was just Shoah’d.”)
  • Social Justice Warriors – A derisive term used by the reactionary right to describe feminists, anti-racists, proponents of LGBTQ rights, and other social progressives. Used interchangeably with other similarly derisive terms (e.g. Cultural Marxists). Often abbreviated as “SJW”.
  • Standard Fuckparty – Defined by The Right Stuff as a “real-life thing involving over a hundred gay men, no condoms, and HIV,” as well as a “suitable metaphor for the Democrat Party, the modern university system, and tumblr [sic].”
  • Vibrant – Typically meaning something that is bright and colorful, “vibrant” is often used in alt-right circles as a euphemism for non-whites.