I started this blog a few years ago with the original intention of blogging about strictly feminist and LGBTQ issues. The original title, Hail to the Gynocracy!, was a dig at fragile men’s rights activists who believed women had taken over. Since then, it has evolved in accordance with what I find fascinating to write about.

In the past couple of years I’ve begun to notice a resurgence in what is known as the Alt-Right movement, which is a kinder way of saying “white nationalists” who have a strong adherence to identity politics and who often desire a whites-only ethnostate. Although they’re often referred to as “white supremacists”, some take umbrage at this label and eschew Nazi imagery.

They reject liberalism and traditional conservatism, rail against “cultural Marxists” who are conspiring to commit “white genocide” through interracial relationships and mass immigration. They’ve also seen a spike in media attention, if not popularity, with the rise of Donald Trump as a political figure.

This blog is dedicated to tracking the adherents of the new white supremacy: the Alt-Right movement, neo-reactionaries, Red Pillers, Identitarians, and Dark Enlightenment thinkers.