David Duke: The Jews Have A ‘Pair Of Pliers’ On Trump’s ‘Gonads’

Last week Mark Collett celebrated the 50th episode of This Week on the Alt Right by inviting on old-school white supremacist and ex-Klan leader David Duke. Duke and the rest of the panel — Dr. Patrick Slattery, “Jared of the Great Order,” and someone calling himself “NoWhiteGuilt” — discussed President Trump’s decision to pull the U.S. out of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action — also known as the JCPOA or the Iran nuclear deal.

The move to withdraw from the deal was pushed for by the likes of Sens. Ted Cruz and Lindsey Graham, National Security Adviser John Bolton, and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. It was their support for Trump’s decision that led the entire panel to condemn the President as doing the bidding of Zionist Jews. NoWhiteGuilt in particular mocked Trump as America’s “first Israeli president.”

In response to that criticism, and a viewer question about Trump’s personal relationship with Netanyahu, David Duke cut the President some slack. Sort of. “I would disagree, respectfully, with our other panelist in saying that he is the first Israeli head of America,” Duke said. “But ya gotta understand, Donald Trump did not do what George Bush did — Sr. or Jr. — he did not go to a massive war in the Middle East.”

He also lashed out at Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and Joe Biden — all three of whom, he said, knew that Saudi Arabia was funding ISIS. (In 2016 while mounting another unsuccessful bid for the U.S. Senate Duke made similar claims and suggested Clinton be executed for “treason.”)

As for Trump, while Duke remains critical of many of his policies regarding Israel and the Middle East, he claimed the President might not be acting of his own free will. “But I think that Trump is being — I think they’ve basically got a yuge pair of pliers…on his gonads right now,” he said, “because he’s facing impeachment and destruction, and I think they are gonna impeach him. They hate him no matter what he’s done.”

But he also sounded a more optimistic note, stating that had Hillary won in 2016 the U.S. military would have “saved ISIS’ chestnuts from the fire.” Plus, he added, Trump has “also made some dog whistles” about the allegedly Jewish-owned mainstream media. According to Duke, “people know what [Trump’s] talking about” when he criticizes the “fake news media,” including the New York Times and the Washington Post.