Roosh V Fanboys: Feminists Are ‘Nazis’ For Demanding Roosh’s Books Be Removed From Amazon

Right now a petition to remove Daryush Valizadeh’s books from is making the rounds online, with nearly 64,000 signatures as of this writing. Daryush, better known by his moniker Roosh V, is a pickup artist whose entire career is built around his loathing of women and racial minorities.

Roosh has admitted to having sex with women while they’re drunk or asleep, pressuring women for sex, ignoring them when they say no, and physically restraining women who try to escape him. These aren’t allegations made by anonymous women, mind you. They’re admissions from Roosh himself.

Admissions which appear in several of his books, including his Bang series which purports to teach men how to sleep with foreign women. By allowing Roosh to sell his books on Amazon, the retail giant is profiting off of sexual assault and allowing Roosh to do the same.

Of course, listening to Roosh’s supporters, you’d think the Brownshirts had risen from the dead and begun targeting innocent men. The following is what happened when they swarmed an article from The Telegraph about the petition.

Jonathan David Farley — Roosh’s number one fan who compared the pickup artist to Buddha — rushed to his defense, hilariously claiming that an article by Roosh advocating the legalization of rape on private property was satire:

Roosh Supporters 1

He also claims that feminists are somehow “lying” about the content of Roosh’s books. Of course, the more problematic quotes about having non-consensual sex with several women have already been covered elsewhere, and it is evident that Roosh promotes that kind of predatory behavior:

Roosh Supporters 2

He then cites a commercial to prove that men may reasonably expect consent when a woman accompanies him to a “private space” on a date:

Roosh Supporters 3

So it’s no surprise that he supports someone as awful as Bill Cosby:

Roosh Supporters 4

And for some reason he thinks Dave Futrelle of We Hunted the Mammoth is “misogynistic” and Lena Dunham is a “sexual predator”:

Roosh Supporters 5

How about “dogglebird” and his belief that a company declining to sell a man’s books is the same as a tyrannical regime banning certain books altogether and burning them?

Roosh Supporters 6

“Easyst17” defends Roosh by saying he at least “put forward an idea.” What idea? Where?

Roosh Supporters 7

This guy with a probably racist user name says Roosh’s let’s-legalize-rape article was a thought experiment. Right.

Roosh Supporters 8

Oh yeah, definitely racist:

Roosh Supporters 9

This guy thinks advocating the legalization of rape is akin to advocating the legalization of marijuana:

Roosh Supporters 10

And this guy doesn’t even have to read Roosh’s books before he knows the feminists are lying. Good job:

Roosh Supporters 11