Amazon Is Selling Books By A White Supremacist Publishing Company

As the largest and wealthiest online retailer, allows customers to by any number of products — from clothes and toys to books and CDs — with the click of a button. And, while Amazon has rules which ostensibly allow it to review and remove products which promote hate speech and calls to violence, it is nevertheless selling multiple books which glorify Nazi Germany, fascism, antisemitism, and white nationalism — all from a small, Pennsylvania-based publishing company.

Antelope Hill Publishing

Antelope Hill Publishing LLC is a small white supremacist publishing company which, according to corporate records, is located in Quakertown, PA. Those same records indicate that the LLC was officially created on Jan. 28, 2021, although Antelope Hill’s social media presence — including its official website, Twitter account, and Facebook account — date back to June 2020.

Antelope Hill offers books by white nationalist activists, but also republishes works by long-dead authors, including Nazi Party members and fascist thinkers. According to its “About” section, Antelope Hill seeks to “publish the words that will inspire us to victory” and is “willing to publish for lost causes, righteous mercenaries, anonymous critics, freedom fighters, revolutionaries, and exiles.”

Antelope Hill even offered free Adolf Hitler bookmarks with the purchase of three or more books, referring to the Nazi leader as “your favorite uncle”:

Image via Telegram.
Image via Telegram.

During a recent episode of his online show The People’s Square, Neo-Nazi podcaster Joseph Jordan (a.k.a. “Eric Striker”) interviewed two Antelope Hill employees, “Paul” and “Maggie,” about their business. He called their success “counterintuitive” because the books they offer are of the type that people might not want to be “seen holding” in “polite society.”

And Jordan effusively praised them for “show[ing] that you can actually have a nationalist business in publishing.”

The trio also discussed a book published by Antelope Hill called The Open Society Playbook, which, according to Jordan, “explains the mechanisms by which – we could call it Big Jew or Jew Inc., Jew Incorporated – how they utilize, frankly, how non-governmental organizations replaced the CIA to be the sort of ideological representations of the American empire.”

Maggie stated that “[I]t’s one thing to say ‘Oh Jews run everything’ and you sound like a conspiracy theorist. And then you point out ‘Well, okay, look at the people in the media, look at the people running this, that, or the other thing’ and you see that most of them are Jewish or people who marry Jews, or something like that.”

“And then you look a little further and you trace, well, who actually holds the money and where the money’s originating from, and then you just go down this rabbit hole where it’s completely undeniable,” she added.

Profiting from Hate

While an antisemitic book like The Open Society Playbook appears to flagrantly violate Amazon’s “Content Guidelines for Books” — which prohibit “content that we determine is hate speech …. advocates terrorism, or other material we deem inappropriate or offensive” — customers can easily find it sold directly through the website:

What’s more, The Open Society Playbook is shipped from and sold by Amazon, which, as Media Matters noted, means that those books were “purchased as inventory by Amazon to be sold and shipped from one of its warehouses.” And The Open Society Playbook is far from the only title published by Antelope Hill that Amazon offers. Over two dozen other titles are sold by the online retail giant, including:

  • A New Nobility of Blood and Soil — Authored by Richard Walther Darré (d. 1953), a high-ranking Nazi official who served as Reich Minister of Food and Agriculture and Obergruppenführer — or Senior group leader — of the Schutzstaffel. Following World War II, Darré was found guilty on three charges during the Ministries Trial and sentenced to seven years in prison. The book also contains a foreword by Warren Balogh, a Neo-Nazi activist who called the Holocaust the “central myth underpinning the entire present global world order.”
  • Cultured Grugs: Dispatches from America in Collapse — A “selection of essays” by white nationalist podcaster Jesse Ogden. Ogden, under the pseudonym “Borzoi Boskovic,” co-hosts the online shows The Third Rail with Trey Garrison and The People’s Square with Joseph Jordan. During a 2020 appearance on the podcast Our Interesting Times, Ogden referred to Black and Indigenous people as “some of history’s biggest losers.”
  • The Burning Souls — Authored by Léon Degrelle (d. 1994), a Belgian-born Nazi collaborator, Holocaust denier, and founder of the extreme-right Rexist Party. In 1945 Degrelle was sentenced to death in absentia by a Belgian court for high treason, but was granted asylum in Spain by fascist dictator Francisco Franco.
  • Empire Eternal: In Defense of Imperialism — Written by white nationalist “Sinclair Jenkins” who, according to the book’s product description, “lays out a resolute defense of, and advocacy for, that force of will which made the age of European Imperialism possible.” In May 2021, anti-fascist researchers exposed Jenkins as a 33-year-old elementary school teacher named Benjamin Welton. Welton was later fired after the publication of a HuffPost article about his double life as a white nationalist writer.
  • Hitler — A 1931 essay written by British Nazi sympathizer Percy Wyndham Lewis with a foreword by white nationalist podcaster Jesse Ogden (a.k.a. “Borzoi Boskovic”).
  • Livin’ the Dream — Written by white nationalist “Jack McKraken” about his time as a New York corrections officer. On Feb. 12, 2021, McKraken appeared on Full Haus, a podcast hosted by white nationalist and ex-State Department official Matthew Gebert (a.k.a. “Coach Finstock”). (Gebert also edited McKraken’s book.) During that appearance, a co-host remarked that “if this was a white society and a white country, prisons could really be like a beneficial thing for people and not a horrible, scary thing like what we see on TV and things like that.” McKraken agreed with the co-host, stating that, “It could definitely be a place where actual correction – the art of correcting behavior – can occur. But when you’re dealing with the kind of animals that we have in these places – these drug addicts, these people who are legitimately insane, these non-whites who stock these cells wholesale – that is a job that becomes hard if not impossible to do.”
  • Faith and Heritage — A collection of articles once featured on Faith and Heritage, a defunct website which espoused Kinism, a racist and antisemitic interpretation of Christianity. As noted by the ADL, Kinists believe that the Bible “condones segregation of the races” and prohibits “race-mixing,” and that Jews are “descended from Satan.” The book contains a foreword by “Myles Poland,” the co-host of a white nationalist podcast called The Godcast. During a May 16, 2021 episode of The Godcast, “Paul” of Antelope Hill Publishing complained that Christians are accepted “[a]s long as you’re doing the ‘neither man nor woman, neither Jew nor Greek’ Christianity” and “ordaining miscegenation.”
  • Knightly Weaponry Play — A “youth-accessible instructional manual for the basic wielding of longswords, single sticks, bow and arrows, and crossbows” written by Wilhelm Fabricius, who was described by historian Walter Laqueur as a “forestry expert and right-wing nationalist” who opposed, among other things, “modern dances,” Freemasonry, Marxism, and the Weimar Republic. Includes photos of Hitler Youth gatherings.
  • Wehrmacht Fitness Manual — The fitness manual of the Wermacht, the armed forces of Nazi Germany, which participated in wartime atrocities during World War II, including the Holocaust. According to “Paul” of Antelope Hill Publishing, the manual was “translated and organized and digitized” by a group of people from 4chan. “Somehow they got an old copy of the work and they made [an] English PDF version and we just basically just printed that [and] slapped a cover on it,” he said.
  • Solzhenitsyn and the Right — A book about Soviet political prisoner Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn by “Spencer J. Quinn,” a columnist for the white nationalist publishing house Counter-Currents, which the SPLC has dubbed the “epicenter of ‘academic’ white nationalism.” Quinn is also the author of another book, White Like You, a novel about a man named Ben Cameron who works in the “standardized testing industry” and apparently joins an underground group of white nationalists who “are plotting to take their country back from the radical Leftists and Muslims who have taken over Washington.”
  • Kai Murros: Collected Speeches — A collection of speeches by Finnish nationalist Kai Murros who, according to a 2019 VICE News article, once addressed the far-right London Forum by “call[ing] for a violent revolution in the UK, which would see gangs of masked and black-clad Nazis storming universities and dragging academics out into the streets.”
  • The Concept of the Political — Written by Carl Schmitt (d. 1985), a jurist and member of the Nazi Party who became president of the Union of National-Socialist Jurists in 1933 and editor-in-chief of the newspaper Deutsche Juristen-Zeitung in 1934. That year Schmitt wrote in defense of the “Night of the Long Knives” — Adolf Hitler’s infamous purge of Nazi leaders — which he called the “highest form of administrative justice.” In 1936, as the chairman of a law teachers’ convention in Berlin, Schmitt called for German law to be cleansed of what he called the “Jewish spirit.”
  • The Burning Bush: Speeches by Elias Simojoki — A collection of speeches far-right by Finnish clergyman Elias Simojoki (d. 1940) who went on to lead the Blues-and-Blacks, the youth wing of the fascist Patriotic People’s Movement.
  • B.U.F.: Oswald Mosley and British Fascism — A book glorifying British fascist leader Oswald Mosley (d. 1980). Amazon’s description of the book describes Mosley in glowing terms as a “man of intellect and determination” who “rebelled against the establishment of his day” and “rejected the authority of those who he believed acted not as shepherds of their people but their false friends, decrepit and slinking middle managers for international capital and finance.”

This is not, of course, the first time Amazon has sold explicitly white supremacist material. A 2020 report from ProPublica found that multiple white supremacists were uploading material to Kindle Direct Publishing, the company’s self-publishing arm. And in September 2021, Media Matters flagged books which not only promoted violence but whose proceeds helped finance a convicted terrorist.