In Racist Rant About Jordan Neely, Drew Hernandez Claims White People Are ‘Being Demonized Just Like The Nazis Demonized Jews’

During the May 4, 2023 episode of The Alex Jones Show, Turning Point USA contributor Drew Hernandez went on a racist rant about the killing of Jordan Neely. Neely, a homeless Black man who was experiencing a mental health episode while riding the subway in New York City, was physically restrained by passengers, including one who placed him in a fatal chokehold.

The man who strangled Neely was later identified as Daniel Penny, a 24-year-old ex-Marine from Long Island.

Hernandez began by talking about End Times prophecies: pestilence, earthquakes, and wars between kingdoms and nations — which he claimed are actually “race wars.”

“Race wars will rise also in the end,” he declared. “Is this starting to sound familiar to you? How everything in the United States is white supremacist and racist and they’re turning everyone against each other? They’re attempting to turn everyone against white people. I’m not white. There’s nothing wrong with being white. But I don’t like what’s happening to my whites out there. I don’t.”

“They’re being demonized just like the Nazis demonized Jews,” he continued.

“Let’s come out and say it: The way the Nazis demonized Jews is how the New World Order and the so-called Left and uniparty, with all of their anti-white, white supremacy this, white national[ist] this — all this garbage, all it does is slander and slap a label over anyone that they wanna shut down. And it’s to demonize their targets.”

Hernandez also justified the public killing of Jordan Neely, whom he mocked as “George Floyd 2.0” and a “terrorist.” And he claimed that Neely’s death and media coverage of it was part of a Democratic conspiracy to affect the 2024 presidential election.

“Now, I’m telling ya man, this — George Floyd 2.0 is here you guys,” Hernandez said. “It is here. Alright, if you have not been paying attention to what’s happening in New York you should because I think that the New World Order, the Democrat [sic] Party, the uniparty — I think they have found their Black martyr.”

Hernandez told viewers that “every election cycles [sic], they get their Black martyr” and get the Black community “weaponized and mobilized” in order to “push their agenda.”

He went on to call Neely an “absolute maniac” and falsely claimed Neely had been “violent” shortly before he died. In actuality Neely had reportedly shouted and thrown his coat on the floor of the subway car before he was restrained.

As Hernandez spoke, news footage played on the screen with graphics depicting quotes by Neely, including “I want food.” Yet one of the quotes — “I’ll hurt anyone on this train” — may not have actually been uttered by Neely. An MSNBC article about Neely’s death cited “a law enforcement source with knowledge of the case” as the source of this information, and linked to an NBC News article.

However, the quote was does not appear in the original article cited by MSNBC, and may have been removed.

Hernandez nonetheless used that and other statements by Neely to call Neely’s behavior “threatening” before calling him a “terrorist” and invoking the 9/11 attacks to defend Neely’s killer.

“Very threatening behavior. Very threatening words on a train in New York, ladies and gentleman,” Hernandez declared. “Okay? On a train in Ground Zero, 9/11 New York. So people in New York are gonna be a little on edge if you show up on a subway train saying you’re ready to take everyone out and you’re ready to die. You sound like a terrorist!”

Hernandez also ludicrously suggested that Neely was a threat because, for all the other passengers knew, he could have been armed with a gun or carrying a “detonator” for an explosive device. (Neely was unarmed when he was killed.)

“But you see, the far Left takes this and what do they do?” he asked. “And the uniparty and the globalists. They take this, they take their minority, they take their token Black guy, they take their token Black martyr, and they prop ’em up as the new martyr of 2023, George Floyd 2.0.”

“And of course, the NPCs, they go with their narratives to the mainstream, they go with their narratives to Twitter. It is everywhere right now,” he said later in the segment before mocking people outraged over Neely’s death.

“Jordan [Neely] was not a terrible person, he shouldn’t have been lynched! It’s just another Black man getting destroyed by a white man! Leaving out all the facts I just gave you. Because this is what they do, they take a token Black guy, they use a Black martyr, and they prop ’em up! It’s what they do! Here we are on the verge of the 2024 election. Right on schedule isn’t it?!”