Neo-Nazi Activist Wants To ‘Desensitize’ White People To Hitler And Holocaust Denial

On the Dec. 10, 2021 episode of his Modern Politics show, Neo-Nazi Warren Balogh attempted to give advice on how to win normal white people over to Neo-Nazism and Holocaust denial. Balogh — who previously expressed outrage at people who said they would have killed baby Hitler — told viewers to discuss topics that conservative white people care about to appear more credible and respectable before broaching the subject of Nazism, Adolf Hitler, and the Holocaust.

“I mean conservatism is the enemy. We do not want to make friends with conservatives. We wanna win over the good white people who have been duped by these conservative pied pipers. We wanna win them over to our point of view,” Balogh said.

Balogh said that Neo-Nazis should challenge their views on events like the Holocaust, which he called the “central myth underpinning the entire present global world order.” He added that “This idea of the six million Jews gassed at Auschwitz — there’s no way to tip-toe around that. There’s no way to not talk about it.”

Balogh’s wife and co-host Emily Youcis agreed, comparing the Holocaust to a “final boss” and suggested that people “go after it first.”

As for Adolf Hitler, Balogh told viewers that their goal should be to “desensitize” white people to the Nazi leader and his admirers. “This Hitler question has to be cleared up in peoples’ minds. Or they have to at least be open to it,” he said.

“It’s not like you’re gonna get every white person in America out there throwing up [Roman salutes] and thinking that Hitler was the greatest man who ever lived,” he continued. “But what you have to do is you have to at least desensitize them to it. You have to get them used to accepting that there are good people who think that Hitler was that great and who think of themselves as National Socialists.”

Balogh suggested that in order to make white people feel “neutral towards” Hitler they should take advantage of Americans’ hatred of communism and the Soviet Union.

“And that’s a very easy argument to make because every American knows about Stalin and the Soviet Union,” he explained.

“Every conservative, every patriotard, knows about the crimes of Stalin and the Soviet Union. Guess what? Hitler was the biggest enemy that the U.S.S.R. ever had. And he came within an inch of destroying it. Which means there would’ve been no communist China, there would’ve been no communist Vietnam, there would’ve been no communist North Korea. Hitler would’ve stopped communism in its tracks.”

Youcis complained that “These boomers’ll go on and on and on and on and on about communism, and then they’ll just trash the one guy who was ever really trying to stop it.”

The overarching strategy, Balogh went on to say, is to use issues that other white people care about in order to make themselves look credible and respectable.

“If you’ve got their attention and if you’ve got their interests because you’re speaking to the issues that they care about, the things that they are dealing with in their daily lives and you’re fighting back against the people that they hate, who they know are exploiting them… If you’re doing that, and you’ve won their — you have their respect … they find you credible — and then this stuff comes up, that’s your opportunity instead of this stuff being the thing that drives them away…this can be the thing that brings them over.”

Youcis claimed that mentions of Hitler are inevitable in any discussion of issues that impact white people, citing the recent car attack in Waukesha, WI which left six people dead. She and other white supremacists have exploited the attack by framing it without evidence as either an act of terrorism or a hate crime against white people. Members of the National Justice Party, a white nationalist organization which Balogh is a member of, recently staged a protest in Waukesha.

“You can’t avoid Hitler,” Youcis said, adding that if she were to tell a “normal person” that the Waukesha attack was “an anti-white attack” and ask why they “can’t organize as white people,” they will be called “white supremacists” and “Nazis” anyway — despite the fact that Youcis and Balogh are obviously both.

“There you go, bing, bing, bing. Nazis came up. So then where do you go with that?” she asked.