Headlines — 12/22/21

White supremacists exploit Waukesha tragedy, judge refuses to dismiss conspiracy charges against Oath Keepers, anti-vaxxers are attacking restaurants, and more.

Hatewatch – Revealed: Startup creates streaming platform for extremists on Big-Tech infrastructure.
Anti-Defamation League – Waukesha: Tragedy exploited by white supremacists.
Exposed by CMD – The Right is trying to rewrite the Constitution to cement minority rule forever.
The Washington Post – D.C. third-graders were made to reenact episodes from the Holocaust.
The Daily Beast – Anti-vaxxer crowds are now attacking Cheesecake Factories, REIs, and Panera Bread.
Dallas Observer – Dallas QAnon cultists are drinking toxic chemicals from a communal bowl, family says.
BuzzFeed News – The judge in Oath Keepers case won’t dismiss conspiracy charges.
Task & Purpose – This is the Pentagon’s new definition of ‘extremist activities.’