In Unearthed Audio, Laura Loomer Calls Herself ‘Pro-White Nationalism’

Updated | In December 2017, anti-Muslim activist Laura Loomer appeared on a podcast for the white supremacist website Amerika. In unearthed audio, Loomer can be heard making racist and demeaning comments about Muslims and Palestinians. She also called herself “pro-white nationalism” and said she was not opposed to an “ethnostate” for white people.

Brett Stevens and Amerika

In his interview with Laura Loomer, neo-reactionary author Brett Stevens — the primary operator of — said he changed his website’s name from to “Amerika” so people wouldn’t assume his website was “deviant.” A.N.U.S. stood for American Nihilist Underground Society, and archived copies of from the late ’90s show a link to

Stevens also claimed a connection to a website called Libertarian National Socialist Green Party. In a Nov. 11, 2016 article at, Stevens wrote that LNSGP “aimed for a softer version of Nazism in terms of method, but harder in principle such as its environmental and nationalistic focus.”

Stevens claimed that Jeffrey Weise, a 16-year-old who murdered 9 people and wounded 5 others in a shooting spree at Red Lake, MN in 2005, had been an “active long-time poster” on LNSGP’s forum and is “remembered fondly by those who were there.”

A CNN report shortly after the massacre noted that someone with the user name “Jeff Weise, from the Red Lake ‘Indian’ Reservation” had indeed posted on the LNSGP’s forum where they decried “interracial mixing among the American Indians on the reservation where he lived.”

Beginning in 2002 Amerika’s main page carried a tribute to al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden, lauding him for “breaking past the dogma and demonstrating how the United States, Israel and the United Nations have been suppressing Arabs for years for representing a threat to the coming neoliberal federalist world order.”

The website hawked “OSAMA BIN LADEN FOR PRESIDENT” hats. Readers could even sign up for a “Death to Israel Mailing List.”

Upon learning that Neo-Nazi terrorist Anders Breivik — who murdered 77 people Norway, many of them children — quoted one of his essays in his 1,500-page manifesto, Stevens was ecstatic.

“I am honored to be so mentioned by someone who is clearly far braver than I,” he wrote two days after the attack. “Again, no comment on his methods, but he chose to act where many of us write, think and dream.”

In 2016 Stevens hopped on the “alt-right” bandwagon, writing that the Internet-savvy white nationalist movement “encloses a cultural revolution.”

In another article, speaking as a member of the alt-right, Stevens wrote that “our desire is to achieve a nation created on the basis of genetic similarity, with internal hierarchy based on individual differences not in test-scoring but in innate ability.”

And he once warned that foreigners want to “move to European-ruled lands and in the process, destroy the population there through a process of indirect subversion and genetic conquest.”

In 2019, after data from the defunct Neo-Nazi forum Iron March had been dumped online, Stevens used it as a recruitment tool.

“If you liked the Iron March forum, you might find to be even more extreme,” Stevens wrote in an email to former Iron March members. “We are Nietzschean, pro-Western, and anti-egalitarian. While our approach is more traditionalist than National Socialist, it is uncompromising.”

Laura Loomer Defends White Nationalism

On December 5, 2017 — months after the deadly white supremacist “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville, VA — Loomer made a guest appearance on Stevens’ podcast Nationalist Public Radio.

Co-host James Price explained to Loomer that, “in a nutshell,” they are “about ethnonationalism.” Loomer answered affirmatively when asked if she was a “civic nationalist,” but added that she doesn’t “oppose ethnonationalism.”

“Like, I’m a Jew, and I’m pro-Israel, and I would be a hypocrite if I were to say that I was against ethnonationalism because Israel is an ethnostate,” she said. “And it’s a great country. It’s a great place. I totally support ethnonationalism. Someone asked me ‘Are you pro-white nationalism?’ Yes. I’m pro-white nationalism.”

Loomer said that while she supported “white nationalism,” there was a difference between that and “white supremacy” — something she said “liberals” and “left-wing globalist Marxist Jews” didn’t understand. She claimed that America began as a “white, Judeo-Christian ethnostate,” and is being destroyed by “immigration” and “diversity.”

She then told Price and Stevens, “I don’t oppose people who say that they wanna have their own ethnostate or — I don’t see anything wrong with white nationalism. But you need effective leaders — people who aren’t Richard Spencer, people who aren’t James Allsup — to effectively convey that message.”

Laura Loomer Says Jews and Muslims Should Not Mix

“The question arises: How does a multicultural society reconcile people who hate Jews and Muslims with Jews and Muslims, and Muslims who hate Jews?” Stevens asked. “Is there any way out of that paradox, do you think?” Loomer said there was not, because “you can’t really coexist with people who want to kill you.”

She said that “left-wing Jews” are “under this false impression that we can have peace” with Muslims. And she remarked that “it’s almost ingrained in [Muslims’] DNA at this point in time to hate and want to kill everything that does not wanna submit … to Islam.”

Loomer complained that “leftists” want everyone to have a “shared identity,” and asked if “multiculturalism” and “diversity” would lead to the promotion of “interracial” marriages.

“Not that I’m opposed to like interracial or mixed-race marriage but, are you gonna have it so that no one really has like their own set identity?” she added. “Do you want everyone to have a shared identity and not really be able to identify with one set culture or one group?”

However, Loomer went on to say that she did oppose any relationships between Jews and Muslims.

“When I talk about this with people, I’ll give you an example: I’m totally against Muslims and Jews mixing. I’m totally against it. I don’t support it. I do not think Muslims and Jews should marry. I don’t think they should reproduce with each other. I’m totally against it.”

Loomer said children born to Muslim and Jewish parents would experience a “catastrophic identity crisis” and asked who they would “identify with.”

Laura Loomer Says Left-Wing Jews ‘Are Not Really Jews’

Loomer reiterated her support for “ethnonationalism” while castigating Jews who opposed it.

“The problem I have is — and this is why I understand a lot of [the alt-right’s] frustrations with some Jewish people is that you have a lot of Jews who say ‘Oh, ethnonationalism, you can’t have that. You can’t have ethnonationalism,'” Loomer said.

She said that “the thing [the alt-right doesn’t] understand about the Jewish people who are saying ‘We don’t support your ethnonationalism'” is that those Jews “are not even pro-Israel.”

“You can’t be pro-Israel and also be promoting immigration in Israel, you can’t consider yourself to be pro-Israel and also be pushing and giving resources to pro-Muslim, pro-Islam advocacy. It doesn’t work that way. These people are not really Jews.”

Laura Loomer Dehumanizes Palestinians

Stevens asked Loomer “What do you do with the problem like Palestinians when you are an ethnostate and you’ve got this foreign population among you that, not all of them want to kill you, but enough of them do? What are your thoughts on that?”

“Well they’re not legitimate people,” she replied. “They’re not legitimate. You have to keep them out. … It’s very controversial and a lot of people are gonna be very offended by what I’m saying. But that’s another thing is you are automatically deemed a racist or an Islamophobe if you want to be assertive about your borders.”

Loomer said that “sovereign nations” must be able to “forcefully and effectively declare and label [their] borders.”

She claimed that certain people are “trying to change the fundamental fabric of this world,” and said that there is “nothing wrong with labeling your borders and asserting your borders and protecting your borders.” “And how did we get to a point in history where you are a bigot if you want to protect your border?” she asked.

Last year Loomer unsuccessfully ran for Congress, losing by twenty percentage points to her Democratic opponent Rep. Lois Frankel. She has indicated that she will run again.

This year Loomer attended the second annual America First Political Action Conference, a white nationalist gathering held in Orlando, FL. One of the conference speakers, Michelle Malkin, shared a photo of herself, Loomer, and Lauren Witzke — a far-right politician with white nationalist ties.

[This article has been updated to include more information about and its proprietor, Brett Stevens. This article also originally stated that was originally named based on statements made by Brett Stevens. The connection between the websites has since been clarified.]