Greg Johnson Blames Multiculturalism For White Supremacist Terrorism

Recently Greg Johnson, founder of the white supremacist publishing company Counter-Currents, revealed that a number of his books had been banned from Amazon, including his most recent: The White Nationalist Manifesto. On February 25, he complained that, “The Communist Manifesto and countless books advocating terrorism are still available, however.”

Since then he has repeatedly called this an example of modern-day book burning.

During a February 27, 2019 appearance on Red Ice TV, Johnson discussed the situation with Henrik Palmgren, who asked if the “usual suspects” such as the Southern Poverty Law Center or the Anti-Defamation League were behind the bans.

“It’s that, it’s just that,” Johnson replied, adding, “Put it this way: Everybody who’s involved with this might not be on the payroll of the ADL or the SPLC, but they’re certainly plugged into the one big, leftist hivemind that is pushing these censorship policies.

After complaining about other outlets — including The Daily Beast and Media Matters — that monitor extremists, Palmgren suggested that the reason they want white nationalist books banned from online stores is that such books might radicalize readers, spurring them to commit acts of violence.

Johnson, of course, disagreed with that line of thinking. In fact, he blamed violence committed by white supremacists on multiculturalism, instead of the racist beliefs which motivated them to kill in the first place.

“They can point to people like Dylann Roof and so forth as examples of how people who see these problems can go violent,” said Johnson. “Anders Breivik saw these problems and got violent. We are not responsible for this violence. White advocates are not responsible for this violence. The people who are responsible for the violence that is caused by multiculturalism are the people who promote multiculturalism.”

Dylann Roof, who slaughtered 9 black congregants in 2015 cited the white supremacist Council of Conservative Citizens in his manifesto, particularly the group’s writings on black-on-white crime. Breivik, who massacred 77 people in 2011, cited numerous racist/Islamophobic writers in his.

Johnson went on to say “Multiculturalism inevitably create alienation, and tension, and social violence. And so when somebody like Anders Breivik goes off, or Dylann Roof goes off, that proves the truth of our outlook.” Actually, Greg, it just proves your worldview inevitably leads to mass murder and, eventually, genocide. Nice try though.