Headlines — 12/08/17

MSNBC rehires Sam Seder despite Mike Cernovich’s smears, Kris Kobach continues to push debunked claims about voter fraud, alt-right women are being harassed by alt-right men, and more.

Quartz – What the rise of ‘it’s OK to be white’ says about the alt-right.
The Intercept – MSNBC reverses decision to fire contributor Sam Seder.
Raw Story – Racist fliers laced with ecstasy and methamphetamine were found in Illinois.
Newsweek – Internet Nazis may be ‘better funded in the future,’ new report warns.
Media Matters – On Breitbart radio, Kris Kobach repeats debunked claims about New Hampshire voter fraud.
Think Progress – Right-wing media uses annotations to spin up the smear machine against Moore accuser.
The Daily Dot – Roy Moore agrees with Putin over gay marriage, implies America is evil.
New Republic – The year in class war.
Salon – ‘Alt-right’ women are upset that ‘alt-right’ men are treating them terribly.
The Atlantic – God’s plan for Mike Pence.
Rewire – Anti-choice extremist pushes false abortion claims on CNN in defense of Roy Moore.
NYMag – Ex-cop Michael Slager found guilty of murder in Walter Scott shooting.
Hatewatch – Amazon boots FMI, the online fundraising effort by racist ‘alt-right’ lawyer.