Headlines — 3/03/19

Feds believe Atomwaffen member arrested on child pornography charges could be the next mass shooter, how Tucker Carlson’s uses a war on the ruling class to push white nationalist talking points, how to prevent a Kahanist takeover of Israel, and more.

The Daily Beast – Feds feared alleged ‘Neo-Nazi’ Benjamin Bogard could be next mass shooter.
HuffPost – How police violence paves the way to authoritarianism.
Media Matters – Tucker Carlson’s war on the ruling class is a master class of misdirection.
Right Wing Watch – YouTube: The only platform Tommy Robinson has left.
Think Progress – As Ilhan Omar endures anti-Muslim racism, most lawmakers in Congress remain silent.
Chicago Sun-Times – A Neo-Nazi group is now led by black man who vows to dissolve it.
HuffPost – White supremacist EMT in Virginia cleared of any wrongdoing by state investigation.
Quartz – There’s a disturbing amount of Neo-Nazi and white supremacist material on Amazon.
Jacobin – Israel is an extremist enterprise.
The Guardian – Video shows Portland officers made deal with far-right group leader.
+972 Magazine – How to stop Kahanists from taking over.
Willamette Week – Victim says grand jury voted today to indict right-wing brawler Tusitala “Tiny” Toese and Proud Boy Donovan Flippo for June assault in Portland.