Celebrate Halloween with Another Terrible Alt-Right Parody Song

Back in May, the white supremacist group American Renaissance hosted it’s annual conference, and chose to celebrate it by airing a white nationalist parody of Billy Joel’s “We Didn’t Start the Fire.” The video’s creator, Walt Bismarck, apparently specializes in making parodies of Disney songs with an alt-right twist, including one of the song “This is Halloween” from The Nightmare Before Christmas.

The song, “This is Dildoween!”, basically reads like a list of all the things white nationalists hate, including immigrants, blacks, gays, Jews, feminists, and promiscuity. And it’s just as godawful as his song “We Didn’t Start the Movement”, which was later blocked on YouTube for an alleged copyright violation — which is admittedly silly since the song is clearly protected by fair use.

So if you want to here something truly scary — well, not in the traditional sense of the word, anyway — here’s the song in full, lyrics included. 

Goys and girls from near and far
Wouldn’t you like to be triggered hard?
Come with us, and you will see
This our world of Dildoween!

This is Dildoween!
This is Dildoween!

Striking fear into every white!

This is Dildoween!

Every white man we’ll demean!
We won’t lose because cuckolds dominate the right!
“Wow, just wow!” Everybody scream!
In this world of Dildoween!

I is the dindu sayin’ “gibs me dat”
Muggin’ yo ass and voting Democrat

I am the poor starving refugee
Raping your girls and seizing your country!

This is Dildoween!
This is Dildoween!

No borders to keep us white!
Only Israel gets that right!

Brave new world! Let me be clear:
White men will get fucked in the rear!

Standard fuck party, no sexual morality!
Hookup culture’s everywhere and now you’re…
This is Dildoween!
Negholes spreading, getting reamed!
Die cis scum!

And hear us whine!
Feminism sets you free from toxic masculinity!
Blog with your cat in the dead of night!

It’s the current year! It’s the current year!
Hearts of white men filled with fear!

I’m the professor with the bearded face…
Telling your kids to hate their race!

I’m the producer down in Hollywood…
Making sure you believe what you should!

I run the center calling whites racist…
Putting every thought criminal on a list!

This is Dildoween!
This is Dildoween!

Anchor babies everywhere!
You must give our families welfare!
Public schools and EBT…
We want to get shit for free!

Brave new world…don’t we love it now?!
Everyone is waiting for the next surprise!

Polyamory, cuckoldry…
Though Salon sets its sights on something

This is Dildoween, negholes getting reamed!
Won’t you please make your way for our ideology?
Cultural Marxism, breaking down all tradition
Everyone hail to the big black dildo!

This is Dildoween!
This is Dildoween!

Brave new world, we call home…
Everyone hail to the dildo song!

(Cultural Marxism!)
(Shut it down, shut it down!)
(Dildo dildo!)