The 40 Most Rotten People Of 2020

Yes, this is late. Unfortunately a lot of stuff has come up between December and now that set this end-of-the-year piece back. Still, I want to commemorate 2020 — which was marked by fires, pestilence, murder hornets, quarantines, and an election that had us pulling out our hair for fucking months. So in honor of the worst year on record, I present the people who helped make it so terrible in the first place.

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Nick Fuentes Celebrates ‘Siege’ On Capitol That Left Five Dead

Updated | On Jan. 6, 2021, what should have been a routine vote to certify the Electoral College results descended into chaos and bloodshed as President Trump incited a mob to attack Congress. Speaking to a crowd of his supporters in Washington, D.C., Trump delivered a rambling speech encouraging his followers to march down Pennsylvania Avenue to the Capitol and “show strength.”

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GOP Senate Candidate Makes Racist Remarks On White Nationalist YouTube Show

Last month, extremist candidate Lauren Witzke scored a victory in Delaware’s Republican primary. A QAnon supporter who aligned herself with the racist “America First” movement, Witzke is challenging Democratic Senator Chris Coons. Yesterday, Witzke appeared on the YouTube show of a well-known white nationalist hate group, where she decried “foreigners” and called Rep. Ilhan Omar a “Third World dictator.”

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