Neo-Nazi Video Game Encourages Players To Murder Journalists, LGBTQ People, And Racial Minorities

Last year a group of Neo-Nazis calling themselves “Wheel Maker Studios” produced an online video game called Angry Goy which, among other things, allowed players to shoot refugees and push Jews into ovens. The game’s opening credits stated that the “gates of Europe have been destroyed by the parasitic (((Leftists))),” while “Brown murderers and rapists come freely into these once-great nations.”

“There is only one solution,” the game said, “a Final Solution.” Angry Goy created such a stir that YouTube was forced to pull clips of it and issue a statement denouncing hate speech. However, one year later the same people at “Wheel Maker Studios” created an equally vile sequel, with voiceover work by white supremacist YouTube personalities Emily Youcis and Morrakiu.

Youcis, who has called for Africans to be exterminated with nuclear weapons, boasted on the alt-right social media platform Gab that she was “proud to have contributed voice work to Angry Goy II,” which she called a “fantastic Pro-White slideshooter Video Game.” Youcis also posted promotional art for the game, which depicted Richard Spencer, “Moon Man,” and an unnamed, scantily-clad female Nazi shooting at caricatures of Jews, blacks, and left-wing protesters:

Youcis Gab 1

Anti-Semitic activist and defrocked Proud Boy Johnny Benitez (real name Juan Cadavid) remarked that “@realemilyyoucis and @Cantwell made a game and I’m really bummed because the trailer looks awesome and hilarious.” Youcis corrected him by saying she only voiced Tay — a reference to Microsoft’s AI chatbot which began parroting racist invective — while Cantwell was just hosting the download on his website.

According to trailers for Angry Goy II, the plot revolves around the kidnapping of President Trump by “left wing terrorists.” Assuming the identity of Moon Man, Richard Spencer, Christopher Cantwell, or other alt-right figures both real and fictional, players must murder scores of journalists, Antifa, Jews, blacks, and gay men in order to rescue him.

Angry Goy Still
Playable character “Lucca Traini” killing blacks, gays, and Jews in Charlottesville.

In one stage, the player must break into a gay club, called the “LGBTQ+ Agenda HQ,” and slaughter everyone inside. The mission is eerily reminiscent of the Pulse nightclub massacre of June 2016, wherein a single gunman murdered 49 of the club’s patrons. Considering the alt-right’s gleeful reaction to the shooting, this is probably no coincidence.

The game’s creators, who predictably conflate homosexuality with pedophilia, included posters outside the club which read “CHILDREN WELCOME” and “NAMBLA Discount,” referring to a defunct pro-pedophilia organization. Inside, the player is attacked by nude men, sometimes waving rainbow flags, and often saying — in stereotypical lisps — “Buttsex is a human right!”

Angry Goy Still 2
“The Golden One” massacres people at gay nightclub.

In another mission, the player travels to the “Fake News Network” — to borrow a phrase from the President himself — to kill journalists. This comes on the heels of violent threats directed at journalists by unhinged Trump supporters and white supremacists. Recently a Florida man was arrested for mailing pipe bombs to “enemies” of President Trump, including CNN. And in June, a man named Jarrod Ramos murdered five employees of The Capital in Annapolis, Maryland.

Angry Goy Still 3
Player uses a flamethrower to murder journalists at the “Fake News Network.”

If a player fails to “save the West,” they are treated to one of several “game over” sequences, including footage from the 2017 torture of a developmentally disabled white teen by several black assailants. One sequence shows a woman identified as a “Jewess” claiming that “Europe has not yet learned to be multicultural.” Another shows a small, transgender child talking about how they are “normal, just like everybody else.”

As far as Neo-Nazi video games go, Angry Goy II bears striking similarities to ZOG’s Nightmare and Ethnic Cleansing — a pair of crummy, first-person shooters where players get to gun down Jews and black people. ZOG’s Nightmare was made in 2006 by Matthew Ramsey of the National Socialist Movement (NSM). Ethnic Cleansing, which features deceased Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon as its final boss, was released by Resistance Records in 2002.

Apparently white supremacists are many things, but creative isn’t one of them.