Meet The Stormer: Here Are The People Who Keep The World’s Most Popular White Power Website Afloat







Updated | In 2012, a young Neo-Nazi named Andrew Anglin founded a white supremacist website called Total Fascism. Writing under the pen name “Andre,” Anglin — an ex-anti-racist vegan who once trekked across Southeast Asia, boasting of his exploits with “jailbait” Filipinas — used his platform on Total Fascism to promote what he called the “Truth Movement.” This was a catch-all term for a host of conspiratorial beliefs, from 9/11 being an “inside job” to the Holocaust being a fabrication.

In early posts for Total Fascism, Anglin referred to Adolf Hitler as “our Eternal Hero” and signed off with “Hail Victory.” He claimed that “the entertainment industry is wholly controlled by Jews,” speculated that the Boston Marathon bombing was a “government/Jew operation,” and called the Nazi salute “an ancient communal bonding ritual of the White European people.” Anti-Semitic caricatures of hook-nosed Jews and photos of Jews with yellow badges (Judenstern) photoshopped on their clothes were commonplace.

Total Fascism
The original banner for Total Fascism.

This was only a prelude of things to come, however. A year after founding Total Fascism Anglin moved on to a new website with a sleeker, more professional look. He called it The Daily Stormer, an homage to the infamous German tabloid Der Stürmer, which carried anti-Semitic cartoons and publicized stories of Jewish crimes, both real and imaginary. The newspaper ceased publication in 1945; its founder, Nazi propagandist Julius Streicher, was convicted and hanged for crimes against humanity the following year.

Anglin had, by this point, teamed up with fellow white supremacist Andrew “weev” Auernheimer, who acts as the Stormer’s webmaster. And in addition to writing his own foul screeds directed at Jews, women, and people of color, Anglin enlisted the help of several paid contributors as well. As Auernheimer explained in an IRC channel, anyone is free to submit articles. If the articles are acceptable, the writers will be paid $14.88 — 1488 being a Neo-Nazi reference.

Although most Stormer articles target Jews, African-Americans, and Muslims, they sometimes set their sights on other marginalized groups. In a December 30, 2014 article, 8chan founder Fredrick “Hotwheels” Brennan extolled the virtues of eugenics. Brennan, who was born with brittle bone disease, wrote, “Allowing more cripples like myself to be born when society at large knows how it can be stopped is a great crime.”

According to a leaked style guide obtained by the HuffPost, the Stormer was designed to mimic the defunct website Gawker. The guide advises writers to make liberal use of block quotes from genuine news articles, while inserting their own comments filled with racial invective. Anglin provides would-be columnists with a list of acceptable slurs — Negro/Negroid, wetback, kike, Paki, Christ-killer, gook, etc. — and instructs them to come across as “half-joking,” as opposed to brimming with “genuine raging vitriol.”

The Stormer also uses irony and pop culture to its advantage. Posts usually display overtly racist memes (e.g., Le Happy Merchant, We Wuz Kangz, Moonman, etc.) or co-opt non-racist memes like Pepe the Frog, Wojak, Bane, Le American Bear, Doge, and more. On other occasions, Anglin enlisted the help of unwitting celebrities like J.K. Rowling, and companies like Papa John’s and New Balance.

In one of its more famous troll campaigns, Anglin openly embraced pop star Taylor Swift as an alt-right avatar. In one Stormer post that attracted the attention of several news outlets, Anglin wrote that Swift “is a pure Aryan goddess, like something out of classical Greek poetry. Athena reborn. That’s the most important thing.”

As he explained on The David Duke Show, turning Swift into a fascist icon was really an effort at “subverting the Jewish culture, redirecting it using their own energy into our movement.” He added that it “really helps to take some of the edge off this idea that anybody who’s talking about white people is a villain who has to be, you know, silenced or they’re going to start gassing people.”

It’s also designed, as Anglin admitted, to bring in readers as young as 10 or 11 years old. Indeed, radicalizing the impressionable and Internet-savvy members of Gen Z — what they’ve dubbed “Generation Zyklon” — is a long-term goal of white supremacists.

Zeiger, a core Daily Stormer member, wrote in June 2016 that “teenagers are in much closer proximity to these blacks and Mexicans, and know by experience that these other races are dangerous and stupid.” He went on to say that the “dam on liberal lies and contradictions is about to break,” and that it is their job to “accelerate” this process. “We’re winning the minds and hearts of the new generation,” he bragged. “The future is already ours.”

Daily Stormer
The Daily Stormer’s banner (June 2018)

Humor is also a way to desensitize readers — especially young readers — to racism and subjects like slavery and the Holocaust, and make them question historical facts. As longtime Stormer fixture Benjamin Garland wrote on his personal blog The End of Zion:

We in the Alt-Right joke about the Holocaust a lot. This is because what we’ve been told about it – i.e. lampshades made of skin, soap made of fat, gas chambers disguised as shower rooms, and so on – is so nonsensical it deserves to be mocked. And we feel that humor and ridicule is a good way to counter these silly lies, as many people won’t have the time or inclination to read a bunch of boring and technical books and articles, but may be receptive to funny jokes.

Together, they and their followers churned out a large volume of Neo-Nazi propaganda, publicly supported Donald Trump’s anti-immigrant 2016 presidential campaign, and targeted Jewish journalists and politicians with so-called “troll storms” — the name Anglin chose for his vicious, coordinated harassment campaigns.

In 2016, fans of The Daily Stormer began having real-life meet-ups, as well. Just as with The Right Stuff’s “Pool Parties,” Stormer meet-ups were given a similarly deceptive name: Book Clubs. Stormer Book Clubs, or SBCs, began as small, informal, and local gatherings of Stormer fans. In a 2016 video, Joe “Fascist Lemming” Roper explained the benefits of these Book Clubs for his viewers.

The Neo-Nazi vlogger said he wanted to “emphasize how important it is that you put in your best effort to find some real-life Nazis for you to hang out with.” He explained that “the emotional and psychological fulfillment you get from meeting real-life people who you can expose the truth about kikes and niggers with, and no one minds. It’s so fulfilling, it’s the next step.”

He recalled a real-life meeting he had with a fellow Daily Stormer forum member, whom he named “Fashy Goy.” Roper said that he now looks up to Fashy Goy, a husband and father whose father-in-law is also a committed white supremacist.

“And what better way to be inspired to better yourself than to have a fellow, real-life fellow Nazi who has his shit together, who is interested in helping you be a better person because we share the same ideology that, yes, kikes are out to pull off a white genocide, and yes, niggers are their pawns, and assorted other mud people?” Roper asked.

Stormer Book Club

Anglin has recently revamped these SBCs, however. Whereas the old SBCs were informal and centered around camaraderie and shared hatred of Jews and non-whites, the new SBCs were billed as chapters of a formal organization with its own rules and dress code. The new SBCs, under the leadership of Robert “Azzmador” Ray, are comprised of “white men of good character” — no women — who engage in activism and protests.

Much of what the SBCs do involves putting up hateful, anti-Semitic flyers across cities and college campuses. In an April 7, 2018 post on The Daily Stormer, Robert Ray proclaimed their campaign of putting flyers around UNC Charlotte a “smashing success.”

The flyers proclaimed that “America was created as a White Nation…and it WILL be a White Nation again!” Ray boasted that the Book Club members will not “sit around being lazy while these anti-American scum try to take away the birthright our forefathers won for us in toil and blood!” He included numerous photos of the flyers the SBC members left behind.

In addition to the more formal structure and emphasis on political activism, a vetting process was instituted to ensure that the people joining are of “good moral character” — or at the very least, not feds or anti-fascists putting on an act. And the dress code requires that members wear the following in public: blue jeans, white t-shirts, red New Balance sneakers, and American flag bandannas.

Stormer Book Club Members
SBC members pose with their firearms.

Anglin wrote that the goal of the SBCs is to “build stronger, smarter, better men, as that is what is at the core of any healthy revolutionary movement.” He added that “if you’re fat, socially awkward, have a retard hair cut, etc. – don’t worry. We’re here to help you with that, and we’re providing an environment where we accept guys coming in as they are (unless they are totally fucked) as long as they have a desire to improve themselves.”

But the Stormer is not without its share of setbacks either. Part of being the world’s largest Neo-Nazi website means that you’re necessarily being watched, which is why the Stormer’s main forum — named “The Goyim Know” — can only be viewed by logging in.

It also means more scrutiny. Following the murder of anti-racist activist Heather Heyer during last year’s “Unite the Right” rally, Anglin celebrated her death in an article that was picked up by several news outlets. As a result, GoDaddy and Google refused to host the hate site. Numerous domain registrars followed suit, forcing the Stormer to relocate time and again. It also ended with Cloudflare pulling its DDoS protetection service from the Stormer.

And then there’s the legal trouble. Anglin and the Stormer were at the center of several major lawsuits over their alleged role in the violence in Charlottesville, as well as their infamous “troll storms.” In four lawsuits — Sines v. Kessler, Obeidallah v. Anglin, Gersh v. Anglin, and Dumpson v. Ade — Anglin is facing default judgments for his refusal to respond.

Yet despite these setbacks, Anglin and his partners are not shutting up any time soon. At least, not voluntarily. They still churn out articles and podcasts on a daily basis, and young children and teens can still find the Stormer at its most recent Web address. And there is still no telling what unstable individuals are absorbing the Stormer’s racist invective at this very moment.

Bearing that in mind, the next sections will highlight the Daily Stormer’s key players, split up into three distinct groups: core members (founders and/or major players who run the day-to-day operations of the website), contributors (people with a formal relationship to the website whose importance is less than that of a core member), and collaborators (those without a formal connection who still assist with the Stormer and its goals).

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Andrew Anglin


Andrew Anglin (b. 1984) founded The Daily Stormer in 2013. The Stormer largely follows in the footsteps of his short-lived website Total Fascism, and has since become the most popular white supremacist website on the Internet. Anglin’s articles are, unsurprisingly, brimming with racism, anti-Semitism, homophobia, and misogyny. Unlike the stuffy white nationalists of yesteryear, Anglin emphasizes humor, memes, and pop culture to make his rank bigotry attractive to children.

In a 2015 Daily Stormer article Anglin noted that “Anything can be said through humor.” This includes even the most vicious hate speech, which he softens up with cartoons and GIFs, like this one from Adult Swim’s Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!:

Daily Stormer GIF
A GIF from the Tim and Eric sketch “Free House For You, Jim” as it appears on the Stormer.

The point is to desensitize readers to the website’s crude racism as well as to catch their critics off guard. As Anglin admitted, “[F]or those who don’t get it: we are mocking the enemy’s caricatures of racism as much as the enemy himself, which disarms him, to the point where we are able to control the motion of their narrative.”

In an August 2017 article titled “PSA: When the Alt-Right Hits the Street, You Wanna be Ready,” Anglin wrote:

Our target audience is white males between the ages of 10 and 30. I include children as young as ten, because an element of this is that we want to look like superheroes. We want to be something that boys fantasize about being a part of. That is a core element to this. I don’t include men over the age of 30, because after that point, you are largely fixed in your thinking. We will certainly reach some older men, but they should not be a focus.

We want kids lying to their parents and sneaking to our meetings. Then, we want parents sending kids to our meetings, because we keep them out of trouble. We keep their energies focused in a positive direction – staying off drugs, out of trouble and looking toward the future.

In order to attract that demographic, he encouraged his fellow white supremacists to be mindful of aesthetics — get in shape, be well-groomed, try to look “slick and sexy” — and have fun. “People need to be enjoying themselves, and they need to make it clear that they are enjoying themselves,” he wrote. “We are fighting a war. But what is the point of fighting it, if we can’t enjoy it?”

In another article Anglin predicted that “an age of ultraviolence is coming,” and that massive amounts of blood will be spilled. “There is rapidly approaching a time when in every White Western city, corpses will be stacked in the streets as high as men can stack them,” he warned. “And you are either going to be stacking or getting stacked.” An appropriate sentiment considering it would only be two months until James Alex Fields, Jr. murdered Heather Heyer at Charlottesville.

And Fields wouldn’t be the only alt-right killer.

Several readers of The Daily Stormer went on to commit wanton acts of murder and terrorism. This includes Dylann Roof, who murdered 9 black parishioners in cold blood; James Jackson, who stabbed a homeless black man to death with a sword; and William Atchison who murdered two classmates at Aztec High School before taking his own life. Another Stormer reader, Atomwaffen co-founder Brandon Russell, was sentenced to 5 years in prison for possessing explosive materials.

Following Heather Heyer’s death in Charlottesville at the hands of a white supremacist, Anglin mocked her as a “drain on society,” adding that, “Most people are glad she is dead.” In response, both GoDaddy and Google refused to host the Daily Stormer, forcing Anglin to relocate his website dozens of times. Anglin and other white supremacists would later falsely claim Fields was innocent, and that Heyer died of a heart attack.

In 2018 comedian and Daily Beast contributor Dean Obeidallah won a default judgment against Anglin and his shell company, Moonbase Holdings, LLC, in a defamation suit. In 2019 Jewish real estate agent Tanya Gersh and former American University student Taylor Dumpson similarly won default judgments against Anglin in lawsuits over his harassment campaigns.

Additionally, Anglin is facing a default judgment in a lawsuit brought by a group of Charlottesville residents against the organizers and participants of “Unite the Right.”

In His Own Words

“The day is coming when we’re going to tear down the [Holocaust] hoax memorial in Berlin and replace it with a statue of Hitler 1,000 feet tall.” — The Daily Stormer, “SS Auschwitz Guard Dies Days Before Scheduled Lynching by Kikes” (04/08/16)

“Fear. Now is the time for it… We want these people to feel unwanted. We want them to feel that everything around them is against them. And we want them to be afraid.” — The Daily Stormer, “Female Hajis Fear to Wear the Headtowel in Public After Trump Win — You Should Yell at Them” (11/10/16)

“The fact is, when you give women rights, they destroy absolutely everything around them, no matter what other variable is involved… Even if you become the ultimate alpha male, some stupid bitch will still ruin your life.” — The Daily Stormer, “Brad Pitt Losing Weight and His Mind After Whore Wife Ruins His Life” (03/31/17)

“Somehow, a white cop who shoots a black ‘yoof’ who attacks him during an attempt to question him after he’s just robbed a store is an international story for months on end… But a black man burning a teenage girl alive in her car following ‘violent sex’ is a non-issue… I’m not saying that we should riot like the niggers – but this is clearly a racial hate crime. A nigger sleeping with a white girl in the first place is a racial hate crime.” — The Daily Stormer, “If a 29-Year-Old White Man Burned a 19-Year-Old Black Girl to Death After Violent Sex, What Would Happen?” (10/18/17)

“These wombs belong to us, not the idiot creatures that they are attached to. They were given to us by God to reproduce ourselves within. The dumb animals they are attached to were supposed to serve us, but they have gotten out of control. We always need to be looking for new ways to get these stupid animals to give us back the wombs they have stolen from us.” — The Daily Stormer, “Stupid Whores Want to Spend Time Guzzling Cock Rather Than Producing Children” (08/07/18)

“Nigger and niggerish countries have an obsession with asses, while white men tend to be more focused on breasts or – if they are higher IQ – hip-to-waist ratio, which is the ultimate measure of a woman’s reproductive value… Africans (and I presume also Australian abos) are the only humanoid creatures on earth that did not have a religion. Instead, they had an ass-dance… Ass worship is satanic, which is why it is pushed by Jews in the media in opposition to issues of breasts and hip-to-waist ratio.” — The Daily Stormer, “Ass Contest Contestants FINALLY Forced to Submit to X-Rays to Prove Asses are Real” (08/09/18)

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Gabriel Sohier-Chaput (“Zeiger”)


Zeiger, a Canadian Neo-Nazi, is one of Andrew Anglin’s closest confidantes who has been involved with The Daily Stormer since 2015, where he authored articles and designed the website’s banners. His writings for the Stormer were especially despicable, applauding harassment and mass murder. He celebrated the Pulse nightclub massacre, in which 49 LGBTQ patrons lost their lives, calling it a “wonderful day” and praising the shooter. “And the best part?” he asked. “Nothing of value was lost. Fifty dead homos.”

After Anglin launched one of his signature “troll storms” against Jewish congressional candidate Erin Schrode, Zeiger called her a “hissing Jew,” compared her to a weasel, and wrote that, “Jews and shills must learn to fear a similar reaction when they attempt to infiltrate our leadership positions.” In another article he celebrated the death of a Holocaust survivor, writing that the Holocaust is a “hoax with a time limit,” and that with “every dead lying rat, it’s getting closer to it’s expiry date.”

One deleted piece written by Zeiger, titled “Evidence of Clinton Ties to Pedophilia Ring,” promoted the debunked Pizzagate hoax. In it, Zeiger laid out the “evidence” that a DC pizza parlor was being used as a front for child sex traffickers, including the owner’s relationship with “spirit cooking ‘artist’ Marina Abramovic,” art depicting “child abuse,” and a photo the owner posted of “a man with a yellow bead necklace around the head of a young boy,” which Zeiger claimed “impl[ied] analingus.”

“It’s ludicrous that such demonic people are being considered for the highest office in the land…” he wrote.

In leaked Discord chat logs obtained by the anti-fascist website Unicorn Riot, Zeiger told a group of anonymous white supremacists that he had “been a nazi [sic] for a few years now,” and admitted “reading anglin [sic] since before the DS days, when he had a site called ‘total fascism.'” He also plugged his 2014 book Hammer of the Patriot, which he wrote under the pseudonym “Charles Chapel.”

Zeiger Tweet
Zeiger debuts his “Summer of Hate” banner for The Daily Stormer

In Hammer of the Patriot, Zeiger teaches readers how to argue in favor of white ethno-nationalism and against democracy, feminism, and homosexuality. “The meat of this book,” he wrote, “is a catalog of liberal arguments – or ‘sound bites’ – and examples of effective rebuttals.” However, these “rebuttals” are, for the most part, not designed to convince but rather to castigate and shame opponents:

The point is to punish their impertinence, not convince them of the error of their ways. Thus rebuttals will involve ridicule, scolding the liberal for the character flaws he is showing, showing how the liberal is the enemy of the public (peer pressure), pointing out how their ideas are fringe theories normal people don’t subscribe to, and so on. And as much as possible, the rebuttals avoid complex explanations, use of statistics and studies, obscure examples the public is not familiar with, and of course apologies and justifications.

For example, here’s an exchange concerning Jewish representation in the media:

Argument: You’re paranoid, Jews don’t control everything.

Rebuttal: single Jew in a position of power is already a problem, because they are hostile to our interests. Are you saying that there’s not even one Jew in politics, banking or the media? Then you must be blind.

On his short-lived radio show, The Hammercast, Zeiger reiterated many of these same arguments.

Besides the Daily Stormer, Zeiger was active on the website, a breeding ground for activists associated with the Atomwaffen Division — a violent hate group linked to several murders. It’s motto: “GAS THE KIKES, RACE WAR NOW, 1488 BOOTS ON THE GROUND.” Zeiger served as head editor for NOOSE, IronMarch’s official webzine, where he both demonized the Jews and offered practical tips on construction, power generation, and agriculture for the future ethnostate.

In the summer of 2017, Zeiger and several other Canadian Neo-Nazis (“Leafs”) gathered in a remote area for an event they dubbed “Leafensraum.” Zeiger’s speech was largely lifted from a piece he wrote for IronMarch, titled “The Struggle in a Trumpian World.” In it he outlined the next steps the alt-right should take, and praised the “radicalization of the very young ‘generation z,'” which is “imbibing the new counter-culture, which is racist, hates Fags and trannies, and makes fun of whinorities in general.”

In April, the Montreal Gazette revealed that Zeiger had been outed by anti-fascists as Gabriel Sohier-Chaput (b. 1986), an IT consultant living in Rosemont-Petite-Patrie. Since then, local anti-fascists have blanketed his neighborhood with anti-Nazi posters and stickers, and seemingly forced Zeiger into hiding.

One of his neighbors remarked that the car that was usually parked at Zeiger’s apartment is no longer there. Meanwhile, IronMarch has been defunct since late 2017, and Zeiger’s last article for The Daily Stormer was published around the same time. In late October 2018, Canadian police obtained a warrant for Sohier-Chaput’s arrest. The sole charge was one count of the willful promotion of hatred, which carries a maximum sentence of two years in jail.

In His Own Words

“Anti-Semitism is a normal and healthy response to Semitism. And [Jews] feel the same way about us, after all.” — Hammercast (10/15/16)

“The Jew’s first reflex, when being singled out as a group, is to shield himself behind all these other minority groups he’s flooded our countries with. This is why Jews feel safer in ‘diverse’ nations than in homogeneous ones; they know they can agitate the other minority groups to fight the White majority on their behalf.” — The Daily Stormer, “‘Drain the Swamp’ is a Code Word for ‘Jews Out!'” (11/23/16)

“The Jew was never satisfied simply darkening our nations through the forced immigration of third world sludge. No, the eternal parasite must also darken our souls – by corrupting our own religious beliefs. After Christianity was completely stripped of all it’s roots to traditional Europe, the Kikes have seen fit to reverse all of it’s moral values. Now most churches promote sodomy, individualism and the worship of foreigners.” — The Daily Stormer, “Synagogues and Cucked Churches Conspiring to Accelerate Beaner Invasion” (05/22/17)

“What’s sexy? Strength, power, mystery, rebellion. So what could possibly be sexier than Nazis, in this clown-world of tranny bathrooms and rigid political correctness? At this point, even the most ardent shabbos goy must admit that our ‘bad boy’ image is way more appealing than the drab, humorless atmosphere surround [sic] leftist circles.” — The Daily Stormer, “Fascism is Sexy” (08/16/17)

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Benjamin Garland


Benjamin Wayne Garland (b. 1982) has worked for The Daily Stormer since 2013. This work mostly consists of embedding white supremacist podcasts to the site and posting news articles with little to no accompanying commentary. Garland’s news sources vary in accuracy, from the mainstream (Haaretz, NY Daily News, CBS) to the right-wing (LifeSiteNews, Judicial Watch) to the extremist (Occidental Observer, The White Network). When he does write articles for the Stormer they generally conform to Anglin’s style guide, with diatribes against “white genocide” and “sexual immorality.”

In addition to his work for the Stormer, Garland operates his own website, The End of Zion, where he rails against Jews and non-whites. In one pre-“Unite the Right” post Garland boasted that “August 12, 2017, is going to be a shot heard around the world,” and that the rally would “officially make the Alt-Right a household name.” He ended this screed by ominously writing, “Next stop: Charlottesville, VA. Final stop: Auschwitz.” Garland also authored a series of blog posts blaming Jews for the rise of pornography in America. He later adapted them into a self-published book called Merchants of Sin.

According to the (now defunct) website Fashmaps, Garland’s residence is in or near Crown Point, IN.

In His Own Words

“When they integrated our schools with Blacks through forced busing in the 1960s, exposing our sons and daughters to perpetual harassment and violence and a lower standard of education, White America eventually accepted it, lest they be labeled ‘racist.'” — The Daily Stormer, “The Gift of White Genocide” (October 2013)

“There is another important point that needs to be understood about the Holocaust story though, aside from it being a gigantic lie: Even if did happen, we as White people would have no reason whatsoever to be concerned about it. That’s right – who cares? The Jews were the cause of World War II. They started it to crush the one European nation that chose to be the master of its own destiny free of the Jews’ hostile, foreign influence. So why in the world should we care what happened to the Jews as a result of a war which they started, which cost the lives of tens of millions of our own people, and which they ultimately won?” — The End of Zion, “Jews Pushing Hard for Mandatory ‘Holocaust Education’ Laws — We Must Resist!” (06/22/16)

“Collectively, the Jewish race has a frightening and very real obsession with feces. Observers have been baffled by this unusual characteristic of the Jews for many centuries, but some experts have theorized that it is just one more piece in a long list of evidence that suggests that the Jews may be actual parasites which have somehow managed to take on humanlike form, like something out of a cheesy low-budget horror film.” — The End of Zion, “Streetshitting Indians Predictably Unfazed by Israeli-Imported ‘Decomposed Body and Raw Sewage’ Stink Bombs” (07/30/17)

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Andrew Auernheimer (“weev”)


For all the work that Andrew Anglin, Zeiger and others put into The Daily Stormer, the website probably wouldn’t exist if not for Andrew Alan Escher Auernheimer (b. 1985). Auernheimer, better known by his pseudonym “weev,” is a white nationalist hacker and the webmaster of the Stormer. As Anglin himself admitted in 2016, “I don’t know what I would be doing if it wasn’t for him … He’s the one basically holding the whole thing together.”

In 2013 Auernheimer was sentenced to 3.5 years in prison after he was found guilty of one count of identity fraud and one count of conspiracy to access a computer without authorization. He was released after his conviction was overturned in 2014, but was embittered by his treatment at the hands of the justice system. He also began publicly espousing white supremacist beliefs, but claims to have embraced his racist ideology as a teenager.

He subsequently fled the U.S. — which he has condemned as a “broken, barren land full of whores and faggots and pornography and wickedness” — for Europe, where he spends his time occasionally vlogging, contributing to the Stormer, or engaging in trollish stunts, like rigging printers to distribute racist flyers advertising the Stormer and calling for the murder of children.

Although he is frequently and appropriately labeled a Neo-Nazi for his white supremacist beliefs and the large swastika he had tattooed on his chest, Auernheimer personally rejects the label on a technicality. As he told far-right pundit Jesse Lee Peterson in a December 2017 interview:

Neo-Nazi doesn’t mean anything. I’m not a National Socialist politically. I consider myself a Francoist. The swastika has a greater meaning outside of Adolf Hitler. Adolf Hitler isn’t the beginning and the end of the swastika. Adolf Hitler isn’t the beggining and the end of fascism. It has a much longer history than that. It’s a symbol of European consciousness. So I’m not a Neo-Nazi, that doesn’t make sense. There’s — I don’t even know what a Neo-Nazi is, I’ve never met a Neo-Nazi. I am a white nationalist.

Auernheimer’s beliefs are at once hateful and truly bizarre. In several videos he reveals a propensity for conspiratorial and magical thinking.

For example, in one video called “A most curious case of censorship in a quest for honest science,” Auernheimer professed a belief in luminiferous aether — calling the theories of general and special relativity the “most pernicious and wicked fraud that’s ever been pulled upon European peoples.” He also argued that nuclear weapons are a myth and that there was never radioactive fallout in Hiroshima or Nagasaki.

These beliefs might appear silly or delusional, but to dismiss Auernheimer as a kook would be a mistake — the 32-year-old is tech savvy and his rhetoric is often unstable and violent. In a January 12, 2017 episode of Christopher Cantwell’s Radical Agenda show, Auernheimer held mass murderer Dylann Roof up as a hero, and called for the extermination of black people.

On his own show, Race Ghost, Roast to Roast, he called terrorists Timothy McVeigh and Anders Breivik “perfect heroes.” It was this type of statement that proved too much even for the leadership at Gab — the “free speech” Twitter alternative — which permanently banned Auernheimer from the platform last year. The only other high profile ban from Gab occurred this year after Paul Nehlen publicized the personal information of alt-right troll Ricky Vaughn.

On another occasion Auernheimer called for the “slaughter” of Jewish children, which is especially perplexing given that, by all accounts, he is of Jewish heritage. In a Newsweek interview Auernheimer’s mother Alyse asserted that her son comes from a “large, mixed-race family” with both Native American heritage and Jewish lineage “on both sides of his family.”

This revelation of Auernheimer’s Jewish heritage isn’t exactly new — it was reported by Gawker as early as 2012. And Auernheimer’s explanations for the existence of what he calls the “weev’s a hebe meme” have changed over the years.

In a 2016 interview with Greg Johnson on Counter-Currents Radio, Auernheimer claimed it stemmed from a misunderstanding — that Auernheimer once practiced the racist Christian Identity faith which posits that whites are the true Israelites, and reporters erroneously reported he was Jewish. He promised Johnson that he is of Scandinavian and Bavarian ancestry, and could “definitely pass the Nuremberg Laws.”

In 2010 he appeared to use his Jewish heritage to dismiss claims that he was an anti-Semite. On the website Goatse Security he wrote:

Any attempt to brand me an anti-Semite is idiotic. I have no problem with any person solely because of their Semitic descent. Take a look at my last name, “Auernheimer”. Think about the likely origins of this name for a second. Even a quick Google reveals its origins. The most famous Auernheimer of history, journalist and author Raoul Auernheimer, had his way bought from the fires of Dachau by his uncle, Theodore Herzl himself. Come on, I have curly hair and brown eyes here. The claim many “journalists” are making that I am some sort of Nazi is preposterous, but I suppose you have to resort to ad hominem when the public overwhelmingly supported me on the basis of the facts of the case.

While he later claimed this was a ruse, it wasn’t the only time Auernheimer admitted to being Jewish. In a 2011 Reddit AMA he wrote in part:

Well, my line is related to Theodore Herzl, so I have blood ties to Zionist thought. It is a very nuanced and complex issue. Herzl’s original idea was to move the Jews to the sparsely populated areas of Argentina, which would have ended up fantastic. Instead, the Zionist congress went for the heavily populated and politically charged Palestine. … Herzl’s idea was also to have Jews in all labor positions, but instead they’ve kept the Palestinians around as a slave underclass.

Even his old OKCupid profile offered the following:

If you haven’t taken the hint, I’m good at everything I do. I may be best at discilpine [sic] and punishment though.

“With satanic joy in his face, the black-haired Jewish youth lurks in wait for the unsuspecting girl whom he defiles with his blood, thus stealing her from her people.” –Adolf Hitler

As an ethnic Jew of Bavarian origins that is a reasonably adequate summary of my night moves.

[Emphasis added]

(Leave it to weev to quote Hitler on his dating profile.) And he confirmed what his mother said about his Native American heritage as well. Under “Ethnicity” he listed “Native American, White, Other” — alongside other tidbits like, “My lips are soft and full, the result of thousands of years of evolutionary advantage in making out.”

Still, in spite of his own words and those of his mother, Auernheimer denies his Jewish heritage. In a video called “Weev’s Jewish, assures Newsweek, several Israeli newspapers, and your local rabbi,” he accused his critics of “howling and screaming” and “trying to discredit” him. And while he continued to deny being Jewish — after all, he said, /pol/ dug into his family’s history and said he had no Jewish ancestors — he asked who would care if he were.

Considering the fact that bringing up Auernheimer’s Jewish heritage can get a person banned from The Daily Stormer’s forum, the answer seems to be: plenty of people.

In His Own Words:

“This is not where we tone it down and dial it back. We tone it down and dial it back when the people whose names echo are all fucking in their precious fucking Israel, and the fucking Basketball Americans are put into the fucking chains that they belong. … [O]ur terms of victory are complete and total global white supremacist empire. That’s our terms of victory.” — YouTube, “(((Should Alt-Right Trolls Go Easy on the Trigger?))) The answer’s in the echo” (06/11/16)

“And I’m here to tell you that Japanese people are not honorary Aryans. By God they export more child pornography than any other country on Earth. … We’re talking a culture whose primary contributions to ours are Dragon Ball ZSailor Moon, and the fucking woman that fucks an octopus. … Your waifu is degenerate. Even if she were real she’d be a filthy, stinking nip whore. By God anime is degenerate. Completely and totally degenerate.” — YouTube, “Thoughts on the AQ” (10/30/16)

“[I]f we accepted that we had to outbreed [non-whites], we wouldn’t be able to do it. It’s not physically possible, there are not enough white women of child-bearing age to make up the population gap. The only way we can do it is mass murder. It’s just the only way it’s gonna happen is civilizational scale slaughter. So this is what we have to accept. The reality that we have to accept is that we have to kill them all. The lisping babe tucked away in its crib, the hobbled old elder with the silver hair, the young virgin unspoiled by the tides of time — they all must die.” — The Radical Agenda (01/12/17)

“I think at this point, every woman in the Western world, virtually, needs rape. I definitely think we need white men to do it, but I think that these skanks need proper rapings and beatings. I think it’s just a reality is that women without the coercion of force will always fall. And we’ve had this for centuries, we’ve always treated women sort of with physical discipline, with public humiliation, usually with some sort of instruments. If you don’t beat and rape a bitch, then she just turns to utter slime.” — Race Ghost, Roast to Roast (11/30/17)

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Robert Ray (“Azzmador”)


Viewers of Vice’s short documentary Charlottesville: Race and Terror might remember a scruffy, older gentleman with a bushy beard and a rattail telling the camera crew that “this city is run by Jewish Communists and criminal niggers.” Robert Warren Ray (b. 1966) is a 51-year-old Neo-Nazi with an extensive rap sheet from East Texas, and has acted as The Daily Stormer’s “man on the ground” since at least 2017.

Last June, Ray — who goes by the nickname “Azzmador” — attended the white power “Texas is Ours” event in Houston. On camera he explained that, in 1976 when he was 10, he and his father were watching a young David Duke being interviewed on television. Duke had remarked that all races except white people could be proud of who they are, and that whites had as much or more than any other race to be proud of. Ray recalled that his father said Duke “should be on every channel” on television. It left a lasting impression on Ray.

Over the years, as detailed in a recent SPLC report, Ray racked up charges including disorderly conduct, assault, public intoxication, drunk driving, theft, avoiding arrest, and possession of unlicensed and prohibited weapons. For this reason it seems especially unusual that Ray was selected to head The Daily Stormer’s Book Clubs, which accept only “white men of good character.”

In early 2017, Ray launched his own podcast, The Krypto Report — possibly a reference to cryptozoology seeing as though his chosen mascot is Bigfoot — where he rants about Jews, non-whites, LGBT people, and, of course, Leftists. It was this program that then-Rebel Media correspondent Faith Goldy appeared on during last year’s “Unite the Right” rally. Goldy acted sympathetic to Ray and the other white supremacists gathered in Charlottesville and denounced the U.S. as “Weimerica.” She was fired from The Rebel shortly thereafter.

On August 14, 2018, the Rose City Antifa website revealed that Ken Hart, a member of the white supremacist hate group True Cascadia and violent domestic abuser, helped produce The Krypto Report. He also produced or otherwise contributed to several other white power podcasts: The Northwest ImperativeThe FatherlandExodus/AmericanusThe Godcast, and Intersectional Alt-Right.

Krypto Report
Robert Ray and others record The Krypto Report. Via

In an August 8, 2017 article for the Stormer, Ray instructed readers to attend the white power “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville. He bragged that “Unite the Right” would be “the biggest event of it’s kind in living memory,” and that “hundreds of valiant pro-Whites of all stripes have pledged to attend” and face off against “trust fund antifa commies and BLM baboons.” “You absolutely must attend this event,” he continued. “Take a few days off work, reschedule appointments, do whatever you must do BUT GET YOURSELF THERE!”

He advised rallygoers to bring flagpoles and flags, shields, and pepper spray. Specifically, Ray wrote, “I wholeheartedly recommend Sabre Red pepper gel” which has a “flip-top safety,” is “much safer in your pocket,” and easier to deploy. He based his judgment on the fact that he has been “sprayed with several kinds myself.” He ended the article by writing, “Those of you who attend will remember this glorious event forever, when we began to turn back the tide of brown sludge.”

And for good measure he added the following meme of Adolf Hitler with the caption “GET IN LOSER WE’RE INVADING CHARLOTTESVILLE”:

Stormer Hitler Meme
Meme about “invading” Charlottesville, as it appears on the Stormer.

During the August 11, 2017 march on the University of Virginia, white supremacists including Ray attacked a small group of anti-racist protesters with pepper spray and even torches. Some of the protesters were reportedly splashed with fluid they feared was fuel, while Ray declared, “The heat here is nothing compared to what you’re going to get in the ovens!”

This incident was cited by Judge Norman K. Moon in his ruling on the defendants’ motion to dismiss in Sines v. Kessler, where white supremacists including Ray are being sued for conspiring to violate the civil rights of Charlottesville residents.

Ultimately “Unite the Right” was declared an unlawful assembly and everyone was ordered to disperse, meaning none of the assembled white supremacists were able to give their speeches. That evening, however, Ray was recorded delivering a speech prepared by Andrew Anglin himself. Ray told his audience that the “Jew has been drinking our blood for millennia” and that “this monster rules over us as a brutal slavemaster.” And he boasted that white supremacists would one day dig the graves of their enemies.

His audience — whose faces were obscured by darkness — gave Nazi salutes and shouted “Hail Azzmador!” Several of them spontaneously began singing “The White Man Marches On,” a song which is sung to the tune of “The Battle Hymn of the Republic” and includes lyrics about washing their hands in the blood of “niggers” and “mongrels.” (You might remember it from the 1998 movie American History X.)

Since “Unite the Right” Ray has continued his work on The Krypto Report and another podcast called Hate House for The Right Stuff. He has collaborated with Emily Youcis on a short animated film called Waking Up! in which Ray does voiceover work. In the film he plays the lead character A. Murica, a physical representation of the U.S. who meets up with his friends and travels to an ethnostate called “Europa.” He has also made appearances on other podcasts including BigCat Kayla’s A Comfy Tangent.

In June 2018 a grand jury indicted both Ray and Wil Zachary Smith — part of his security detail — on a charge of the malicious release of tear gas, phosgene, or other gases (§ 18.2-312), a felony. Both Ray and Smith are currently listed as fugitives. Since the indictment Ray has, on occasion, continued recording episodes of The Krypto Report.

In His Own Words

“Mexico has long considered immigration to be their demographic and political sewage system. Mexico is the toilet, the lowest of their beaners are the feces, and the USA is the septic tank which must contain their waste forever. The flushing sound has been deafening for decades.” — The Daily Stormer, “The Great North American Septic Tank” (11/14/16)

“We now stand at the same moment in history as Adolf Hitler did when he began his political career. It is a different year, a different nation, and the trappings appear to have changed, but both the problems and the enemy are the same. A Satanic power had taken over Germany, and it now rules the USA with an iron fist.” — The Daily Stormer, “Happy Birthday, My Leader” (04/20/17)

“There’s not one single reason on God’s green Earth that we should continue to tolerate these faggots. I defy you to give me one solid reason, other than some vague nonsense about ‘tolerance.’ These people are diseased, literally, and the ones who aren’t diseased yet are, for the most part, seeking the disease, as though it were desirable… One of the first things we’ll have to do when we take our countries back, is to sanitize them of queers. If we don’t, our culture is doomed forever to being nothing more than your [‘]Standard Fuckparty.'” — The Daily Stormer, “Roving Band of Bull-Fruits Gang-Rape Mentally Disabled Man in Public Park” (05/31/17)

“Of course, the simplest and most effective way to deal with the blacks is to gas the kikes. Without the kikes, we’ll have these dindus whipped into shape, calling White men ‘Massah’ as they board the cargo ships back to Africa in no time. Honestly, that’s the only solution.” — The Daily Stormer, “Sheboon Ice Cream Lovers Go Full Ape at Mickey D’s” (06/29/17)

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Lee Rogers


Another member of the Daily Stormer’s editorial team, Lee Rogers has done work for the Neo-Nazi website since 2014. He started by contributing articles from his personal website, The Daily Slave, which he later renamed Infostormer. At The Daily Slave (it’s tagline was “Fighting Against Total Enslavement”), Rogers wrote articles expressing conspiratorial beliefs.

For example, Rogers referred to the 2014 Kunming attack, in which 8 knife-wielding terrorists murdered 31 people in Yunnan, China, as a “staged hoax.” “First off, if you have a situation where there are 33 people dead and over 100 people wounded one would think that there would be a treasure trove of pictures and video showing the carnage,” Rogers wrote dismissively.

Under the mistaken belief that 33 civilians were left dead, Rogers insisted that the attack was staged because “the number 33 is featured significantly” in many high-profile mass murders, such as the 2007 Virginia Tech massacre. “Anytime the number 33 is featured prominently in a media driven event, questions should immediately be raised about the official story.”

Daily Slave Banner
The Daily Slave banner, circa 2014

Other articles were explicitly racist, such as one from October 2, 2014 attacking Pope Francis as a “complete and total whore for the Jewish White genocide agenda” for his pro-refugee stance. “As if Europe hasn’t accepted enough third world mud people into their countries,” Rogers wrote. “The amount of problems these invaders have caused has done enough damage already. Any future invaders should be turned back by any means necessary.”

He also called the Holocaust a “ridiculous hoax” and a “sick Jewish scam,” claimed Jews are responsible for the “continued promotion of race mixing in Hollywood films and television productions,” referred to President Obama as an “Imperial Monkey leader,” said homosexuality is a “disgusting mental disorder,” and wrote that the rioting in Ferguson, MO “literally looks like a scene out of a Planet of the Apes movie.”

In 2015 he changed his website’s name to Infostormer in order to make it a companion site to the Daily Stormer.

In the month after last year’s “Unite the Right” rally, Rogers authored an article mocking murder victim Heather Heyer. In it, he speculated that she might have died “because she was too fat to get out of the way of the speeding Dodge Challenger which crashed into those automobiles,” or that she “died from a heart attack.” “There is one thing that can’t be debated and that is the fact that she is dead because she was fat,” Rogers concluded.

Beginning in late 2017, Rogers started his own podcast, aptly titled The Infostormer, which he ran until April 2018. It is unclear whether or not he has abandoned the show entirely, or whether it is simply on hiatus. Nevertheless, Rogers continues to update his Infostormer website and write articles for The Daily Stormer.

In His Own Words

“While in Amsterdam, I knew I had to visit the Anne Frank House. This is the place where Anne Frank the Jewish teenager allegedly hid from evil German Nazis during World War II. That’s at least the fairy tale that the Jews have sold us. The diary that she supposedly wrote during her time there has been a key tool used by Jews to promote their stupid Holocaust hoax.” — The Daily Slave, “My Emotional Visit To The Anne Frank Holocaust Hoax House” (10/07/14)

“The Confederate flag should be used as a symbol of White resistance in America. It should be flown everywhere around the country. North, South, West, East.” — The Daily Stormer, “Demand for Confederate Flag Reaches Record High” (07/20/15)

“The vile Jew scum known as George Soros is continuing to deploy his shekels to destroy White European civilization.  It looks like his groups are about to push an online propaganda campaign demanding that the United States be invaded by Moslems from Syria… This invasion initiative is obviously insane but it is good for Jews.  In fact, multiculturalism is good for Jews because it allows them to more easily blend in with the society that they feed and leech off of.” — The Daily Stormer, “Vile Jew George Soros Vows to Push for Moslem Invasion of United States” (11/22/15)

“[A] lot of blacks just simply don’t understand the concept of respect. It’s like an alien concept to them, because I mean these are individuals whose ancestors were running around in the jungles of Africa. So they have no real biological concept of what respect is and what civilization is.” — The Infostormer (02/03/18)

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 Joseph Jordan (“Eric Striker”)

Eric Striker

Eric Striker was one of the most prolific contributors to The Daily Stormer, having authored articles from October 25, 2015 to February 13, 2018. And, unlike other Stormer authors, Striker not only branched out to work on other white supremacist websites such as The Right Stuff, but was also present in Charlottesville according to Vegas Tenold in his 2018 book Everything You Love Will Burn: Inside the Rebirth of White Nationalism in America.

Tenold wrote that Striker was with members of Matt Heimbach’s Traditionalist Worker Party (TWP) during last year’s “Unite the Right” rally. According to Tenold, TWP spokesman Matt Parrott referred to Striker as “Nazi Joe” and said Striker would be “fucking pissed we invited a journalist.” Tenold described Striker as a “short, skinny kid with a big head and cartoonish features who liked to rant against Jews” on the Stormer.

True enough, there is no group of people Eric Striker likes to blame for the world’s ills more than Jews. His early work for the Stormer — which could also be found on a defunct website called The Social Nationalist — vilified the Jews for controlling professional sports and being responsible for both pornography and the opioid epidemic. Striker also lent credence to the deranged Pizzagate hoax in a November 4, 2016 article in which he wrote:

Another rumor swirling around relates to what appears to be coded language referring to “pizza” and “hot dogs” in the Podesta e-mails. Podesta is an avid foodie, so it’s plausible that these conversations are exactly what they look like on the surface. Yet, Podesta is also a bit of a sperg, with reports of him classifying Clinton VP candidates into different “food groups” based on race, class, sex, etc… Whatever the details turn out to be, it’s very clear that these people are deep into some activities a lot more offensive than pussy-grabbing.

While by no means a full-throated endorsement of the myth that John Podesta and Hillary Clinton were key players in an international, Satanic child sex-trafficking ring, Striker certainly didn’t rule out that possibility either. Following Edgar Maddison Welch’s storming of Comet Ping Pong in December 2016, Striker declared that “the evidence is 60-40 in favor of Comet Ping Pong being involved in a pedophilia ring.”

Lunatic obsessions with elite pedophiles aside, much of Striker’s rhetoric is designed to attract working class whites, whom he believes have been abandoned by smug conservative and liberal elites, to National Socialism. He emphasizes issues like unemployment, rampant drug addiction, and consumerism, and rails against what he perceives as the causes: Jewish influence and capitalism.

As he made clear on his podcast Chapo Brooklyn Brownstone, he believes the old Left that focused on the working class has been supplanted by a new Left that focuses on identity politics (e.g., same-sex marriage, gender neutral bathrooms, etc.). And he wants to pit these forgotten white men and women against the Jews and those who supposedly do their bidding.

Following Donald Trump’s surprise 2016 victory, Striker wrote at the Stormer:

This entire election year, Jews have been gaslighting Goyim in a way we’ve never seen before. From the radical exterminationist rhetoric of Lena Dunham, to Jon Stewart going on TV telling white people that this is not our country, Jews have been working every last crevice and exploiting every position of influence to disenfranchise and agitate violence against us, and yet, none of the hundreds of organized body of Jews have come out to condemn their vitriolic, racist language (because they vocally or silently agree with it).

Yet, here we are on November 11th, successfully weathering the storm and asserting that America is the land of the white working people.  Suddenly, Jews no longer consider it a zero-sum game; suddenly they want to “understand” us now that they see there’s more of us than they thought.

In other words, Trump was propelled to the presidency by the white working class, and his victory was payback against the powerful Jews in the political establishment and liberal media who denigrated them and wanted them dead.

In addition to his work for the Stormer, Striker also hosted a short-lived podcast on The Right Stuff called Fascism Now! — a parody of the left-wing Democracy Now! program. And he currently co-hosts a weekly show with Mike Enoch called Strike and Mike, the title of which was vaguely inspired by the TV show Rick and Morty and used to open with a rendition of Blonde Redhead’s “For the Damaged Coda,” a.k.a. Evil Morty’s theme song.

In May 2019, Hatewatch confirmed that Striker was really Joseph E. Jordan, a Queens native of Latino descent. Videos leaked to Hatewatch depict Jordan attending a book burning in Fishkill, NY where he threw Nazi salutes and partied with Mike Enoch and Sacco Vandal. Jordan was also active with the New York chapter of Golden Dawn, a Greek neo-fascist organization.

In His Own Words

“For all their talk of anti-Semitism, it is the Jews themselves who have made this a zero-sum game of who can exterminate who. They realize that the suspicious silence of the majority – missing from the football stadiums and cutting their cable – is not a sign of weakness, nor ignorance of what Jews are working together to do to us, but instead a silent rage accumulating in a bucket, ready to downpour on the time-enduring pests when they trot out their last straw.” — The Daily Stormer, “Surprise, Surprise: Jews Now Seek to Reconcile with White Working People — Our Answer: NO!” (11/11/16)

“The Jew is the virus that launches many infections against our national body’s white blood cells – we’re it. Transexualism, homosexuality, feminism, fat acceptance – if it causes pain and morbidity, Jews champion it (except in Israel). When the white blood cells are finally vanquished by HIV, that’s when you get full-blown AIDS, which is why we must eliminate this virus before it brings about our demise.” — The Daily Stormer, “Jewish Judge Forces NY State to Subsidize Transsexual Surgeries for Minors, West Point Pays Homage to Trannies” (12/14/16)

“In order to hasten racial healing in the United States and avoid more whites lashing out, Dylann Roof should be let go and given a second chance.” — The Daily Stormer, “Travesty: Dylann Roof Sentenced to Death for Being White” (01/11/17)

“Opposing faggotry isn’t about religion or even visceral disgust, it’s a preventable health hazard ruining millions of lives and costing us billions of dollars. If we lived in a sane world, all the money wasted on despicable queers could be given to a more worthy cause, like the St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital.” — The Daily Stormer, “92% of All HIV Positive Young People are Faggots” (05/11/17)

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Goy Orbison

Prior to his short stint as a writer for the Daily Stormer, this Texas native was a regular on The Right Stuff’s 504um, where he helped organize white nationalist meet-ups. Orbison referred to himself and his like-minded brethren as the Houston Goylers, a play on the Houston Oilers football team. Between May and August 2017, Orbison authored 38 articles for the Stormer, railing against the website’s typical scapegoats: LGBT people, Jews, women, people of color, liberals, etc.

In an April, 2017 interview with the website Aryan Skynet, Orbison noted that, at the time, his “following on Twitter expanded, particularly among pro-Whites but also surprisingly also among normie-cons.” He stated that he believed these traditional Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh-loving conservatives have “naturally good instincts,” and that the Internet “has given us a platform to push these people further in our direction.”

Orbison said that he voted for Donald Trump in 2016, and that it was the “first election I’ve ever voted in” because “this election really did seem to be different.” He cited the opposition to Trump by “NeoCohens” and “shitlibs,” and the “endless kvetching from the Lügenpresse” as reasons. However, he admitted that he and other pro-Trump voters were “the dupes of a bait-and-switch.” Still, he lauded Trump for doing away with “political correctness” and thus making “normie-cons” more susceptible to white supremacist rhetoric.

In His Own Words

“I do think meme magic has some bit of truth to it. For instance, Jews have been using the media to pump out images of white women with black men ad nauseum. And while no amount of programming is enough for most white women to move past their primal disgust, coal burning unfortunately does seem more and more common.” — Interview with Aryan Skynet (04/29/17)

“[Gays and lesbians] are not ‘just like us.’ They are walking virus factories and the only reason we have to hear any of their complaints is because they’re the latest iteration of an aggrieved minority being used as proxy warriors by Jews against traditional White society.” — The Daily Stormer, “Russian Hero Aims to Curb Queer Menace with ‘Special Camps'” (05/04/17)

“The only people really proud of the city [of Houston] are sportsball fans and the blacks because it’s the birthplace of a certain style of ooga booga music that mimics the effects of getting high on cough syrup and also the home of their queen negress [Beyoncé], whose GIFs they use on Twitter in lieu of having a high enough IQ to form an actual argument.” — The Daily Stormer, “Houston Declared New US Capital of Divershitty” (05/17/17)

“Antisemitism is a big hit with the kids these days, with the popularity of sites like The Daily Stormer, online communities like /pol/ and the hilarious memes that get shared all around the web. Humor plays a big, if not the biggest, part of this rising new Nazism.” — The Daily Stormer, “Pine Kampf: Jewish Community Under Siege by Anti-Semitic Pine Cones!” (06/01/17)

“[F]eminism (along with associated issues like the sexual revolution, birth control, women neglecting the home in favor of the workplace, etc.) is indeed cancer and women need to be put back under the jackboot and sent back to the kitchen where they belong.” — The Daily Stormer, “Shocker: Irritable Sluts at Jezebel Use Father’s Day as an Excuse to Slam Men & Rationalize Their Daddy Issues” (06/19/17)

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Joe Jones

Between July 31, 2017 and the present, Joe Jones has authored hundreds of posts for The Daily Stormer, making him one of the website’s most prolific contributors. Jones is apparently on The Daily Stormer’s black crime beat, as evidenced by his article history, and often uses racist caricatures in the accompanying pictures:


In a July 27, 2017 post about a hit-and-run that left a young white girl dead, Jones asked, “Why are Blacks running over our kids in the street? Is it because they’re in our country, instead of in Africa?” In another post about a black teenager who murdered his white girlfriend, he wrote, “This is one of the many reasons why White men should not allow their daughters near Blacks, and should do everything in their power to keep them out of diverse schools.”

Following the 2017 “Unite the Right” rally, Jones applauded the murder of Heather Heyer, and referred to her death as the “Crashocaust.” In an August 14, 2017 post, which included footage of James Fields’ car attack, he wrote that the “Crashocaust will go down in history as the greatest cavalry charge of the 21st century.” He later posted a video showing a compilation of memes from the Charlottesville rally.

In His Own Words

“(((They))) are trying to shut us down, but they will fail. Our people have awoken. On this new dawn under a Black Sun we will remove the parasites that have clung to us in our sleep. This rally is our show of strength, a sign that the power of the White Race has waxed while the power of the Jew has waned. The fire rises, my brothers.” — The Daily Stormer, “Charlottesville: We Shall Overcome” (08/09/17)

“Anger, hatred and passion are more than just emotions. When properly utilized, they can be converted into actions which can achieve any goal. Our people have utilized these emotions in ways which built empires to span the globe and turn us into the most dominant race on the planet.” — The Daily Stormer, “Utilizing Your Anger” (08/16/17)

“The left tries to peg colonialism as the second worst crime Whites ever committed, second only two [sic] burning Jews alive inside of wooden ovens to make toothpaste (or something like that, I’ve lost track of what allegedly happened during that time). In reality, it didn’t actually do much except bring non-Whites technology that they could never maintain themselves.” — The Daily Stormer, “Colonialism did Not Make Africa Poor or Europe Rich” (09/04/17)

“The holocaust [sic] is quite obviously a massive hoax perpetuated by kikes to guilt goyim for shekels and their land. Any level of scrutiny will disprove the entire narrative. Because of this, kikes are paranoid of any truth regarding the matter.” — The Daily Stormer, “Why Filthy Lying Kikes are Afraid of the Truth” (02/08/18)

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Adrian Sol

Adrian Sol began writing for The Daily Stormer in late August of 2017. While his articles are mostly run-of-the-mill diatribes against Jews, African-Americans, gays, Muslims, etc., he did make some news after applauding John Schnatter — the disgraced Papa John’s Pizza founder — after he criticized NFL players for kneeling during the national anthem.

Sol called the NFL the “Negro Felon League” and the protesting players “anti-American nig nogs.” After quoting a ZeroHedge article about Schnatter’s disapproval of the protests, Sol posted a picture of a pizza with pepperoni shaped like a swastika and the caption “Papa John: Official pizza of the alt-right?”

In other articles he compared the removal of Confederate monuments to the destruction of ancient religious sites, called immigrants “worthless human garbage,” erroneously claimed that Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock murdered 58 concertgoers due to “anti-white” animus, and suggested LGBT people be drowned in bogs.

In His Own Words

“Muslims can’t do anything right. Comparing White sharia to sandmonkey sharia is a real joke; these people can’t even keep their women under control. The Saudis, supposedly the most ‘conservative’ and ‘hardcore’ of the sandpeople, have now cucked to the point where they’ll even let women drive.” — The Daily Stormer, “Saudi Monkeys Cuck Out, Decide to Let Women Drive” (09/26/17)

“I agree completely that the national anthem honors White Americans and spites uppity Blacks, and that they have no business identifying as ‘Americans.’ It doesn’t shock me at all that Jews and Blacks would recoil at Americanism and proclaim themselves as enemies of our nation.” — The Daily Stormer, “The National Anthem is a Symbol of White Supremacy” (11/09/17)

“In 2014, Mother  Nature finally awakened from its slumber and brought forth the Ebola outbreak in Africa. There can be little doubt that this was a response to the Black race’s aggressive destruction of its environment. Nature was fed up with the White man’s unwillingness to cull to [sic] exploding Black population, and endeavored to take care of business without our help.” — The Daily Stormer, “CDC’s New Policy: Stop Saving Worthless Third World Brown People” (02/03/18)

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Roy Batty

Daily Stormer contributor Roy Batty — who may have taken his pseudonym from a character in Blade Runner — began writing articles on July 31, 2017. In his first article he openly supported ISIS and LGBTQ anti-ISIS fighters killing one another in Syria. “In all seriousness, this is great news, we need to encourage more and more fags to make the pilgrimage to the Middle East so they can all be mowed down there,” Batty wrote.

Like other Stormer writers, Batty has endorsed a slew of conspiracy theories, from the claim that Seth Rich was murdered because he secretly leaked the DNC emails, to the claim that CNN is in league with the “deep state” and demanded Trump’s assassination.

He offered praise for Trump administration official Stephen Miller over his extreme anti-immigrant policies. In an article from early 2018 Batty called Miller a “Jew that is so based that he BTFOs every other kike,” and who “refuses to deliver this country to brown people like the Republicucks seem to want to do.” He added that “unlike most kikes” Miller “has clearly decided to side with White people,” and needed an “emergency foreskin transplant — stat.”

In His Own Words

“In the West, the holy trinity has long been replaced by the three cardinal sins that condemn White people to be genocided. They are: 1) The Holocaust, 2) Slavery, 3) The Crusades. Unfortunately for them, they can’t hide the truth forever. White people are learning about their history again, thanks to the internet and sites like the Daily Stormer. White people are unlearning the self-hate they’ve been taught about their own ancestors.” — The Daily Stormer, “Traitor Pope Cucks Out Again and Compares Devout Christians to ISIS” (08/04/17)

“I am convinced that Game of Thrones is a Jewish psyop to convince stupid SWPL Whites who watch the show to accept open borders and miscegenation. The show has been thoroughly Jewy from its very beginning with its rape scenes, gay sex scenes and overall message of ‘Jew or be Jewed.'” — The Daily Stormer, “Is Game of Thrones a Massive Psyop by the Jews?” (08/07/17)

“And now [Anthony Bourdain’s] rotting in hell, because he’s a Jew and because he spent his life being a druggie, hedonist and spreading anti-White propaganda. Eventually, he killed himself out of self-loathing and by doing so, he did the whole world a big favor. Adios, Anthony. I hope you packed light for your final trip. It’s going to be hot where you’re going.” — The Daily Stormer, “YES YES YES! Anti-White Kike Chef Anthony Bourdain Found HANGED in Hotel Room!” (06/08/18)

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Michael Byron

Michael Byron has been writing for the Daily Stormer since May 2017. In one of his earliest articles he rejoiced after several migrants, including babies, died of thirst in the Sahara desert. Byron wrote that the god Apollo was “furious that his area of influence is overrun with niggers” and “loves to smite them whenever the other Gods are not looking.”

After Florida middle school teacher Dayanna Volitich was outed in March as the host of a white nationalist podcast called Unapologetic, Byron lamented the loss of her job because she was “doing a decent job at redpilling kids in a 90% white school.”

He also admonished readers to do a better job of protecting their identities: “If you intend to support White Nationalism in a semi-public capacity (e.g. writing, radio hosting, video making) and want to remain anonymous for strategic and/or legal reasons, then be smart about it.”

And in a July 10, 2017 article, he hailed white supremacist mass murderer Anders Breivik as a hero for killing 77 people in cold blood. This is how Byron described Norway in 2011, prior to Breivik’s attack:

Moslems shuffled down the streets of Oslo, pushing the future rapists of White children in their strollers. Norwegian women were out of control, sleeping with any brown-skinned invader that complimented their golden locks. And the elderly refused to leave their homes at all, concerned that Somalis would harvest their organs with newly-sharpened machetes.

He wrote that most Norwegian men “remained passive throughout this period of decline,” while Breivik, a “true child of Scandinavia,” struck back, “sending eight traitors [in Oslo] straight to Helheim” with a van bomb.

After that, Byron continued, Breivik “took his undimmed Aryan wrath to the nearby island of Utøya, where he gunned down 69 future nation-wreckers in a stylish act of ultraviolence that invited comparisons with the lobby scene from The Matrix.”

Byron praised Breivik for remaining a steadfast nationalist in prison, and for maintaining a “hitlist” of people he believes betrayed Europe. Byron referred to Breivik as “Scandinavia’s most popular freedom fighter, beloved by Whites around the world” and posted a cartoon depicting Breivik gunning down Jews and immigrants:

Stormer Breivik Meme
Pro-Breivik cartoon as it appears on the Stormer.

Is it any wonder why the Stormer attracts such violent, unstable individuals?

In His Own Words

“Keep building those gas chambers in your backyards, Stormers. We’re going to need as many of them as possible on the Day of Zyklon.” — The Daily Stormer, “Congoid Rapes and Impregnates White 10-Year-Old After Her Family Invited Him Into Their Home” (05/25/17)

“I know I’m a hateful White Supremacist, so I’m probably expected to say this sort of thing, but I can’t get over the sight of Blacks wearing clothes. It just seems so surreal to me to see these anthropomorphic silverbacks wearing human garments, such as trousers and T-shirts, as though it were normal for them.” — The Daily Stormer, “Wild Negroes Rape and Murder South African Student” (05/31/17)

“Look kids, I know it’s now considered ‘hip’ and ‘edgy’ to use the N-word when referring to gentlemen of color. But this hateful word – which roughly translates as ‘one who deserves to be whipped because of the color of his skin’ – has origins in slavery, and slavery is the reason why blacks act like unchained baboons in the first place.” — The Daily Stormer, “It’s a Zoo Out There! Gang of Feral Blacks Beat Up Moslem IHOP Manager” (03/20/18)

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 Daniel Jeffreys (“Grandpa Lampshade”)

Dan Jeffreys Stormer

The fascist podcast host “Grandpa Lampshade” — who borrows his pseudonym from the post-WWII rumor that Nazis made lampshades out of concentration camp inmates’ skin — is a member of The Daily Stormer’s forum, known as “The Goyim Know.” His Thoughts of the Day podcast, which he records for the website Radio Aryan, is often featured on the Stormer.

The content of Thoughts of the Day is predictably anti-Semitic, and Lampshade is known to indulge in bizarre conspiracy theories. Near the anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, Lampshade voiced his support for the belief that Jews, specifically Israel’s Mossad, was responsible for destroying the World Trade Center with a nuclear weapon.

In addition to his podcast work, Lampshade maintains a WordPress blog called Grandpa Lampshade’s Semitic Truth Center. According to the blog’s “About” section where he refers to himself in the third person:

In his long time quest to stop these kikes, he has engaged in many a Twitter meme skirmish. However, after having been ultimately permabanned from Twitter he decided he didn’t need no stinking limited character usage and set out in creating the Semitic Truth Center.

In his first blog post, from October 20, 2016, Lampshade gave his opinion on the final presidential debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. The post included such gems as:

Hillary thinks that we should shed all of these tears for supposedly countless toddlers that supposedly are being killed by guns (no mention of black children killed by other blacks), yet she finds an abortion at anytime (even a day before birth) is a sacred right that the government should never interfere with. Is this all that equality for women is now? The right to commit infanticide? This is the liberation that is first and foremost for you women?


After the debate, the TV is of course, full of kikes telling us all about how great the old hag did. They do this after every debate so it’s not a surprise. Still, seeing the TV wall to wall with Jews shilling for Hillary has to be a net positive for us in the end. If they anger all of the people who have backed Trump through this election, these kikes’ faces have been at the forefront of doing it. Interesting times, indeed.

Following the violence at the “Unite the Right” rally — which Lampshade said he was unable to attend — he praised the Dodge Challenger as the “niggernator of the automobile world” and predicted that the “JEWdicial system” would “do everything they can to railroad [James Fields, Jr.] to prison.”

As part of a February 7, 2019 HuffPost investigation, Lampshade was unmasked as 51-year-old Daniel Kenneth Jeffreys, an auto parts worker from Granbury, TX. Jeffreys began as a run-of-the mill racist until he found The Daily Stormer, which struck a chord with him in a way other white supremacist websites had not. Robert Bowers, the Neo-Nazi terrorist who gunned down 11 in a Pittsburgh synagogue, was allegedly a fan of Jeffreys’ Gab posts.

In His Own Words

“The KKK rose to power due to Jews flocking to the south and plundering it for everything they could and picking the meat off the carcass all while turning the niggers lose [sic] to run rampant. It’s a funny thing: when you attack a people they might actually organize and stand up for themselves but this is only considered noble if the Jew, blacks or any other racial group do it.” — Grandpa Lampshade’s Semitic Truth Center, “Yeah Sure You May Have Won but it Really Really is Over For You Haters Now” (11/11/16)

“Do you remember when all of the Catholic priest sex scandals broke several years back? The media played it as priests preying on under age children but the part they didn’t highlight was that in virtually every instance it was a case of faggots preying on young boys. These aren’t outliers, this is how homosexuals reproduce.” — Grandpa Lampshade’s Semitic Truth Center, “Celibacy Has Equaled Faggotry” (07/05/17)

“If you live in a black area, move. If you unexpectedly find yourself surrounded by pavement apes, leave as quickly as safely possible. If for some reason you have to use deadly force in defending yourself, leave and keep your mouth shut. Blacks kill each other all of the time and nobody gives a shit. If you’re fortunate it will be chalked up to another unexplained shooting and quickly disappear.” — Grandpa Lampshade’s Semitic Truth Center, “This Month Marks Three Years Since the World Lost One of It’s Greatest Heroes” (08/09/17)

“No the bad choice goes all the way back to our ancestors who let the Jews talk them into purchasing blacks as low cost farm equipment. This mistake was compounded after the civil war when Lincoln’s plan to ship them all either to an island or back to Africa never came to fruition. Now we are continuing to pay the price on upkeep for equipment that doesn’t even work anymore.” — Grandpa Lampshade’s Semitic Truth Center, “White People Pose in Cotton Field. Blacks Outraged” (01/04/18)

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Emily Youcis


Emily Rose Youcis (b. 1990) got her start as an indie animator for the website Newgrounds, where she was known primarily for her Web series Alfred’s Playhouse. The show centered around Alfred Alfer, a dog who, through torture and sexual abuse, develops multiple personalities, including that of a bloodthirsty fascist named Dictator Pickles.

Eventually Youcis began to openly embrace fascism herself, explaining on Radio 3Fourteen that she was radicalized through various Discord chat rooms, from r/The_Donald’s to /pol/’s to The Right Stuff’s and, finally, The Daily Stormer’s.

At this point Youcis had gone “full fash,” and is now one of the most toxic and virulently racist personalities on the alt-right. During the 236th episode of Compound Media’s The Gavin McInnes Show, it became clear that Youcis had fully embraced the alt-right’s anti-Semitism. She attempted to bait McInnes into embracing white nationalism by pointing out that Karl Marx and Leon Trotsky were Jews, and defended the 14 Words.

The next day Andrew Anglin gloated that the “Jew slave Gavin McInnes AKA Gayvin McCuck AKA Goyvin McIn-My-Anus was just REKT at maximum speeds by Jew-hating female shitlord Emily Youcis.”

In late 2016, Youcis embedded herself with the white nationalist media outlet Red Ice TV to help report on that year’s National Policy Institute (NPI) conference hosted by Richard Spencer. At the time, Youcis still had a job as a food vendor at Philadelphia’s Citizens Bank Park where she was affectionately known as “Pistachio Girl.” She was fired a short time later when her white nationalist views were publicized in a Philadelphia Daily News article.

Although she doesn’t write articles for the Stormer, Youcis wrote and performed a song called “Memes Come True” in order to solicit donations for the Stormer’s legal defense fund, and has made several appearances on Robert Ray’s podcast The Krypto Report. Shortly after the August 2017 “Unite the Right” rally, Youcis was permanently banned from Twitter after she mocked the death of anti-racist protester Heather Heyer.

This year she created an animated short called Waking Up!, which depicts a character named A. Murica (a personification of the U.S. voiced by Ray) as he meets up with his friends Stralia, Rusky, and Deutsche (representing Australia, Russia, and Germany respectively).

After brutally murdering Asian and African men — all depicted as crude stereotypes — in a bar alongside the British bartender, the five drive off to “Europa,” an all-white ethnostate. The short ends with them saying “Deus vult” in unison, while raising their weapons and sieg-heiling.

Waking Up 1
Rusky decapitates a non-white enemy.
Waking Up 2
Stralia decapitates several Asian men with a boomerang.
Waking Up 3
A. Murica, Rusky, Stralia, Deutsche, and the British bartender head to “Europa.”

For a short period of time Youcis made guest appearances on The Public Space, an online show hosted by Jean-François “J.F.” Gariépy, but was fired as of July 4, 2018 for making transphobic and racist remarks. In April 2019 Youcis married fellow white supremacist and Mt. Washington, PA resident Warren Forrest Balogh.

In Her Own Words

“There’s tons of white babies that no one loves. I mean, if you’re gonna [adopt black babies], why not just take a bunch of black cocks and get fertilized the old-fashioned way? You know what I mean? Just get nice and blacked if you’re gonna go that far.” — The Gavin McInnes Show (10/27/16)

“I honestly think that if we are gonna have a white homeland — and unfortunately it has gotten to this point. I wish it hadn’t. I wish it had not gotten to this point, but it has. We’re going to need to physically remove everybody… But I do think we need to nuke Africa and cut off the aid there, and stop the food aid. And I don’t think that’s genocide. I think that’s called letting nature run its course.” — The Public Space (04/27/18)

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Chuck C. Johnson


Charles Carlisle Johnson (b. 1988) got his start writing factually-challenged articles for far-right websites like Breitbart and The Daily Caller before founding his own fake news outlet GotNews. Some of his most infamous scoops have included the false claim that former Newark mayor (and current U.S. Senator) Cory Booker didn’t live in Newark, that New York Times reporter David D. Kirkpatrick posed for Playgirl, and that Senator Bob Menendez solicited Dominican sex workers.

In 2014 Johnson became universally reviled for his attempts to smear murdered teenager Mike Brown, and his botched attempt at doxing the woman at the heart of Rolling Stone‘s ultimately bogus UVA rape story. He might have also had a hand in a 2015 campaign to smear prominent rape survivors as “liars.” In 2015 he partnered with Andrew Auernheimer to release covertly filmed videos that targeted Planned Parenthood.

And in 2016, GotNews published an article falsely claiming police shooting victim Alton Sterling was a member of the Bloods.

That same year Johnson moved from race-baiting to outright white supremacy, making an appearance on the white power podcast Fash the Nation. During the episode Johnson hyped a supposed tape proving that Senator John McCain betrayed the United States as a POW in Hanoi, and made a number of revealing statements.

Johnson told the hosts, Jazzhands McFeels and Marcus Halberstram, that he had been interested in “race realism” from a young age, and had read The Bell Curve by age 16. He further claimed that racial and ethnic stereotypes are “largely true,” that he had taken racial stereotypes into consideration while making hiring decisions, that blacks are “dumber” than whites, that Jews as a group are “neurotic,” and that it’s “interesting” how many times he had been “cheated in business” by Jews.

In an April 2016 video called “What the Alt-Right Is And What It Should Do,” Johnson said:

Well, one thing that should be thought about, and this is something that I think the alt-right should take seriously, is we need to start forming our institutions and hiring our own people. … We need to have certain institutions that are set up. … We need a crowdfunding vehicle which induces people to leak information or does bounties and does opposition research. That’s sort of what Pax and I are building at WeSearchr.

Pax was Pax Dickinson, the disgraced former Business Insider CTO who would later be billed as a speaker for the 2017 “Unite the Right” rally. The pair later made good on their promise to found WeSearchr, a website where users — known as “askers” — could ask questions and raise money to pay for an answer, called a “bounty.” WeSearchr would then take a cut of all successful bounties.

Early bounties included a search for financial crimes committed by ex-Gawker CEO Nick Denton and the identity of the man who sucker-punched white nationalist Richard Spencer. WeSearchr took credit for flying Kathy Shelton — a woman whose rapist Hillary Clinton defended in court decades earlier — to observe the final 2016 presidential debate. In 2017 it raised money to pay Trayvon Martin’s killer for an interview.

In 2017 the SPLC announced it had filed a lawsuit against Andrew Anglin on behalf of Tanya Gersh, a Jewish realtor from Montana, after Anglin targeted her in one of his vicious “troll storms.” The claims asserted include invasion of privacy, intentional infliction of emotional distress, and violations of Montana’s Anti-Intimidation Act, and the suit itself could pull the plug on the Stormer for good.

Although the suit was a novel one, the SPLC had used similar legal strategies in the past to bankrupt other white supremacist organizations including White Aryan Resistance (W.A.R.) and the United Klans of America (UKA). Fearing that the Daily Stormer would be shuttered like W.A.R. and the UKA, Andrew Auernheimer used WeSearchr to collect $150,000 for the Daily Stormer’s Legal Defense Fund.

In 2017 the SPLC listed both WeSearchr and Counter.Fund — the latter of which was founded by Pax Dickinson after a public falling-out with Johnson — as white nationalist hate groups. Per an SPLC announcement: “Considering Johnson’s history of promoting white nationalist viewpoints, his stated intention to establish a crowdfunding platform specifically for the ‘alt-right’ and WeSearchr’s hosting and promotion of white nationalist campaigns, the SPLC classifies the platform as a white nationalist hate group.”

However, WeSearchr itself shut down not long after its inclusion on the SPLC’s hate group list. Johnson, who by that time had also begun dabbling in Holocaust denial, started yet another crowdfunding website geared toward white nationalists and other fringe figures: FreeStartr. On FreeStartr, a sort of alt-right Patreon, people such as Faith Goldy, Laura Loomer, and Vox Day collected donations to continue their work. Recently FreeStartr’s work ground to a halt after it lost access to its payment processors.

In His Own Words

“If we’re all the same, you would have statistically expected that if blacks are 15% of the population, they would make up 15% of honors winners, honor students or whatever. And yet that’s never the case. You have to believe — that every single school on the planet, and in every single environment that’s run by white people — that they’re systematically discriminating against blacks for some reason. Or you have to believe the more obvious thing which is that they’re dumber. And enough experience with them kind of persuades you that the dumber thing is probably true.” — Fash the Nation (07/23/16)

“I do not and never have believed the six million figure. I think the Red Cross numbers of 250,000 dead in the camps from typhus are more realistic. I think the Allied bombing of Germany was a ware [sic] crime. I agree with David Cole about Auschwitz and the gas chambers not being real. I read the German War (highly recommend), Bloodlands, Mein Kampf, and all of David Irving. I’m more or less of the view that the war was an outgrowth of the efforts of communism to spread itself throughout the world. I also believe that the fears of German extermination were not misplaced, especially in light of the Ukrainian famine.” — /r/altright (01/26/17)

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To drive the point home, you can listen to a fraction of the bile they spew on a daily basis here:

Music is courtesy of Nine Inch Nails and used under a Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial Share Alike License.

[This article has been updated on 1/24/20 with information on Andrew Anglin’s ongoing legal matters, including default judgments awarded against him.]