Robert ‘Azzmador’ Ray Delivers A Violent, Anti-Semitic Post-Charlottesville Speech On Andrew Anglin’s Behalf

In August, white supremacist leaders from across the country were slated to give speeches at the massive “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville. The rally quickly fell apart as white supremacists, antifa, and other counter demonstrators clashed, and law enforcement declared it an unlawful assembly. One protester, 32-year-old Heather Heyer, was killed as Neo-Nazi James Fields Jr. accelerated his car into a crowd of people.

And while none of these white supremacists were able to give their speeches as planned, Daily Stormer contributor and racist crackpot Robert Ray (a.k.a. Azzmador) read one prepared by Andrew Anglin during what appears to have been a Charlottesville 2.0 afterparty. Filmed in an unlit room so as to obscure the faces of these “very fine people,” Ray addressed the crowd.

“My brothers, you stand here as the last line of defense against an ancient force of evil which seeks to erase the European man from history,” he said. “The Jew has been drinking our blood for millennia and now this monster rules over us as a brutal slavemaster. Slowly exterminating us, they bury us in brown sludge. They feed us drugs. They send us to die in their wars. They auction our women off to animals.”

He told those in attendance that they “stand as the sole remaining lights of Western civilization” in a sea of “all-consuming darkness.” And he said that while the Jews believed they were “throwing the last handfuls of dirt on our grave,” the tables would one day turn, and white nationalists would be digging the graves of their enemies. This threat elicited cheering and applause from the audience.

“The Jews have put me on a list,” he continued. “I am on a Jewish hit list. Christopher Cantwell is on the list. Richard Spencer is on the list. Baked Alaska is on the list. Mike Enoch is on the list. And you’re on the list too, whether you know it or not.” But, he told them, “we’ve got our own list” and “these kikes are going to wish they had never fucked with us!” Several shadowy figures intermittently gave stiff-armed salutes.

Ray ended the speech by shouting, “Death to traitors! Death to the enemies of the white race! Hail victory!” Someone shouted “Hail Azzmador!” in response. Then the entire room erupted in a rendition of “The White Man Marches On.”

Sung to the tune of “The Battle Hymn of the Republic,” the song begins, “My eyes have seen the glory of the trampling at the zoo, we washed our hands in niggers’ blood and all the mongrels too, we’re bringing down the ZOG machine Jew by Jew by Jew, the white man marches on.” Let serve as a reminder of what “Unite the Right” was really about.

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