Alex Jones: ‘They’re Banning Me Off The Internet Because I’m Freaked Out’ By Women In Burqas

In a recent interview with racist shock jock Anthony Cumia, Alex Jones revealed that he’s as deranged as ever. On the August 7, 2018 episode of The Anthony Cumia Show, the Compound Media founder talked with the conspiracy theorist/InfoWars host about his ban from several high-profile social media platforms, including Facebook and YouTube.

Cumia, who was fired from SiriusXM’s The Opie & Anthony Show for blatantly racist tweets and appeared on a white supremacist radio show, was outraged that people like Jones could be banned for violating a website’s terms of service. Cumia said “all these platforms” are supposed to “be an open forum” where “anyone who has an opinion can get on there and exchange ideas.”

Evidently Cumia doesn’t think much of a website’s ability to set its own rules with regard to hate speech and harassment, however.

Jones interrupted his friend and went on a classic tangent about jihadists and liberals who want to kill the president. “They say ‘We’re a utility, just follow our rules!’ and jihadis are saying ‘Kill Christians’ and there’s millions of followers on pages saying ‘Kill Trump.’ And then we just go, ‘Man your ideas suck.'”

Then, somehow, Jones began talking about a supposed incident that occurred at an Austin, TX Cheesecake Factory, and linked that to his social media bans:

I was in Cheesecake Factory with my wife and three daughters last night. I couldn’t even finish my meal. In come all these women lookin’ like prisoners in full burqas in Austin, Texas. And my daughters are like, “What the hell is that?” I’m like, “Those are slaves.” But they’re banning me off the Internet because I’m freaked out by women wearing frickin’ hoods on their heads.

I’ll file this away in my folder marked “Things That Definitely Happened.” Cumia, on the other hand, seemed to believe every word of it. “Yeah for some reason you can’t even comment on it, Alex,” he exclaimed. “You’re not allowed to even comment on it. It’s Islamophobic. It’s hateful. It’s hate speech. Meanwhile, Louis Farrakhan has sites up on every platform that you’ve been banned from.”