Andrew ‘weev’ Auernheimer Shares His Plan to Convert Liberals Into ‘Racial Warriors’

Weev Swastika

Andrew Auernheimer, the white nationalist hacker better known as “weev,” recently sat down for an interview with Greg Johnson on Counter-Currents Radio. Auernheimer, whose prison sentence for hacking AT&T’s website was overturned in 2014, recently made the news once again for causing thousands of public, Internet-connected printers to print out advertisements for The Daily Stormer — a move that has some speculating about whether or not Auernheimer violated the Junk Fax Prevention Act of 2005.

The flyers, which are adorned with large swastikas, warn readers of Jews destroying their country through “mass immigration and degeneracy.”

Johnson and Auernheimer talked about how the  latter became “racially aware,” and discussed strategies for turning anti-racist liberals into white nationalists. Auernheimer revealed that he had been a white nationalist for far longer than the media reported — at least since he was a teenager.

Johnson shared an anecdote about his time riding the subway in New York City. As Johnson recalled, he saw a “Negro who must’ve been like fourteen years old” dressed in a “ghetto clown costume.” Supposedly this black child was screaming “white bitch” into his cell phone when Johnson caught the eye of two white girls.

“And it was like, they understood,” Johnson said, “we understood each other. We understood exactly what we were seeing. And then it occurred to me that New York must have more red-pilled people on race and Jews per capita than any other place in the United States, simply because of constant exposure to these people; because really it’s experience that is the basis for racial hatred and discontent and tension, and that’s why we believe in separation.”

Auernheimer claimed that their numerous enemies have a plan to “wipe out whites.” Johnson agreed, declaring it to be an ongoing act of “white genocide.” “I mean, you know, we’re just going to be replaced by non-whites, and that’s the end of us,” he predicted, adding that:

You know, I have defended the thesis that white genocide is a real thing. I think that it’s a very plausible thesis. I think the burden of proof is actually on the skeptics because when you look at the situation and find that every single white country has all the same problems — namely we have collapsing families; we have rampant individualism; we have, you know, divorce; and we have below replacement birthrates; and also open borders, miscegenation — all of these things, all of these things have been adopted.

They have been created by human decisions. And the idea that the leaders and rulers, you know the ruling castes in all these white societies, are adopting all of these terrible policies, all within a space of a few decades of one another and…they know not what they do? It’s not plausible.

When Johnson asked Auernheimer about his religious affiliation, he replied that he was brought up in a fairly secular household, but that later on he became affiliated with the Christian Identity religion — a white supremacist interpretation of traditional Christianity which posits that whites are the true Israelites referred to in the Bible, that non-whites are soulless creatures known as “mud people,” and that present-day Jews are the spawn of the Devil himself. Adherents of Christian Identity believe that a cosmic race war will lead to the end of the world.

It was his embrace of this belief — which he later abandoned in favor of paganism — which led to his accidentally being branded a Jew himself. As Auernheimer put it, during an interview with Gawker he offhandedly mentioned his belief in whites being the real descendants of the Israelites, which led to them “print[ing] that I’m a hebe.” Auernheimer, who is of Bavarian and Scandinavian ancestry, assured listeners that he could “definitely pass the Nuremberg Laws.”

Auernheimer then revealed what he termed a “conversational conversion framework” by which one can persuade a person to adopt a “white nationalist ideology.” He calls this framework R.A.C.E., which stands for Reconnect, Antagonize!, Condescend, Exhibit. Auernheimer begins one of these conversations by “inundat[ing] somebody with white culture” (e.g., classical music or poetry created by whites).

The next two steps, Antagonize! and Condescend, are “often not necessary,” he said. “The Antagonize step is about rebuttaling [sic] any, like, doubts they have with just full-on, no apologies, like, ‘Yes, we have to exterminate the blacks,’ no matter how much — somebody asked me ‘Would you even hang Obama?’ and I’m like ‘Yes.'” The Condescend step means to act like the target “doesn’t know anything” and to talk about his lived experiences in “Arab lands” where he witnessed how “Muslims don’t even appreciate their culture,” for example.

The final step, Exhibit, is when he links his target to “the white genocide documentary,” a reference to Endgame, a 21-minute amateur video produced by Horus the Avenger. “By the end of it like there’s a — they have to pick a side, you know? You’re forcing them on the spot to pick this beautiful — these beautiful bits of European civilization that you’ve confronted them with, or the utter destruction that they’ve just seen, you know, that’s coming for them, and usually they pick the good side,” he claimed.

Auernheimer boasted that his “best record so far” was converting a Bernie Sanders supporter into a “race warrior” in nine Tweets.