Robert Ray, Who Once Boasted That He ‘Gassed Half A Dozen’ Jews, Is Now A Fugitive

Since last year numerous white supremacists have been arrested, charged, and sentenced for their violent conduct at last year’s “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville, VA. Most recently several members of the Rise Above Movement (“RAM”), a white power street-fighting club, were indicted on federal charges of traveling across state lines to organize, promote, or participate in a riot.

One indictment that went under the radar, however, was that of Robert “Azzmador” Ray, a writer for The Daily Stormer and host of The Krypto Report. According to a search of criminal cases in the Albemarle County Circuit, Ray was indicted by a grand jury in early June for malicious release of gas, a felony. And on June 7, 2018, a capias — or writ of arrest — was issued for Ray, who is now listed as a “fugitive.”

Azzmador Indictment

The charge apparently stems from August 11, 2017 (“A11”) — the torchlight march on the University of Virginia where white supremacists attacked a small group of anti-fascist counterprotesters. It was at this march that Radical Agenda host Christopher Cantwell was photographed readying to deploy a can of pepper spray.

Cantwell later pleaded guilty to assault and battery for his use of pepper spray on A11, which he maintains was an act of self-defense, and was barred from Virginia for five years. Yet the available evidence suggests Ray was responsible for more pepper spray-related injuries than even Cantwell.

It’s no secret that Ray has a fondness for a particular brand of pepper spray: Sabre Red. Prior to A11, Ray authored an article for The Daily Stormer in which he instructed readers to bring shields, flagpoles, and pepper spray. Specifically Ray wrote that he “wholeheartedly recommend[s] Sabre Red pepper gel,” claiming that pepper gel is “more accurate” and “more devastating.”

And according to leaked Discord chatlogs, Ray informed other white nationalists days after “Unite the Right” that he “stocked up,” and that “Every single one of you should own this exact type and sizes.” He posted a photo of several canisters of Sabre Red pepper spray and pepper gel, and referred to the product as “battle proven”:

Azzmador Discord 1Azzmador Discord 2Azzmador Discord 3

Interestingly enough, according to a lawsuit filed by white supremacist Christopher Cantwell against anti-fascist activists Emily Gorcenski and Kristopher Goad, an empty bottle of Sabre Red pepper spray was later recovered from the site of the A11 march.

Of course, this by itself wouldn’t be enough to prove that Ray used pepper spray against anti-fascists on A11. Fortunately he all but confessed during a now-deleted Daily Stormer livestream from “Unite the Right.” In the video, Ray could be seen mingling with multiple white nationalists, including a Daily Stormer fan with dark sunglasses and white polo shirt.

As he told the man, the fighting during A11 was “as glorious as you could possibly imagine.” But it was what Ray said next that might seal his fate: “I personally, literally, gassed half a dozen kikes.” He went on to say that he had a “bottle this tall” of Sabre Red pepper gel, and began to pantomime spraying the canister in different directions.

He also boasted that his security detail had to hold him back to prevent him from going after other people, introducing him to a heavy-set, bearded man wearing sunglasses and carrying a shield. That man, whom Ray appeared to refer to as “Texan,” was really, according to Gorcenski, Billy Williams. Williams was part of Ray’s security detail on A11.

In the background, behind a man carrying a sonnenrad shield whom Ray introduced as “Redbeard,” stood a man identified by Gorcenski as Wil Zachary Smith. And, like Ray, he too is a fugitive for the exact same felony charge.

Wil Smith Indictment

Cantwell’s lawsuit also makes a reference to Smith, who is nicknamed “Dragonarm” for the large dragon tattoo he sports. According to Cantwell, it was Smith, not he, who assaulted Gorcenski and Goad on A11. Footage from A11 clearly shows Smith spraying pepper spray into the crowd of anti-fascists.

Despite all this, it is unclear how hard law enforcement working to pursue Smith and Ray.

Ray in particular is still doing work for the Daily Stormer, including recording new episodes of The Krypto Report, the most recent of which aired on Halloween. Hopefully the state of Texas will finally take an interest in going after the pair, and extradite them so they can finally be held accountable for their atrocious actions. 

H/T Emily Gorcenski

UPDATE: This article originally identified the man on the right as Wil Smith. He is actually Billy Williams. This article has been corrected accordingly.