Headlines — 11/02/18

Robert Bowers worked on Gab to dox a left-wing blogger, white supremacists are using YouTube’s “super chat” feature, Sheriff Joe Arpaio let the immigrant killer from Trump’s ad go, and more.

Hatewatch – Pennsylvania man, Robert Bowers, charged with federal hate crimes, murder in shooting at Pittsburgh synagogue.
The Daily Beast – Pittsburgh shooting suspect Robert Bowers worked on Gab to dox left-wing blogger.
The Wall Street Journal – Hate speech on live ‘super chats’ tests YouTube.
Right Wing Watch – Since losing platforms, Gab is out here just having a normal one.
Media Matters – As Rep. Steve King takes heat for ties to neo-Nazis, white supremacist media urge racists to support him.
Think Progress – These prominent white supremacists interacted with the Pittsburgh shooting suspect on social media.
Reason – Sheriff Joe Arpaio let immigrant killer featured in Trump ad go free ‘for reasons unknown.’
Truthout – Trump’s love affair with violence in the age of fascist nihilism.
HuffPost – Gab’s CEO says Pittsburgh suspect doesn’t represent the site. But he spent years recruiting racists like him.
The Baffler – Having it both ways: No, both sides don’t do it.
Politico – Inside the online cesspool of anti-Semitism that housed Robert Bowers.
Vanity Fair – Steve King’s white nationalism may finally cost him.