James Edwards: ‘Everyone Knows The GOP Is The White Party’

On election night, Jean-François “J.F.” Gariépy hosted a six-hour livestream event to discuss the results. His guest list was far from surprising: David Duke, Richard Spencer, Eric Striker, Paul Ramsey, James Edwards, and others. Even less surprising was their reaction to the Democratic Party’s gains that evening.

Regardless of whether or not a “blue wave” had occurred, the Republican Party had clearly lost ground in the House — which was cause for at least some disappointment.

Edwards, host of The Political Cesspool, told Gariépy that he voted Republican in the hopes that President Trump could have at least another two years to enact his white supremacist agenda — including the much-ballyhooed border wall that Mexico will supposedly foot the bill for.

But Edwards suggested the Republicans were losing because they had once again appealed to the wrong demographic. What they should have done, he claimed, was drop the racially-coded language and explicitly pander to white voters. “Everyone knows the GOP is the white party,” Edwards said. “But the party leaders had better embrace that reality or they’re gonna quickly lose.”

He even criticized the President, stating:

And even Trump himself falls into this trap. He will tell you in no uncertain terms what he’s gonna do for the gays, and for the blacks — as he puts it. But I’ve never heard Trump say, even with all of his great rhetoric and transparent dog-whistling, I’ve never heard him say “This is what I’m gonna do for the people who actually vote for me!” And so we haven’t heard that.

Edwards went on to call the Georgia gubernatorial race between Republican Brian Kemp and Democrat Stacey Abrams the “single biggest, most interesting race that we have tonight.” And he mocked Abrams, who could go on to become the nation’s first black female governor, as “this creature” who is “abhorrent to look at aesthetically” and “exudes white hatred.”

Edwards, himself a Neo-Confederate, was evidently still bitter over a 1992 protest Abrams took part in where the Georgia state flag was burned. At that time it still incorporated elements of the Confederate battle flag. The Confederate imagery was removed from the flag a decade later, which angered pro-Confederate activists and other racists.

Edwards warned that, if Abrams can win a “deep South Confederate state like Georgia,” then other Southern states might go blue as well. “If they turn, that’s it!” he exclaimed. Addressing the GOP directly he said that it was “time to embrace your identity, embrace your base,” and “stand up explicitly as the white party” by “secur[ing] the border” and “deport[ing] millions.”

In spite of the Republican politicians who bristle at accusations of racism, it seems that there’s at least one group of people out there who believe such accusations are true. And they’re thrilled about it.