WeSearchr Conducts Disgusting Interview With Racist Killer George Zimmerman

As I wrote earlier, Chuck Johnson’s terrible bounty-hunting outfit WeSearchr announced it would be taking donations to conduct an interview with unrepentant killer George Zimmerman. And on February 26, 2017, the five year anniversary of Trayvon Martin’s death, WeSearchr followed through on its promise.

In an interview that clocks under seven minutes, WeSearchr’s Peter Duke asked Zimmerman a series of questions that varied from silly to offensive. The first question, for example, was whether Zimmerman considered The Daily Stormer to be the “most trusted Republican news outlet” or the “number one Pewdiepie fan site.” Zimmerman, clearly not knowing what the Neo-Nazi website The Daily Stormer is, let alone who Pewdiepie is, answered that it was the “number one Republican news source.”

After that, Duke asked Zimmerman which “news personalities or organizations truthfully covered the shooting,” in his opinion. Zimmerman responded that right-wing channel Fox News “was the only one that reported carefully.” He even singled out Sean Hannity as the reported who was the most fair to him and the “only person that reported the truth at the time.” The “truth,” he said, was that “everyone knew nothing until the trial.” He then thanked Hannity for the assist.

Duke: Which news personalities or organizations truthfully covered the shooting [of Trayvon Martin] versus the fake news reporters or organizations?

Zimmerman: Fox News was the only one that reported carefully. If you need to add more to that, I would say Sean Hannity himself was the only person that reported the truth at the time, which is that everyone knew nothing until the trial. And I thank him for that.

Duke asked Zimmerman how his political views have changed in the five years since the shooting. Zimmerman simply responded by stating his belief that “Mr. Trump will do the right thing.” When pressed to elaborate, he replied that he “heard from several good friends” that Trump is “the right man for the job to make sure America is great again.”

Duke: How has your political outlet [sic] changed in the past five years and why?

Zimmerman: My political outlet?

Duke: Your political outlook.

Zimmerman: Well I trust that Mr. Trump will do the right thing.

Duke: Alright. And has that changed? Has that moved from another position?

Zimmerman: No sir. I’ve heard from several good friends of mine that he’s the right man for the job to make sure that America is great again.

And the dumbest, most offensive question by far has to be Duke asking the racist vigilante what he would do, if elected president, to “stop the black crime epidemic.” Absurdly, the man who shot and killed a black boy, had an opinion on the matter. “I would ask for more mentors to go where they’re needed,” he said. “Because I mentored. I know for it fact it made a difference.”

Duke: Alright. If you were president, how would you solve the black crime epidemic?

Zimmerman: I would ask for more mentors to go where they’re needed. Because I mentored. I know for a fact it made a difference. But nobody wants to ask those kids.

Unfortunately for us, Zimmerman was never asked a question on how best to promote racial tolerance, lower the rate of gun deaths, or prevent domestic abuse. I’m certain he would have plenty to say on these issues as well.

You can watch the full interview here on YouTube.