Duke And Peinovich Blame The Jews For ‘Unite The Right’ Catastrophe

In a Periscope video uploaded by ex-Klan leader and alt-right bigot David Duke, he and The Right Stuff’s Mike Peinovich complained about the “Unite the Right” rally being shut down. And they, naturally, placed the blame for their catastrophic rally on the Jews, even getting one of their crew — alt-right singer Morrakiu — to dress and act like an offensive Jewish caricature named “Hirschel.”

“Hirschel” — who wore fake payot, or sidelocks, and a black hat — rubbed his hands and said to the camera in a nasally whine, “Goyim, do you doubt my power now? Hehehehehe, I have contacts in the NSA that shut your Internet down! Good luck getting your broadcast out now, goyim.”

“Hirschel” then wandered out of sight as Peinovich and Duke moved in front of the camera and ordered that he be “physically removed” — a reminder that Nazis just aren’t funny, even when they try to be.

“Anyway, we’ve gotta get to the bottom line, right?” Duke said. Both he and Peinovich claimed that the “first rally” they held was “totally non-violent” and that they simply expressed their belief that “the statue of Robert E. Lee should stand,” and that “our Confederate veterans and our European-American veterans deserve to be honored like every people honors their ancestors.”

Duke thought it unfair, for example, that “Aztec Indians” are allowed to honor the “Aztec kings that cut out peoples’ hearts and ate them on top of the pyramids, and enslaved thousands.” This, of course, begs the question of how many statues of Moctezuma II were erected in the U.S. in the last hundred years in order to terrorize the ancestors of non-hereditary Aztec slaves.

Duke went on to say that “our ancestors actually built civilization” and that the U.S. was “built by European-Americans.” I mean, except for the whole chattel slavery bit.

Of the “Unite the Right” rally, Duke claimed that “the reason they wanted to shut it down was because so many speakers were coming” and because “European-Americans” are “waking up.” And according to Duke and Peinovich, it was Trump’s election that started “waking up” white Americans. “The Trump election has them very triggered,” Peinovich claimed.

Duke suggested that the “meme of Trump” is “good” because of his “make America great again” slogan. “Well you don’t make America great again unless you make what great again?” “America white again,” Peinovich replied. “Unless you make the people who built America great again,” Duke added, “you don’t make America great again.”

After complaining about the media (correctly) blaming the alt-right activists for the murder of Heather Heyer, Duke turned to Peinovich and said, “I’m gonna ask you a question. Do you think maybe the part of the reason why they shut this rally down was because — well, I think maybe it’s because of Hirschel.”

“Yeah, I started speaking, we had a great reception, and I began to say “We’re standing up here for our freedom, our heritage,” I thought people would be peaceful and everything. And I said, “But one great thing about this meeting is, the goyim know” — an anti-Semitic meme implying that white people have awoken to Jews and their supposed conspiracies.