White Supremacists Are Throwing Their Support Behind Derek Chauvin

Yesterday the closing arguments ended in the trial of former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin, and the jury began its deliberations. And while white supremacists and law enforcement have sometimes clashed, they have been steadfast in their decision to “Back the Blue” since Chauvin was charged with George Floyd’s murder.

Prominent white supremacists have demonized and dehumanized Floyd, promoted the lie that his death was ruled an overdose, claimed that Chauvin’s prosecution is a “lynching” or “witch trial,” and treated Chauvin as a stand-in for all white people.

American Renaissance

“Could the jurors defy the lynch mob and vote to acquit?” asked American Renaissance founder Jared Taylor in a Mar. 26 video. “There are reasons to.” Taylor repeated the claim that George Floyd’s death was caused by an overdose. He pointed out that George Floyd had a “lethal dose of fentanyl in his body, along with meth, and cannabis, and was positive for COVID.”

The drugs in George Floyd’s system were not the cause of his death, however. Contrary to popular belief, George Floyd’s autopsy did not conclude that he died of an overdose.

As Dr. Carl L. Hart wrote in an op-ed for The New York Times, Floyd “had a negligible amount of drugs in his system — 19 nanograms per milliliter of methamphetamine and 2.9 nanograms per milliliter of THC.” According to Dr. Hart’s analysis of the toxicology report, “Those numbers suggest he hadn’t used them in at least several hours, maybe a day.”

As for the fentanyl, Dr. Hart noted that Floyd had “11 nanograms” in his blood, but that “Immediately after a person dies, the blood concentration of fentanyl increases significantly, so knowing only the post-mortem amount does not tell us about Mr. Floyd’s level of intoxication before his death.”

Moreover, Dr. Martin Tobin, an expert witness for the prosecution, would later testify that a “healthy person” who was subjected to the kind of restraint George Floyd was subjected to “would have died.”

Taylor said that “an acquittal would not be out of the question” in a “fair trial.”

But he said an acquittal would cause riots comparable to the ones that took place in Los Angeles in 1992 and Ferguson in 2014. “It’s an American tradition,” Taylor claimed. “The media tell the world that the white defendant is guilty. When it turns out he isn’t, people riot because they know better than the jurors — the jurors who saw all the evidence, including the stuff the media didn’t talk about.”

Paul Ray Ramsey (a.k.a. “RamZPaul”)

In a Mar. 30 YouTube video, white nationalist Paul Ramsey similarly claimed the trial would be unfair, and said Chauvin would be found guilty in accordance with the rules of “social justice.” Ramsey said that under “social justice,” people are expected to consider not only the facts, but “the whole society, and how Blacks have been mistreated by white police officers for centuries.”

Ramsey said that a “lot of people” want him to be found guilty “no matter the facts” because Chauvin is a “symbol of the wicked, racist police that’s holding down the Black man for centuries.” He added that “this police officer hasn’t been alive for centuries” and there’s “no evidence” that he’s racist, although that’s kind of how symbols work.

Continuing this gibberish Ramsey said if one goes by the facts of the case Chauvin “should be found not guilty” under a “traditional justice system.”

However under “social justice,” he said, “how they look at it is ‘Okay, well maybe he didn’t do anything that really caused the death of George Floyd. But he’s white, he’s a police officer. George Floyd was a Black guy. And Blacks have always been oppressed by evil racist cops. So we need to sacrifice this police officer.'”

He said this proves “social justice” — whatever he believes that phrase to mean — is a “very evil” and “primitive” concept.

“An example of social justice, let’s say someone with red hair killed a member of my family,” he explained. “And I can’t find that person. Let’s say the person that did it got away. And I said ‘Oh, well I can’t get the guy that killed a member of my family, so I’m just gonna shoot some random person that has red hair.’ Because that’s social justice.”

Patriotic Weekly Review

During a Mar. 31 episode of Patriotic Weekly Review, co-host and Neo-Nazi Mark Collett began the show by asserting that Derek Chauvin was “wrongly accused” of murder. He also claimed that President Biden is “turning up the anti-white dial to 2,000,” and warned that Chauvin’s trial could lead to a “real, real explosion of racial anti-white violence.”

Neo-Nazi and conspiracy theorist Emily Youcis falsely claimed that there was a “real autopsy report and a fake autopsy report,” and that the “real autopsy report” showed that Chauvin did not murder Floyd. She also said, without evidence, that the jury “consists of a lot of anti-white people” and is “very biased.”

Her husband Warren Balogh compared the trial of Derek Chauvin to that of James Fields. Fields was convicted in 2018 of murdering antiracist protester Heather Heyer at the white supremacist “Unite the Right” rally by ramming his car into a crowd of people. Balogh, who also attended that rally, falsely claimed that Fields had gotten into a “car accident” after “being attacked by antifa.”

He also parroted the lie adopted by many other white supremacists that Heather Heyer “wasn’t even directly hit by the car.” Balogh said that James Fields “did not have a chance” and that his trial was a “complete political trial from start to finish.” “And I feel like that’s the way this trial is,” he continued. “I feel like there’s no way that this guy can get off. And they’re basically threatening riots.”

Balogh went on to say that the video of Chauvin kneeling on Floyd’s neck “doesn’t look very good,” that he’s generally not supportive of “police and police tactics,” and that police, in his opinion, typically work “hand-in-glove with ZOG, with the system.” (“ZOG,” or “Zionist Occupied Government,” is used by white supremacists to imply that the federal government is controlled by Jews.)

However he concluded that George Floyd “died from something other than the guy’s knee being on him.”

[The following clips are from a two hour and fifteen minute episode of Patriotic Weekly Review.]

The Political Cesspool

On the Apr. 3 episode of The Political Cesspool, white nationalist and Neo-Confederate James Edwards said George Floyd was a “petty criminal with enough drugs in his system to kill an elephant” and “wasn’t murdered.” After dismissing the testimony of Floyd’s girlfriend Courteney Ross, Edwards claimed that “white-hating partisans” are “out to lynch Chauvin.”

His co-host Keith Alexander remarked that “[W]hat I think Derek Chauvin and all of this cancel culture is about is the profound embarrassment of the Left regarding the failure of the civil rights movement to improve the lot of Blacks in America.”

He continued: “Blacks in America are probably in worse shape now than they were in 1955 … and basically everything, every failure is met with the same charge: ‘We haven’t done enough’ and ‘White racism is too strong.’ That is the background in Minnesota from which we get this Derek Chauvin trial.”

Their guest, Henrik Palmgren of the white supremacist media outlet Red Ice, speculated that Floyd swallowed drugs which led to an overdose. Palmgren said it was “very likely that he took the drugs he was holding” to “get away from being arrested by the cops.”

Keith Alexander interjected to claim that there is no “structural racism” in the state of Minnesota because the people who live there “will twist themselves into a pretzel to avoid any hint of racism whatsoever.” Palmgren agreed and said Minnesotans are “doing everything they can to appease the new and incoming population.”

Alexander said that they now have to “look at Derek Chauvin and any other hapless white person that gets caught up in this web of antiracism.” He added that white people “need to relearn the lessons of jury nullification in places in these urban centers where you have a majority-minority population or a very significant minority population.”

David Duke/The David Duke Show

During the Apr. 5 episode of his online show — which he hilariously renamed Human Rights Radio — ex-Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke compared the trial of Derek Chauvin to a “witch trial.”

After fearmongering about “violent attacks” against white people by Black people, Duke declared that the “real racism in this country is against white people.” Duke claimed that there is a “white witch trial” taking place in Minneapolis, and that all white people are really on trial.

Duke said that the belief that all white people are white supremacists is the “modern-day equivalent” to the medieval belief that “witches were everywhere.”

“It’s like saying white people are witches in effect because all whites are supremist, when the reality is the real racial discrimination on a massive scale, and in fact the demonization, the hate speech that they’re always talking about, are really hate speech against whites,” he said.

And, as is typical for Duke, he pinned the blame for this “white witch trial” on Jewish people, whom he claimed for the millionth time control the media and both major political parties.

Duke’s co-host Dr. Patrick Slattery said there are “two cases.” The first, he said, is the “case going on inside the courthouse,” and the second, which is “going on outside,” is the “witch trial of all white people.”

Fash the Nation

On Apr. 7, the hosts of the white supremacist podcast Fash the Nation mocked Floyd’s death and claimed he should be the person on trial. “Jazzhands McFeels” said that media outlets which referred to it as the “George Floyd trial” “have been getting a lot of shit from commenters,” but added that the “wrongdoing” in this case was actually caused by George Floyd.

“I mean, Derek Chauvin is the one whose life is in danger and is gonna be subjected to this. Floyd is, uh… I dunno where Floyd is. Where do animals go? Do animals go to Heaven? What’s the church doctrine on that?” McFeels asked. “I don’t know. I don’t know.”

“Well dogs do,” replied his co-host James Allsup. McFeels said that Floyd was “not a dog,” while Allsup joked that he was “Definitely not man’s best friend.”

McFeels went on to say that it “really is and should be a trial of George Floyd” because Derek Chauvin “didn’t do anything wrong.”

“How is it that white people on police forces, regardless of the shitty things they do to other white people, which is frequent, how do they keep ending up in the same sort of situation with Blacks over and over and over again?” he asked.

McFeels called Black people “deadly weapons” even when they don’t have drugs in their systems.

“Start pumpin’ drugs into ’em it’s a whole ‘nother story,” he said. He also claimed, although George Floyd was not shot, that his death is a reminder that “there is no shooting that occurs where it’s an unjustified shooting of a Black,” and that there’s “never a situation that has occurred where the guy literally didn’t do nothin’.”

The Daily Shoah

Two days later on an episode of The Daily Shoah, hosts Mike “Enoch” Peinovich, Jesse Dunstan, and Alex McNabb complained about the amount of resources that are necessary to help Black people like George Floyd who struggled with substance abuse.

McNabb, who lost his job as an EMT after his role as a white supremacist podcaster came to light, said “these individuals are so fucked up that you need people who are literally trained to be ER doctors, police, they also need to be psychiatrists, they need to be all of these things.”

“We need to get this nigger to jail, safely!” Dunstan exclaimed, mocking the idea that George Floyd died of an overdose and that police officers should have done more to save his life. “We need to save him so he can serve his time!”

McNabb added that this situation “highlights just how expensive niggers are in your society.”

Dunstan also suggested that prosecuting Derek Chauvin was a “reparation.” “Reparations are pretending that that man had any dignity to protect and a life worth living that he didn’t forfeit by his own actions, his own poor choices in life,” he said.