White Nationalist Warren Balogh Calls ‘For The People Act’ A Jewish ‘Power Grab’

During the Mar. 13, 2021 episode of Modern Politics, white nationalist Warren Balogh spread conspiracy theories about H.R. 1, better known as the For the People Act — a landmark piece of voting rights legislation. The Act would, among other things, prohibit partisan gerrymandering and restore federal voting rights to Americans disenfranchised due to criminal convictions.

Balogh read from an article at the right-wing website The Federalist — which parroted falsehoods about the Act allowing 16 and 17-year-olds to vote and gerrymandering districts to favor Democrats. He interspersed this with his own commentary and claims about the Act being a “power grab” by “psychopathic Communist Jews.”

Balogh, a member of an openly racist and antisemitic political party, denounced the Act as the “Against the White People Act” and the “For the Jews Act.” Balogh claimed that “as much as this is designed to superficially increase the power of nonwhites, it isn’t actually going to do that. It isn’t actually going to do that.”

His co-host, genocidal Neo-Nazi Emily Youcis, said they should “offer up some blunts and fried chicken” to nonwhite voters because “that’s how they used to do it in Philly.” “Just be like, get some free fried chicken, some 40s and some blunts down at your local polling place,” she said. “Get everyone down there.”

Balogh claimed that the lives of Black Americans would not improve because of the Act, and that instead “you’re going to just leverage all these [minority] groups against the power of whites. You’re going to hurt white people everywhere — in the cities, outside the cities, in rural areas, rural states and solidly red states.”

Youcis said the Act is a way to “pull the whites down to the Blacks’ level.” Balogh added that it would only serve to benefit the “rich and the powerful who control our media, who control our banks, who control our big tech giants.” In case Balogh was too subtle with his racist scapegoating, he clarified that “you could call it the ‘For the Jews Act.'”

Balogh said that “all our founding fathers and all the statesmen and leaders of our country up until like the mid 1960s” would have agreed that America “is a white country, created and built by white people,” and that the right to vote should not be extended to nonwhites.

“Why not just bring millions of Chinese and Indians or something here and let it be taken over by a different people?” he asked.

Balogh continued to fearmonger about voting rights for nonwhite people by warning viewers that they might somehow vote to strip white people of their property. “Let’s say all the Black and brown people in this country, let’s say they get the majority,” he said. “And let’s say … in the name of equity they vote to expropriate everything that white people own.”

Or, he continued, what if they vote to “put white people in gulags” or “deport them all back to Europe”? If that situation sounds stupid and implausible to you, that’s because it is. Unless you’re Emily Youcis, of course. Then it doesn’t only make sense, but it’s a very real thing that will happen in the future.

“That’s what it’s comin’ to,” Youcis said.

Continuing to say all the quiet parts loud, Balogh asked what was more important, “voting for voting’s sake” or treating the right to vote as a “tool by which a people can govern themselves for all the things that are in the Declaration of Independence and the Preamble to the Constitution.” By “a people” he means white people of course.

Balogh said that “white people have a right to exist and protect their interests with or without voting and with or without considering whether it’s okay to give an 18-year-old immigrant felon from Mexico the right to vote in their democracy.” He added that even if that were “fair,” it “would not be in the interests of our people.”

“But the second point is that it’s not fair,” he said. “It doesn’t make any sense. It’s clearly a power grab by these psychopathic Communist Jews that are running the media and running the country. And the Republicans will not call it out as such. And that’s the danger.”