Nick Fuentes Hoped For Another Riot Because Each One ‘Creates A Thousand Racists’

Yesterday, as the country braced itself for the verdict in the Derek Chauvin trial, white nationalist podcaster Nick Fuentes was railing against diversity and multiculturalism. Fuentes, who is prone to racist outbursts, claimed that “race riots” are caused by diversity itself, and suggested riots are beneficial because they create more “racists.”

During the Apr. 20, 2021 livestream Fuentes said that “race riots” have been “going on for decades.” “Doesn’t anybody remember Rodney King?” he asked. “This has been going on for decades! Doesn’t anybody remember Martin Luther King Jr.? Race riots have been around for as long as Black people have had civil rights in this country, basically.”

“People say ‘Wow, a verdict in a court case gonna cause a riot.’ Well I mean that’s the nature of the population. That’s the nature of these demographics,” Fuentes said. He added that he isn’t “shocked” by this because “that’s what diversity gives you.”

He claimed that “in a diverse country you can’t have a controversial court case” like Chauvin’s “where race is a salient factor and not get a race riot. You can’t.” Fuentes went on to say that riots are the “inevitable, natural consequence of living in a multiracial and diverse society,” and that “racial tension” and “conflict” are “natural.”

Fuentes also attacked the Black Lives Matter movement, but suggested that the pro-police Blue Lives Matter movement is insufficient to counter it. “The answer to BLM is not Blue Lives Matter,” he said mockingly. “It definitely isn’t.”

Instead, he said the answer is to highlight how “white people are under attack,” there is a “white genocide going on,” and that Black people are “ethnically narcissistic” and are “being put at the top of a social and racial caste system.” “So that’s what’s really going on,” he claimed.

As he continued waiting for the verdict he once again began speculating as to whether there would be riots that evening. He predicted that “even if there’s a ‘not guilty’ verdict” there would likely be riots in Minneapolis an elsewhere.

However, he suggested that riots might actually be a good thing — at least for white nationalists.

“And honestly, I kind of wanted the riots to happen, not because riots are good,” he said. “Riots are very destructive and deadly and it’s not right. It’s not fair for small business owners. But I think that the riots do catalyze a very good response from people that benefits us.”

Fuentes clarified that the “indirect political benefit” from rioting is that “every time a riot happens it creates a thousand racists.” Rephrasing this statement slightly, he added that it “creates a thousand people that are more aware of the sort of racial dynamic in the country. Maybe that’s a better way to say it.”