Neo-Nazi And Capitol Hill Insurrectionist Tim Gionet Claims To Be Victim Of ‘Political Persecution’

On Jan. 15, 2021, Neo-Nazi livestreamer Tim “Baked Alaska” Gionet was arrested in Houston, TX on charges connected to the violent Capitol Hill insurrection the week prior. Gionet was one of hundreds of far-right extremists who were arrested and charged after unlawfully entering the Capitol building after a rally headlined by President Trump.

Gionet, who was filmed making comments like “1776, baby” and “America First is inevitable. Fuck globalists, let’s go!”, was charged with entering a restricted building without lawful authority and disorderly conduct.

On Friday Gionet made a guest appearance on Good Morning Groyper, an online show hosted by Gionet’s friend and fellow white nationalist livestreamer Nick Fuentes, to discuss his arrest and incarceration. Gionet and Fuentes’ history stretches back to 2017’s white supremacist “Unite the Right” rally which both attended.

Gionet said he was surprised about the trespass charge, since he had been “standing with a cop” and “fist-bumping him.” “How can you be trespassing if you’re fist-bumping a cop and he’s taking selfies with you, and you’re just having a casual chat with him?” he asked. “That doesn’t make sense.”

“The whole thing is bogus and it absolutely is political persecution,” he complained. “They’ve done everything they can do to scare me, to isolate me. They threw me in federal prison for a week. They put me in solitary confinement. All the guards are Black. They treat you like shit. It’s terrible, dude.”

Fuentes claimed that the events of Jan. 6 were “just like Charlottesville” in that people lied about both.

“It’s like the same big lie,” he said. “What we were told on Jan. 6 was this was an armed insurrection against the government and cops were killed. And then three months later it’s like no, nobody brought guns. There was no plan. Nobody was planning to overthrow the government. People didn’t even know they were doing anything wrong.”

Gionet complained about problems like “Big Tech censorship” but insisted they would only make their movement “stronger in the end.” Fuentes agreed, telling him that “we on the right-wing are getting it harder than anybody else from social media censorship, from the police, from the government.”

Fuentes said that they were “getting the brunt of it” but that this is “creating a hardcore movement of true believers and zealots.” He went on to say that they are “facing the full power — full focused and concentrated power — of private and public power combined.” This “power,” for some reason, includes “Jimmy Kimmel, and the feds, and the media.”

Gionet told Fuentes that he was “pissed off” about not being able to attend the second annual America First Political Action Conference — a white nationalist gathering organized by Fuentes which saw speakers like Rep. Paul Gosar and ex-BlazeTV pundit Jon Miller. “I wanted to go so bad,” Gionet said, adding that he “legally couldn’t go.”

Gionet also complimented Fuentes for hosting his own events and creating his own website. “They cannot stop you, bro. You’re too big!” Gionet said. “They can’t stop us, bro. They can’t stop us,” Fuentes replied. Gionet claimed that “they can’t touch us” or “stop the Year of Baked Alaska” and “America First.”

“So true, so true,” Fuentes said. “The Jews, and the feds, and the Blacks, and the pigs — no one can stop the Year of Baked Alaska.”

Gionet advised any “young groypers” who might have been listening not to talk to federal law enforcement officers.

“Do not talk to the feds. Do not talk to the police,” he warned. “You have no reason to talk to [anybody]. You don’t need to talk to cops. You don’t need to talk to feds. I don’t care what anyone tells you. It’s a lie. And cops will lie to you. Feds will lie to you. And they’ll incriminate you in — they’ll fuck you over.”

Gionet also denied that he had been working as a federal informant, calling the allegations “absolutely not true” and reminding listeners that he is still facing two charges stemming from the Jan. 6 riot. “I’m not off, by the way,” Gionet said. “I still have two charges, so I’m not off by any means. I still have a parole officer that checks in on me once or twice a month randomly.”

Fuentes in turn admitted that he has “evidence of people being where they shouldn’t be.” He said that while he “would have a very good reason sharing that with certain parties,” he would not do so. Without going into greater detail Fuentes said he wouldn’t “think of helping the pigs and the FBI if it was my worst enemy.”

Fuentes declared that the “people in this government are … the number one public enemy, in my opinion.”