Stefan Molyneux Mourns The Loss Of His Audience After YouTube And Twitter Bans

Last summer, white supremacist and self-described philosopher Stefan Molyneux was banned from both YouTube and Twitter. On his YouTube channel, which boasted nearly one million followers, Molyneux uploaded hundreds of videos in which he attacked women, promoted scientific racism and white nationalism, and rubbed shoulders with prominent extremists.

Last year it was also revealed that Brenton Tarrant — a white supremacist terrorist who murdered 51 Muslims in two Christchurch, New Zealand mosques in March 2019 — donated money to Molyneux’s Freedomain Radio media outlet.

In a livestream from Mar. 24, 2021, Molyneux claimed that he had lost most of his audience, that donations had largely dried up, and that, as a result, he has largely abandoned producing videos about politics.

“World deplatforms me? Alright. I’m off politics,” Molyneux said grimly.

“Focusing on Bitcoin. And personal conversations where I can have an effect. Focusing on what gives me pleasure. No more sacrifice. ‘Oh man, you’ve gotta do your ‘Truth About’ videos,’ people tell me. Really? Why? Because 5% of people followed me to a new platform? Because my donations have cratered? You get what you deserve.”

He quickly added that he wasn’t talking to the small group of people who were watching his livestream, but rather to “everyone else” who abandoned him. Molyneux said that the “deplatforming only worked ’cause people didn’t follow [him],” and complained that “being one website over is apparently a bridge too far.”

But he’s definitely not mad. Or “bitter.” In fact, Molyneux proclaimed that he felt “liberated” by the whole affair. “And it’s liberating. I’m telling you. I don’t wanna sound bitter. I’m not bitter. I’m genuinely not bitter,” he said. “I hope that I’m not coming across as bitter, ’cause I’m not bitter.”

The genuinely-not-bitter Internet philosopher added that “if the world as a whole doesn’t wanna listen to reason” or “complain that much when one of the greatest speakers of reason and facts is yeeted off the major platforms,” then he has “no need or desire to sacrifice one goddamn thing.”

He went on to claim that his Bitchute subscriber count is only 8% of the total number of his YouTube subscribers, and that he already had “a bunch of Bitchute subscribers.” Based on those numbers Molyneux calculated that only 3% of his YouTube audience followed him to Bitchute.

“So why the hell was I stickin’ my neck out — risking massive blowback, risking violence, risking death threats, risking terroristic threats to attack venues — why the fuck would I be stickin’ my neck out for people who can’t be bothered to type in a new website?” he asked. In other words: Yes, deplatforming works.