Nick Fuentes Goes On Racist And Homophobic Tirade Over Lil Nas X’s ‘Montero’

Last week Lil Nas X released his latest song, “Montero (Call Me by Your Name).” The controversial music video, which depicted the singer giving Satan a lapdance, combined with the sale of 666 pairs of so-called “Satan Shoes,” caused a right-wing backlash. On Monday, white nationalist podcaster Nick Fuentes went on a racist and homophobic tirade against Lil Nas X, who is Black and gay.

During his America First show Fuentes lashed out at conservatives who denounced the Satanic imagery of Lil Nas X’s music video without criticizing the singer’s homosexuality. Fuentes also used racist and homophobic slurs and suggested Republicans win over Black voters by appealing to anti-gay attitudes in the Black community.

“The guy — Lil Nas X — he makes songs for kids. He’s on TikTok. He performs his songs for children. He has a children’s book. And he’s been openly gay for, I think, like a year. Nobody had anything to say about that?” Fuentes asked. “A year ago, nobody has had anything to say about that up until this point?”

Fuentes bemoaned the “conventional conservative approach” to homosexuality, which he claimed is to accept it and move on. “Well the gay pop star who has the reach with children makes a video where it’s Satan and Hell and blood and a pentagram and all of that and suddenly, oh, everybody’s got something to say,” he said. (A recent PRRI poll suggests that a slim majority of Republicans now support same-sex marriage.)

Fuentes complained that conservatives “have a problem with the horns and the pitchforks and the hellfire” but not “the rainbow flag” or the “fun pop star who is a homosexual with an outreach to children.” He added that “You can’t tell me you have a problem with the horns and the Devil and the demons and all of that if you don’t have a problem with the big rainbow flag!”

Continuing his rant, Fuentes said that the famous rapper Nas should be insulted by the fact that an openly gay rapper would call himself Lil Nas X as a tribute. “And I wonder what [Nas] must think that 25 years ago he makes one of the best rap albums of all time, and now his name is being appropriated by this fag, right?” he said.

Fuentes said he “can’t wait” for a “big backlash” “from Blacks” against gay people, and suggested that Republicans could win over Black voters by exploiting homophobic attitudes.

Adopting a stereotypical Black affect, Fuentes said Republicans should approach Black voters and say, “You’re voting for Joe Biden, what are you gay? What are you some kinda gay nigga? What are you a gay nigga? Nah, man. Nah, man. I’m not a — look man, I’m white. I’m not about that! Joe Biden’s gay, dude! Democrats are gay.”

He advised Republicans to “run an ad in the ghetto” depicting two Black men discussing the presidential election.

“One Black guy’s like, ‘Who are you gonna vote for in the election?’ ‘Joe Biden, of course, man. Trump’s a racist’ or whatever,” he explained.

“And then the other Black guy’s gotta be like ‘You see what they doin’ though, man? What they puttin’ on TV in front of them kids?’ And maybe they show the health secretary and Lil Nas X and the drag queens and everything. And then they’d have the other Black guy go ‘Shit man, I’m not about that!'”

Fuentes predicted that this would “create a conversation in the Black community” and cause Black people to start “running from the Democratic Party.” He also claimed that “Black people used to like Trump because he was like a gangster,” and that Hispanic voters were attracted to him because he reminded them of a “Latin American strongman.”

“Yeah, play to that. Play up Republicans as like strong, masculine, and traditional dictators,” he said. “And try to paint the Left as trans, female — all this kind of stuff. And I’m tellin’ ya, I’m tellin’ ya, that’s how it’s gonna work out.”