Stefan Molyneux Warms Up To White Nationalism After Visit To Poland

During his “International Men’s Day Livestream!” on November 19, 2018, far-right YouTube philosopher Stefan Molyneux told viewers he was becoming much more sympathetic to white nationalism. Molyneux had recently returned from Poland, where he was filming for a documentary (“Bringing history to life” as he wrote on Twitter).

“You know, I go to Poland — what is it, 99% white? — I don’t need any security, the streets are incredibly clean, crime is almost non-existent,” Molyneux said. “Nobody gets called a racist. There’s no talk of white privilege. No identity politics. No endless diversity nagging.”

Poland is one of several European nations lurching backward toward authoritarianism. In July, 27 of Poland’s 72 Supreme Court judges were forcibly “retired” after being denounced as “Communists” and “obstructionists” by the nation’s ruling Law and Justice party.

This law was reversed after a critical ruling by the European Court of Justice last month.

During last year’s Independence Day march, tens of thousands of ultra-nationalists — including members of the anti-Semitic National Radical Camp organization — converged on Warsaw. Many of the marchers covered their faces, and were heard chanting “Pure Poland, white Poland!” and “Refugees get out!” This year’s march was a similarly horrifying spectacle.

“You know I’ve spoken against white nationalism,” Molyneux said gleefully, “but I’m an empiricist! I’m an empiricist. I went to the country. I saw how it was like.” He praised Poland because he could organize meetings without having them disrupted — most likely referring to anti-fascist protesters.

“I’ve spoken out against white nationalism, but I’m an empiricist,” Molyneux continued. “I’m listening. I’m listening to my experiences. Can’t argue with the facts. Can’t argue with the reality.” For Molyneux, himself a fan of apartheid and crackpot race-and-IQ theories, it seems his mask has just slipped even further.