Headlines — 11/23/18

White supremacist podcasters treat Tucker Carlson as one of their own, Charlottesville killer James Fields prepares to go on trial, Neo-Nazis are engaging in secretive paramilitary training, and more.

Media Matters – Tucker Carlson is a hero on these white supremacist podcasts.
Vice – Neo-Nazis are organizing secretive paramilitary training across America.
Sludge – Charles Koch is funding right-wing, pro-Trump media, new disclosure reveals.
The Daily Beast – Inside the Flat Earth Conference, where the world’s oldest conspiracy theory is hot again.
Think Progress – Roger Stone-linked conspiracy theorist reportedly enters plea deal with special counsel.
The Forward – 3 swastikas drawn on Cornell campus.
Washington Post – Self-professed neo-Nazi to go on trial in deadly crash at Charlottesville rally.
Philly Voice – Alt-right Gritty memes will fail to co-opt Flyers mascot as Pepe 2.0.
Missoulian – White nationalist flyers show up on University of Montana campus.
NBC News – In every tally of hate crimes, blacks are the most frequent victims.
The Charlotte Observer – Former Davidson College student accused of neo-Nazi posts is still in ROTC, Army says.
NPR – Federal officials indict more than 40 people linked to white supremacist prison gang.
CNN – Trump says troops on U.S. border can use ‘lethal force,’ threatens to close border.
Splinter – Weird how Mississippi’s Cindy Hyde-Smith is super popular with racist lunatics.