Lauren Southern And Stefan Molyneux Stir Up Racist Fears Over ‘Genocide’ In South Africa

On February 10, 2018, far-right activist Lauren Southern appeared on Stefan Molyneux’s Freedomain Radio show to promote her ill-conceived new film Farmlands — a piece of white nationalist agitprop dressed up as a documentary on South African farm murders.

White supremacists’ obsession with a supposed “white genocide” in South Africa is nothing new. For years they’ve bemoaned the fall of apartheid and alleged that the black majority would — any day now — wipe out the nation’s white population, a crime allegedly covered up by the mainstream media.

So it makes sense for Southern to use the specter of “white genocide” to boost her popularity with “New Right” and alt-right groups — something she has clearly been working diligently on since last year’s attempt at stopping migrant rescues in the Mediterranean.

And, judging by Southern’s interview with Molyneux, the goal of Farmlands is to further inflame racial tensions in South Africa and elsewhere. Southern cited the dubious reporting of Genocide Watch to bolster her claim of an ongoing genocide of white South African farmers, and said she fears that when the media finally recognizes a genocide is taking place it will be too late.

Molyneux, a YouTube philosopher with his own history of promoting scientific racism, claimed the media is silent because they “don’t wanna goose whites in the West about what’s gonna happen with population replacement” of whites by non-whites:

They don’t want whites in the West to look down the tunnel of time and say, “Oh so when we become a minority, we’re gonna have to hide with guns by our bed and under our pillows. We’re gonna have to hide between twelve different kinds of locks. We’re gonna have to hire private security, and we’re gonna live a life of indoorsville. We’re gonna have to live a life where we move from one security area to another where we’re constantly under threat of danger, where we don’t know what next horrible law is gonna come down justifying violence against us. And we’re gonna look at people who murder other whites and often walk free or have minimal sentencing.” And they don’t want to scare the whites in the West with what happens when whites become a minority in a highly aggressive and tribalized world.

To add to this white paranoia of a black takeover, Southern pointed out that many black South Africans are superstitious people who turn to face paint-wearing witch doctors to “bring back their loved ones” and increase fertility.

Unsurprisingly Molyneux is open about his belief that modern-day South Africa is inferior to apartheid-era South Africa. He said, for example, that “blacks were fighting and dying” to enter the white supremacist nation, often braving “savannas with man-eating lions” to get access to “First World” food, water, medicine, and prosperity.

And after whitewashing South Africa’s racist regime, Molyneux used anti-colonial rhetoric to justify restrictionist immigration policies.

According to Molyneux, even having a merit-based immigration system is problematic because it brings high-IQ individuals from Third World countries where, he said, “IQ is not plentiful.” Thus these individuals would be unable to help raise the standard of living at home.

He brushed aside the literal plunder of African nations by colonial powers — “[I]t wasn’t like that [Africans] had a huge use for diamonds and oil before the Europeans came.” — and accused people who promote liberal immigration policies of committing the “real exploitation” of Africa.

“And those in the West who advocate for this kind of immigration are gonna have the blood of millions on their hands,” Molyneux said. “Because this intelligence is the real resource that is being strip-mined from the Third World to the detriment of the entire society in ways that can scarcely be imagined as yet.”

Of course while Stefan Molyneux stands by his promotion of the South African apartheid state, Southern prefers to put words in someone else’s mouth — since it’s probably uncouth for a woman of her “complexion” to advocate for racial separation.

“I’ll just quote what my black security guard outside my hotel told me, he literally told me ‘I preferred living under apartheid. When I lived under apartheid, people were punished for their crimes. When I lived under apartheid, if you murdered someone, you were either gettin’ killed or goin’ to jail. You stole something, you were goin’ to jail.’ This is what my black security guard told me!”

And she ascribed this belief to “a lot of people” in South Africa, and cited the story of a Zimbabwean woman who fled to South Africa after “they drove out all of the whites from Zimbabwe and just crashed the economy.” Southern said the woman now fears white farmers will be driven from South Africa, which will “destroy” it.

Farmlands, of course, has yet to be released. But the accuracy of such a documentary is already suspect given the subject matter. It’s almost impossible to calculate the number of farm murders in South Africa, let alone the number of white victims. On top of that, the overall murder statistics in South Africa show that whites in general are less likely to be murdered than any other racial group.

No one is disputing that the murder rate in South Africa is unacceptably high, and that the farm murders that do occur are horrific. But to allege an ongoing genocide in a nation still healing from a legacy of racial discrimination in the face of incomplete and contradictory evidence is irresponsible at best. At worst, it’s another cynical attempt at inciting racial hatred.

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