Marcus Follin Falsely Blames ‘Leftists’ For Making Him A Playable Character In A Neo-Nazi Video Game

As I recently reported, Neo-Nazis have created and promoted a violent video game in which players must massacre Jews, people of color, Antifa, journalists, and LGBTQ people in order to rescue President Trump. Players can choose from a roster of characters, both real and imaginary, including Christopher Cantwell, Richard Spencer, American Nazi Party founder George Lincoln Rockwell, attempted murderer Luca Traini, and more.

One white nationalist, Marcus “The Golden One” Follin, wasn’t exactly pleased with his inclusion in Angry Goy II, and inexplicably blamed the Left for this. In a YouTube video originally titled “I Was Attacked By Subversive Leftists Via A Video Game,” Follin — who has recently begun speaking at alt-right conferences held by American Renaissance and Scandza Forum — denounced the game as damaging to the white nationalist cause.

Angry Goy Still 2
“The Golden One” as he appears in Angry Goy II.

Follin called Angry Goy II a “rather creative attack upon me,” and told his audience that “if you don’t understand that this is an attack, you are obviously lacking in intelligence.” He then baselessly speculated that “the people behind this game, they’re probably being paid by some sort of Leftist initiative,” and that “if you don’t understand this, then you need to level your intelligence game quite a bit.”

Of course there is absolutely no evidence whatsoever that the people responsible for Angry Goy II or its precursor are “Leftists” or being financed by them. While the people behind “Wheelmaker Studios” are unknown, nothing suggests these games are anything other than a glorification of violence toward the perceived enemies of white nationalists.

For example, it features the racist “Moon Man” meme and characters ripped from the alt-right show Murdoch Murdoch. White nationalists such as Emily Youcis and Morrakiu — who records songs for The Daily Shoah’s “Merchant Minute” — voice characters in the game. It was also heavily promoted by prominent white nationalists, including both Youcis and Radical Agenda host Christopher “Crying Nazi” Cantwell.

Cantwell Gab

Youcis Gab 1

Follin went on to claim that Leftists are trying to use a “false narrative” to suggest that “oh you’re a nationalist, or you’re an identitarian because you hate homosexuals or brown people or transgenders [sic], etc.” Of course it’s hard to suggest this is a “false narrative” when there is so much violence committed by the alt-right and other white supremacists.

On October 27, 2018, 46-year-old Robert Bowers — a white supremacist motivated by the warped belief that Jews were plotting to flood the country with non-white immigrants — murdered 11 worshipers in the Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh, PA. Bowers was indicted on 44 federal hate crimes and weapons charges related to the massacre, and could face the death penalty.

And only three days before that, 51-year-old Gregory Bush shot dead two African-Americans in a Jeffersontown, KY Kroger grocery store after trying and failing to enter a historically black church. Bush reportedly told a white bystander that “Whites don’t kill whites.” He was recently indicted by a Louisville grand jury on six federal hate crimes and weapons charges, and, as with Bowers, could face the death penalty.

And it’s especially difficult to call this a “false narrative” when white supremacists continue to celebrate and glorify these acts of mass murder. White nationalists on Gab have referred to Bowers as a “hero,” and shared memes with the phrase “Screw your optics, I’m going in” — the last thing Bowers wrote on Gab before the murders.

Fans of Dylann Roof — who gunned down 9 African-American parishioners in June, 2015 — refer to themselves as the “Bowl Patrol,” and post memes of themselves sporting Roof’s bowl haircut. Sometimes they refer to Roof as a “Saint” or a “hero.” One of these fans, Jeffrey Clark, was arrested on a weapons charge after his family contacted the authorities with concerns that he too might go on a rampage.

And Cantwell, in a Gab post promoting Angry Goy II, wrote that, “All white men should hunt down and mercilessly kill as many trannies, faggots, niggers, kikes, and cucks as they possibly can, in the new hit game Angry Goy 2!” Cantwell has also excused Dylann Roof’s 2015 massacre, saying that the most offensive thing about the white supremacist killer’s manifesto was the abundance of spelling errors.

If the “Golden One” believes this talk is counterproductive, that it makes white nationalists look bad, and that it diminishes their chances of finally creating a white ethnostate, then he’s probably correct. But none of these examples are examples of Leftists making white nationalists look bad. They’re examples of white nationalists doing what white nationalists do: commit and glorify wanton acts of mass murder.

No amount of phony assertions about left-wing false flags will change this.