Faith Goldy Warns Of Demographic Replacement In Special Christmas Message

On December 21, 2017, Stefan Molyneux held his “eight hour Christmas spectacular,” with guests such as Roaming Millennial, James O’Keefe, and Rebecca Hargraves (a.k.a. Blonde in the Belly of the Beast). One of his guests, Faith Goldy, recently went full white nationalist and recited the 14 words in a video with Millennial Woes.

At the end of the discussion, Molyneux asked Goldy if she had any parting wisdom for their audience. And in the spirit of the holidays, Goldy warned viewers about the growing threat posed by non-Christian religions and melanin:

There is a demographic and a spiritual replacement that is taking place right now. And absolutely no one is going to fight for us except for us. We have to come to a point where we can admit the fact that while we are a society of individuals, we will have to band together as a church, as a body of Europeans, as Americans, as Canadians. And we have to fight for our way of life, because it has never, in modern history, been so under attack as it is right now. And it’s situation critical.

We have about 25 years in America, we have about 25 years in Canada, and just a little bit longer than that in Europe to accomplish what we want. Otherwise, just based on demographics — more people are going to mosques than they’re going to church, more people are naming their kids Mohammad than they are any one of the apostles’ names, and more people are coming in, frankly, from the Third World, from Africa, [the] Middle East, and Asia than they are from European nations. So the numbers will turn against us within less than a generation. And so the time is now. We have to wake up. And we have to realize that it’s self-preservation, or it’s suicide.

[Emphasis added.]

Whew. Happy holidays!