Stefan Molyneux Is Railing Against Makeup Because ‘Women Have Way Too Much Power’

Stefan Molyneux’s retrograde beliefs on everything from race and science to sex and gender are fairly well documented at this point. Sometimes the toxic rhetoric he espouses is so vile it’s borderline dangerous. Other times his beliefs are so over-the-top as to be laughable.

His recent attacks on women wearing lipstick, for example, clearly fall into the latter category. In an August 9, 2019 tweet, the white nationalist YouTube philosopher wrote, “So strange. Do you know that female lipstick simulates sexual arousal?”

He then compared women wearing lipstick in the workplace to a man going to work with a “giant artificial boner straining at his pants.”

Molyneux was widely mocked for this ridiculous claim, but insisted on doubling down in tweet after tweet. In one he said that women also wear lipstick because “women’s lips start fading and thinning out” as they age, which is a “sign of declining fertility.” He added that wearing lipstick is “an attempt to countersignal this reality.”

And then, like some sort of incel Energizer Bunny, he kept going. In an August 13, 2019 video called “Lipstick Twitter Wars!,” Molyneux ranted about makeup, explaining that his goal was to take away women’s power because they simply have too much of it.

“One of the main reasons I’m doing this is women have way too much power these days,” Molyneux said. “Way too much power.” He said this includes more “political power” (women vote “more” because they live longer than men on average) and “economic power” (because they use their alimony and child support to “stimulate the economy”).

“Women have so much power at the moment,” he exclaimed. “And a lot of that power is founded on makeup.” Molyneux explained that women use what he called “fertility symbols” to “bypass” men’s “rational faculties.”

“So, when I talk to men about the power of makeup, once you understand the power of makeup, it loses most of its power,” he told his thousands of maladjusted viewers. “Aha! Now you see we’re getting to the heart of the matter.”

A little later in that same video, Molyneux ludicrously proclaimed that the Theranos scandal was caused by makeup.

Theranos, a blood-testing start-up that was once valued at $9 billion, closed in 2018 after its shady practices were made public by outlets like The Wall Street Journal. Theranos founder and CEO Elizabeth Holmes allegedly defrauded her investors, and will stand trial in 2020 for wire fraud and conspiracy to commit wire fraud.

Molyneux described Holmes as a woman with “big blue eyes like a startled baby” and “crazy amounts of makeup.” He pointed out early board members and investors in Theranos included the likes of Henry Kissinger, George Shultz, and Rupert Murdoch — “almost exclusively men.”

According to Molyneux, the people who sunk their money into Theranos were only manipulated by Holmes because of her looks. “Well, it’s ’cause she was young and pretty. And men have a very tough time saying no to a big blue-eyed, lipsticked, over-made-up face.” It should go without saying that this is a ridiculous take on the Theranos scandal.

Unfortunately for us, there are many men who will take Molyneux’s inane pontifications at face value.