Antisemitic Congressional Candidate Tells White Supremacist Podcasters That White People ‘Should Remain A Majority’ In America

On Dec. 14, 2021, Michael Sisco — a congressional candidate running in West Virginia’s 2nd District — appeared on an explicitly white supremacist podcast. During this appearance, Sisco, who has a history of antisemitism, told the hosts that white people “should remain a majority” in the U.S. He also suggested that policies be put in place to “mitigate” what the hosts called “Jewish power in America.”

“Coach Finstock” and Full Haus

The podcast, named Full Haus, is primarily hosted by a longtime white nationalist activist who goes by the moniker “Coach Finstock.” In 2019, a report by the Southern Poverty Law Center exposed Finstock as U.S. State Department official Matthew Q. Gebert. Gebert, who was suspended in the wake of that report, attended white nationalist rallies, including the deadly “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville, VA.

He also used several Twitter handles to spew racist and antisemitic invective online, including tweets which appeared supportive of the March 2019 terrorist attacks in Christchurch, New Zealand in which 51 Muslim worshipers were gunned down by a white supremacist.

On Mar. 15, 2019 — the day of the attacks — Gebert, tweeting under the handle @TerminalAmerica, compared the massacre to a “revolt” against “colonizers.” “The left loves to romanticize ‘native’ revolts against colonizers, yet they strangely lack the same enthusiasm when whites revolt against their colonizers,” Gebert wrote. In another, Gebert referred to New Zealand’s Muslim population as an “[i]nfestation.”

The next day Gebert mocked New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern for “mak[ing] ritual submission to religion dedicated to subjugating her people.” He added that Muslims “want you one of three ways: 1. Converted[,] 2. Paying jizya[,] 3. Dead.”

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Even after he lost his job, however, Gebert continued producing episodes of Full Haus — a podcast aimed at white nationalist fathers. The show has seen guests like antisemitic retired professor Kevin MacDonald, incarcerated Neo-Nazi Christopher Cantwell, and white nationalist podcaster “Borzoi Boskovic.” The Full Haus website’s “About” section even incorporates the 14 Words, a slogan popular with Neo-Nazis and white nationalists.

Gebert began the podcast by declaring that: “Over the past three or four years, most of our people have grown completely disillusioned by electoral politics. The ecstasies of Brexit and Trump’s upset in 2016 devolved into cynicism and outright hostility after countless disappointments and betrayals. And this is exemplified by the widespread belief that there is no political solution for our problems.”

The phrase “there is no political solution” is used by the so-called “accelerationist” wing of the white power movement. Accelerationism in white supremacist circles refers to the belief that terroristic violence can be used to hasten the collapse of society, and that an ethnostate for non-Jewish whites will be built in its place. Accelerationists often embrace white supremacist terrorists — like the Christchurch shooter — whom they hail as heroes or “saints.”

During this monologue Gebert bemoaned the “countless evils perpetrated upon” white people, including the “endless invasion of our country,” and referred to the Nazis as a “certain group of German patriots” who “once decided that political revolution was the path to victory as opposed to armed revolt.” After introducing Michael Sisco as his guest, Sisco remarked “You did mention German patriots. I did adopt a cat this week. I named it Eva Braun.”

Michael Sisco Alludes to Racist and Antisemitic Conspiracy Theories

Gebert began in earnest by reading from Michael Sisco’s campaign platform, which includes a 10-year moratorium on immigration and the incentivization of marriages and families.

Sisco told the hosts that those two policies are “tied intimately together,” explaining that Americans — particularly white people — are at a “hundred year birthrate low,” and that “globalists” want to “replace us with other people” — a nod to the white nationalist “great replacement” conspiracy. Sisco said that his policies would “incentivize us to get married and have children” which is the “best weapon that we have against the globalist elite.”

At that moment co-host “Potato Smasher” — identified by the SPLC as U.S. Army veteran Michael McKevitt — chimed in to ask Sisco who the “globalist elite” are. Sisco laughed and said “I think you guys are gonna tell me who they are.” Sisco further joked that it’s the “rootless, international Chinaman” — substituting the Chinese for Jewish people.

(In a later discussion on the opioid epidemic, the hosts jokingly referred to the Sackler family — who are Jewish — as Chinese.)

Michael Sisco Says He Prefers a ‘Hereditary Senate’ to Congress

After Gebert read a quote from Adolf Hitler’s autobiography, Mein Kampf, he asked Sisco what five things he would “decree” if he were made “supreme dictator of these Disunited States of America.” Sisco answered that he would enact an immigration moratorium, “deport all the illegals,” incentivize marriage and family, imprison journalists, and “dissolve Congress.”

Sisco said that, in place of Congress, he would like to see a “hereditary senate,” which led Gebert to jokingly chide him for bringing “neoreactionary monarchism” into the interview. As documented by Right Wing Watch, during a May 2019 podcast Sisco suggested that if the U.S. adopted a “monarchial system” it would cause Jews to voluntarily leave the country.

Michael Sisco Wants to ‘Mitigate’ ‘Jewish Power’ and Believes White People ‘Should Remain a Majority’

Gebert asked Sisco about what he called “Jewish power in America.” Gebert said that, to him, it is “undeniable that Jews in America are a tiny, 2% — 4% tops — minority” that is “fabulously wealthy, immensely powerful, and influential in everything from media to academia to government to big business.” Gebert called the consequences “disastrous for white America” and asked Sisco for his “analysis” of “Jewish power and influence in America.”

“I think we need to be cognizant of it and direct our policy decisions to mitigate it,” Sisco replied. “I think there’s certainly groups — certainly as a group they pursue their own interests. And when it comes in conflict with our interests then we have to do what’s best for us. That’s all I really have to say optically about it.”

Gebert then asked Sisco for his thoughts on white nationalism, which he defined as “the idea that whites should be as tribal as the Jews and pursue places where we are the controllers of our own destiny.” Sisco stated that he opposes “forced demographic change” and supports “hav[ing] our own spaces,” but questioned how they would “make that happen” in America.

McKevitt interjected to say that white people are the “majority of this country,” that the U.S. was “founded by white men for white men explicitly,” and that white people should “have the right to rule that.” Sisco appeared to agree with this sentiment, telling the hosts, “We’re a country that was founded by white people, for white people. Certainly we should remain a majority and we should dictate the terms of our future.”

Michael Sisco Wants to See Jews Converted to Christianity

After stating that he would be in favor of cutting off all aid to Israel, Sisco was asked whether he “would like to see Jews converted” to Christianity and whether conversion would “change their behavior.” Sisco answered “yes” to both questions. When pressed for an example of a Jewish person who changed their behavior after conversion Sisco named far-right author and conspiracy theorist Michael Witcoff.

“When you really dig into it, a lot of [the Jews’] behavior is rooted in their rejection of logos, which is why they have a very revolutionary fervor, because they’re very religious people, and so what they tend to do is when they don’t accept Christ, they tend to apply that religiosity to very extreme, non-religious things,” Sisco said.

“Which is why you find a lot of them involved in a lot of radical far-left politics,” he continued. “Or they apply it to complete degeneracy like the porn industry or human trafficking or whatever it is.” He also claimed that during “Holy Week prayers” he and other Orthodox Christians “literally pray for the salvation of the godless Jews.”

What Sisco told the Full Haus hosts closely mirrors what he wrote in a Nov. 28, 2020 post on his now-defunct blog.

In that post he wrote: “Now, what do I believe about Jews? I do believe that those who have not accepted Christ, do seem to display a very vicious anti-Christ sentiment. I believe and pray that they all convert to Orthodoxy and accept Christ as Lord. … If these things make me an ‘Anti-Semite’, then so be it. None of these labels have much real meaning outside their use as slurs.”

Michael Sisco Praised a White Nationalist and Antisemitic Political Party

Toward the end of the episode Gebert asked Sisco for his opinion on Patriot Front, a white nationalist and fascist organization whose members stage flash demonstrations and engage in acts of racist vandalism. Sisco sounded ambivalent about Patriot Front, but offered praise for the National Justice Party, a racist and antisemitic organization founded last year by a pair of white supremacist podcasters.

The NJP’s so-called “chairmen” include co-founders Michael “Enoch” Peinovich and Joseph Jordan of the white supremacist website The Right Stuff, Neo-Nazi Warren Balogh and his father Alan Balogh, and Full Haus co-host Michael McKevitt. Recently, members of the NJP including Peinovich and Jordan staged a demonstration in Waukesha, WI which Sisco said was an example of “good aesthetics.”

“The Patriot Front stuff,” he added, “just seems a little over-the-top for me. And it’s more probably just a matter of taste than anything else.”