Jesse Lee Peterson’s Panel Of ‘Experts’ Agree That It Was A ‘Mistake’ To ‘Educate Women’

On the July 20, 2021 episode of his eponymous online talk show, far-right radio host Jesse Lee Peterson spoke with his panel about the most pressing issue of our time: whether it was a “mistake” to “educate women.” His panel of “experts,” unsurprisingly, all answered in the affirmative.

“So I was thinking about — and I’m pretty sure all you guys know my opinion about it — and since you’re experts, and you’re not always agree[ing] with me, I wanna know, was it a big mistake to educate women?” Peterson asked.

James Hake — a racist and antisemitic YouTube host who is listed on Peterson’s website as a “producer” — said that it was a mistake because women “are already conceited and think that they know better without that stuff.” Hake, who once called women “evil,” also complained that education is “geared toward girls.”

“And so they’re accusing boys of having ADHD and stuff like that,” Hake said. “And they’re clamping down on fake ‘bullying’ and all that mess. So they’re turning boys into girls already.” When Peterson asked if it was a “mistake for women to vote” and “let them be educated,” Hake said it was.

Hake also mocked Malala Yousafzai — a Pakistani women’s rights activist and Nobel Prize laureate who survived a Taliban assassination attempt at age 15 — and a group of Nigerian schoolgirls who were kidnapped by the terrorist group Boko Haram in 2014.

Hake purposefully mispronounced Malala’s name as “Mahalalala,” and dismissed the schoolgirls’ kidnapping because boys had also been “massacred” in Nigeria. Of the 276 girls who were kidnapped from the Government Girls Secondary School in Chibok, over 100 are still missing.

In 2015 Amnesty International reported that since the beginning of 2014 some 2,000 women and girls had been abducted by Boko Haram, with many being forced into sexual slavery or “trained to fight.”

Another panelist, named Nick, said that “All the worst people are pushing [education for women]” which “should be enough to tell you ‘Okay, this is bad.'” He added that “Like all the worst people know that if we just pump up the ego of the woman, we can turn society upside down.”

Nick shared some other revelations as well. Such as how men are needed to prevent women from wanting to be educated.

“On the education thing, too, I realize you kind of have to have the love and logic of a man to protect yourself from getting too into education. … You kind of have to have the love and logic of a man to kind of protect yourself from the temptation of education,” he told the panelists.

Peterson asked the last panelist, Chris — the guy who vaguely resembles Kip from Napoleon Dynamite — if it was a “mistake to educate women in America.” Chris said that, technically, it wasn’t a mistake, because the decision to educate women was done for “nefarious reasons.”

That said, he agreed that it was wrong because “in order to create and/or maintain the type of civilization that the people have come to know and love — women are entirely incapable of doing so.” Chris said this was not a “joke” and that the “quality [of life] will continue to go down and down and down until we’re literally in Hell.”

“So yeah, it was a massive mistake to educate women,” he concluded.

Peterson responded by saying that “everything that women get involved with, it turn [sic] to Hell” — including schools, churches, the government, and the media.

“Everything they touch, it just messes up,” he said. “And the people have been grinnin’ and pretendin’ that it’s fine. ‘Cause they’re afraid. They’re afraid of the women. … And they act like the women are smart and equal. Women are not smart and they’re not equal to men. It’s just the reality.”

“We need to bring back the order of God,” Peterson said. “That’s the only thing that’s gonna work. The men gotta take over.”