James Hake, Producer For Jesse Lee Peterson, Tells Neo-Nazi Podcaster That Jews Have Disproportionate Influence

In late March, James Hake, producer for The Jesse Lee Peterson Radio Show, appeared on The Realist Report — a podcast hosted by Holocaust denier and Neo-Nazi John Friend. During this appearance, Hake praised former president Trump, suggested that there is a plot to make white people commit acts of terrorism, and repeated antisemitic tropes.

James Hake is the host of The Hake Report and is listed as the “producer” for Jesse Lee Peterson, a far-right talk show host and pastor who founded the Brotherhood Organization of a New Destiny (BOND). Peterson has downplayed racism against minority groups and given a platform to white nationalists and Neo-Nazis.

Like Peterson, Hake has defended explicitly white supremacist institutions, like chattel slavery.

On Twitter, Hake has claimed that slavery “was not ‘racist.'” In a tweet from June 2020, Hake insisted that the Confederate battle flag “was a symbol AGAINST oppression from the North.” When asked whether this meant the “oppression” of not owning slaves, Hake replied “Among other things yeah.”

“Imagine being in those times,” he continued. “You own slaves. Your parents owned them. Your economy’s based on them. Then some northerners say you gotta let ’em go. What you supposed to do? I get it slavery’s not ideal, but don’t be self righteous.”

On Jan. 18, 2021 he claimed that Martin Luther King Jr. “would be ashamed of BLM” — adding that he “was gonna say MLK would be ashamed of the blacks,” but that this “sounds ‘racist.'”

Hake has likened Kwanzaa to a celebration of Hitler’s birthday, compared the “black power fist” to a Nazi salute, blamed Breonna Taylor for her own murder, reacted to calls for police reform by calling for “black reform,” and falsely claimed that the Trump administration’s family separation policy didn’t traumatize children.

In addition, he has declared that women are “evil,” and unfit to vote or hold public office.

Screenshot: BOND website

On Mar. 29, 2021, Hake made a guest appearance on an episode of The Realist Report, a podcast hosted by John Friend — a Neo-Nazi who called Adolf Hitler a “righteous German patriot.” Friend spoke highly of Peterson for “talking about the war on white people” and for inviting on white supremacists like Kyle Hunt.

When Friend asked Hake what he thought about the Trump presidency, Hake suggested it was mostly positive.

“Overall I am happy with Trump. I know that — I knew going in that he was willing and eager to be nice to Blacks,” he said. “You know, he was — from his business days — he was getting these awards with these rappers and with the NAACP and stuff like that I feel like.”

But Hake praised Trump for his racist remark about how four congresswomen of color — three of whom were native-born — should “go back” to the “totally broken and crime infested places from which they came.” Hake was also impressed with Trump’s defense of the white supremacists who rioted at the 2017 “Unite the Right” rally.

“And with the Charlottesville situation, I loved how he was really the only one in the mainstream to tell the truth that there was violence on many sides, and very fine people on both sides,” Hake said. “In fact I felt that he was a little too generous to the Left.”

After Friend complained that anti-fascists and the Black Lives Matter movement “literally engaged in a genuine insurrection against the country,” Hake called the “Black Lives Matter” slogan a “smear upon whites” because “it’s trying to imply that we don’t know that your life matters.”

“But you’re the ones who are throwing your lives away,” he insisted.

Hake also suggested that unnamed people have structured modern society in such a way that “sane” white people are beginning to lash out violently.

“I think it’s meant to make the sane people go insane with outrage and anger and just drive people nuts… I think it’s meant to make us mad and make people act out in the wrong way,” he claimed. “Like they want whites to commit so-called ‘terror attacks’ against people of color, against Jews or whatever.”

John Friend agreed, saying it “falls right into their narrative.”

Hake circled back to praising Trump, whom he said “stood for actual love and unity” and “told the truth for the most part.” Hake said that, “overall,” Trump “maintained a level of dignity as a old Boomer, somewhat Christian, somewhat conservative white man.”

He then said that it was “so nice” when Trump lashed out at Black reporters by calling their questions “racist.”

Of course on The Realist Report it was only a matter of time before someone began railing against Jews. Friend asked Hake about his thoughts on the “role of the organized Jewish community” in politics. Hake replied that he doesn’t “know a lot about it,” but then parroted conspiracies about Jewish power.

Hake said that he learned from “some of these guys” that “70% of [Jews] voted for Hillary [Clinton] in 2016,” and that Jewish people are “very good at being personable and aggressive in making deals and rising to the top.” “And so they’re in control of a lot of organizations so disproportionately,” he told Friend.

“They’re such a small minority of the country and yet they’re — they have so much outdue [sic] influence on the world, on movies, on media, in politics,” he continued. “They say that white people are taking up most of the government but it’s like, not white Christians.”

Friend asserted that Jews made up a “huge percentage” of the Trump and Biden administrations, and that “many” of the “most important people in Congress” are Jewish. But he complained that people who point that out are “denounced” as “antisemite[s].”

Hake then began ranting about “female-minded” Jewish people in both parties. “They believe in the ‘racism’ thing, they kiss up to women, they are more likely to cave to homosexuality, and they don’t really believe in true freedom of speech the way that normal, white, manly-thinking people do,” he said.

Hake also claimed that, because Jewish people “have a natural talent and cunning,” the “evil that they bring is more subtle and sinister” than the “degeneracy brought by Blacks.” He quickly added that Jewish people had been “supporting the worst aspects of the Black community, too.”

This was far from the first time that James Hake has enthusiastically promoted white supremacists.

On Aug. 17, 2017 Hake tweeted a link to a revisionist video about the deadly “Unite the Right” rally by James Allsup, a white nationalist who attended it. On Feb. 4, 2021, Hake tweeted “Colin Flaherty tried to warn you.” Flaherty is a racist author who writes obsessively about Black crime.

In July 2018, when asked to prove his assertion that “Blacks commit wildly disproportionate interracial violent crime,” Hake recommended the work of Heather Mac Donald, Colin Flaherty, and white nationalist Jared Taylor.

On Apr. 17, 2021 Hake tweeted about a Canadian stay-at-home order, and credited “Vox Day” with spotting the story. Day, whose real name is Theodore Beale, is a far-right author and blogger who called Norwegian mass murderer Anders Breivik a “saint” and praised the assassination attempt of Malala Yousafzai.

Two days later Hake shared content from the official Telegram channel of The Krypto Report, a show associated with the Neo-Nazi website The Daily Stormer that is hosted by Robert Warren Ray (a.k.a. “Azzmador”).