Paul Gottfried: ‘I’m Totally Against The Enfranchisement Of Women’

On Dec. 16, 2020, Paul Gottfried, the far-right figure responsible for coining the phrase “alternative right,” denounced women’s suffrage and the civil rights movement during a YouTube livestream. According to Gottfried, women in the early 1900s “had enough rights,” and the struggle for civil rights for Black Americans irreparably damaged the country.

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White Nationalist ‘Tradwife’ Overdoses On ’50s Nostalgia And Insists June Cleaver Was Real

In a December 4, 2019 video, white nationalist and self-described “tradwife” Lacey Lauren Clark, who operates under the pseudonym “Lacey Lynn,” revealed that she recently spoke at a conference celebrating the tenth anniversary of the white nationalist podcast The Political Cesspool. Continue reading “White Nationalist ‘Tradwife’ Overdoses On ’50s Nostalgia And Insists June Cleaver Was Real”

Theodore Beale Announces ‘Voxiversity,’ An Online School For Aspiring Misogynists

Theodore “Vox Day” Beale recently announced his latest vanity project, an online “university” for his readers that he’s calling — what else — “Voxiversity.” Continue reading “Theodore Beale Announces ‘Voxiversity,’ An Online School For Aspiring Misogynists”

Lana Lokteff: Women Who Fought for the Right to Vote Were ‘Spinsters’ or Angry with Their Husbands


On a recent episode of Radio 3Fourteen, alt-right host Lana Lokteff was joined by Melissa, a self-described “reactionary” who runs the website The New Femininity and once wrote a vomit-inducing article called “5 Reasons Donald Trump is Hot and Sexy.” Continue reading “Lana Lokteff: Women Who Fought for the Right to Vote Were ‘Spinsters’ or Angry with Their Husbands”

Random Headlines — 10/25/15


Time Magazine – How British suffragettes radicalized American women.
New Statesman – What did the suffragette movement in Britain really look like?
The Advocate – Liberty Counsel demands AP retract Kim Davis story calling it a ‘hate group.’
LGBTQ Nation – Showdown in Houston over LGBT non-discrimination ordinance.
Truthout – New survey uncovers the experiences of LGBTQ prisoners.
Raw Story – Ben Carson opposes abortion for rape victims while comparing them to ‘slave owners.’
The Independent – ‘Neo-Nazi plot to attack refugee center with explosives and knives’ foiled by police in Germany.
NY Mag – The man who defends men accused of campus rape.
BuzzFeed News – The man who helped invent pickup artist culture now sees it as ‘hateful.’

Random Headlines – Taking a Short Break


For a week or so I’ll be taking a break from making any posts here due to some personal issues. I’ll be back at the beginning of August, but until then here are some more links to tide you over. Or not. I dunno.

Politico – Republicans plan new abortion push.
Media Matters – Media calls out deceptively edited video claiming to show Planned Parenthood ‘selling aborted baby parts.’
AlterNet – How a bizarre conspiracy about a military takeover of the southwest grew wildly out of control.
Talking Points Memo – The violent, vile Facebook rants of the ‘Counter Jade Helm’ leader.
We Are Respectable Negroes – Donald Trump, Dylann Roof, and the hate that right-wing Fox News hate media produced.
Jezebel – It’s the 167th anniversary of Seneca Falls.
We Hunted the Mammoth – MRA Janet Bloomfield starts a fundraiser for a crossbow in order to ‘shoot feminists in the face.’
The Atlantic – Franklin Graham’s turn toward intolerance.
The Root – The officer who shot unarmed Jonathan Ferrell is about to go on trial. Here are five things you should know.
Raw Story – Georgia trans*woman inmate raped again in midst of lawsuit for safer housing.