Roosh Valizadeh Complains About The Number Of Jewish Nominees For Biden’s Cabinet

During the 60th episode of Roosh Hour, former pickup artist Roosh Valizadeh ranted about the number of Jewish nominees for Joe Biden’s cabinet. In the past Valizadeh praised The Culture of Critique — a book by antisemitic retired academic Kevin MacDonald — and claimed that Jews created Bratz dolls to groom children.

He has also become an acolyte of antisemitic and homophobic self-styled theologian E. Michael Jones.

Roosh told viewers that while they might have denounced former president Donald Trump for being a “Zionist” with a Jewish son-in-law, Biden would be far worse. “Well I’m gonna tell you something,” Valizadeh said. “Compared to what you’re about to see, Trump is an antisemite.”

“If you thought that Jews had an influence in Donald Trump’s administration, you’re going to be in for a big shock right now. ‘Cause you’ve seen nothing yet,” he warned. “Did you forget who Obama surrounded himself with? … Man I miss antisemite Trump so much.”

He pulled up a tweet with several photos of Biden’s nominees — including Attorney General nominee Merrick Garland — alongside the Israeli flag. “Do you believe in coincidences?” he asked. “‘Cause I don’t.” Valizadeh claimed that, because they are Jewish, they “are of the religion, more the spirit, of those who crucified Christ.”

After criticizing an article which argued that President Biden was “leading by example” by shedding tears in public, Valizadeh asked “what kind of name” the author had. “Yeah, it’s Jewish!” he exclaimed as a photoshopped image appeared on screen. The image depicted a truck with a rainbow and Star of David on the side and a statue of Baphomet on the front.

Valizadeh compared Jewish people to an “elephant” that is “walking on you.” After taking a drink from a bottle of coconut juice, he asked if people could “create a organization for people with post-traumatic Jewish syndrome” for people who have been “abused, violated, deplatformed, demonetized by Jews.”

“‘Cause it hurts, man,” he said. “Please massa Jew stop hurtin’ me!”