Jason Köhne: Colin Kaepernick Should Thank ‘Every Single White Person He Meets’ For His Career

During a Feb. 7, 2021 episode of his YouTube show, Going Free, white nationalist vlogger Jason Köhne lashed out at Black athletes who broke the color barrier. Köhne claimed that “the white race” deserved to take credit for integrating professional sports, and said that Black athletes like Colin Kaepernick should thank white people for their careers.

“You will be told that at some point, some Black athlete broke the color barrier,” Köhne said. “That some Black athlete busted through the barrier. He forced his will onto these white owners and white athletes on the field.” Köhne referred to this as an “anti-white narrative.”

“And the reality is that it was the white race who said to them, ‘Please come in and play,'” he claimed. “The reality was that white men and women said to the Black race, ‘Please come participate. Please be a part of this.’ And why did they say that? Because they were infected with anti-whiteism.”

Köhne said that white people, in general, deserve “credit” for integrating professional sports like football, and not “condemnation” for having segregated them in the first place. “No. It is credit. It is thanks that the nonwhite races — especially those individuals who are making hundreds of millions of dollars off their salaries, and off endorsements and the like — we deserve their thanks biggest of all.”

He singled out former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick as a Black athlete who should be more grateful to white people. Köhne said Kaepernick, “instead of hating westernkind,” should instead be “thanking every single white person he meets on the street.”

“And as a consequence, he ended up playing football at an American university where he undoubtedly got a lot of white girlfriends from playing college football, and had a lot of fun from that which he would not have had access to. He undoubtedly has owned a great many homes and cars and taken trips all because the white race said to his race ‘Come on in and play the game of football.'”

Köhne neglected to mention the vicious smear campaign against Kaepernick for kneeling silently during the National Anthem to protest police brutality. In 2019 Kaepernick and former San Francisco 49ers safety Eric Reid settled a lawsuit against the NFL over being blacklisted for their protests.

Köhne said this applied to other minority groups — and women — as well. As he told viewers, “So you should remember that when it comes to any of these things — when they’re talking about female doctors, when they’re talking about females even being nurses, when they’re talking about females in the military — none of these groups forced their way through anything.”

He added that if “the white race did not want them to participate, if white males did not want them to participate, and would not have said ‘We’re going to allow you, and we’re gonna set aside money and time and et cetera so that you can,’ they would not have been permitted to participate.”