Women Should Never Lead — According To Aging White Nationalist Men

In a video published on October 9, 2018 and titled “Make America White Again?”, white nationalists William Johnson, Paul Fromm, James Edwards, Kenn Gividen, and Kyle Rogers had a brief discussion on why women should never be leaders. Because really, who better to determine that than a bunch of droopy old racist guys?

The group started with a statement from Democratic Socialist candidate Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez criticizing the Electoral College as a “shadow of slavery’s power.” (She isn’t wrong, for what it’s worth.) Edwards, the host of The Political Cesspool, complained that “everything causes cancer, everything’s racist, everything is six degrees separated from slavery, or not even that much.”

“And this woman, I mean for God’s sake,” he continued, “I mean first of all women shouldn’t be able to run for office anyway. I mean I certainly wouldn’t want a woman president. And I mean that, I’m not tryin’ to be cute, I think — biblically speaking — if a woman doesn’t have the authority to be in control of a household, if they’re not the head of the household, why would they be the head of our national household, if you will?”

And he was especially opposed to “this [woman] particularly” since she was “a bartender last year” — although Edwards added that he likes “that the Left is going for people like that as opposed to people who are more electorally [sic] in a broad sense of its understanding.”

Canadian white supremacist Paul Fromm said he agreed with Edwards’ point, and recalled that when he was watching the 2016 Democratic National Convention he realized Trump would win. Fromm explained that:

That parade of non-whites — there was a transgender, she, it, or whatever was white — there was the Black Lives Matter, there was the LGBTQ-X-Y-Zed sexually dysfunctional, there were the radical feminists…There was some embittered Pakistani whose — or Afghani — whose son had died in somewhere and who hated Donald Trump. And I thought, “You know, if I’m a working class guy in Pennsylvania, or working class girl in Ohio…and maybe my family’s traditionally voted Democratic — and I look at that collection of freaks, [and] I don’t see anything, anyone up there who looks like me with whom I can relate.” And those were the people who were Democrats, or maybe hadn’t voted very often, who came out for Trump and made the difference.

William Johnson, a corporate lawyer and leader of the white separatist American Freedom Party who endorsed Trump in 2016, remarked that Edwards had “said something that I think is on the cusp of being popular again,” which is that men and women should retreat to their so-called traditional gender roles.

Johnson claimed that “for the last several generations, or at least two generations, we have had the white male being denigrated.” He backed this up by saying “whenever there’s a commercial and you have to ask a question, it’s the white male who asks the wife to answer the question” and not the other way around.

“I have been married for 40 years and I’ve got three daughters as well as a bunch of sons, and I can see the — really, the natural sentiment of a wife is one to support her husband,” Johnson explained.

“And I can see that whereas I kind of am reluctant to change my ways to comply with my wife, when I see these women — these good girls who marry good guys — they mold to their husbands, they change for their husbands. I see my wife willingly like the things that I do and do the things that I do, whereas I not so willingly go the other way because I think it’s a gender thing. I think it’s part innate in our XY chromosomes and our XX chromosomes.”