Headlines — ‘Fuck The Proud Boys’ Edition

The violent Proud Boys gang is being mainstreamed by the GOP, Rep. Steve King endorses white nationalist Faith Goldy, white supremacists cherry-pick scientific studies to advance their agenda, and more.

Media Matters – NBC’s Today provides white supremacist group Identity Evropa with a platform for free publicity.
Think Progress – Mob of white nationalist ‘Proud Boys’ brutally beat several men: ‘Are you brave now, faggot?!’
The New York Times – Why white supremacists are chugging milk (and why geneticists are alarmed).
Right Wing Watch – Proud Boys’ violence: A pattern.
The Daily Beast – Republicans are adopting the Proud Boys.
Splinter – Trump spews threats to try and stop caravan of Honduran immigrants headed toward U.S.
The Baffler – The Proud Boys are going mainstream with the GOP stamp of approval.
Miami New Times – Chats show FIU Turning Point USA members sharing racist memes and rape jokes.
HuffPost – White supremacist Rep. Steve King endorses white supremacist Faith Goldy for Toronto mayor.
The Nation – Why ethnic nationalism still rules Bosnia, and why it could get worse.
teleSUR – David Duke announces support for Jair Bolsonaro.
The Root – Cheaters never win…except when Republicans suppress the black vote.